Italy Gets Enriched

Please watch the amazing video above. Be sure to make copies and distribute it far and wide.

AN ITALIAN NEWS BUNNY reports live on the exciting vibrancy created by enemygrants squatting at a train station. A building constructed by and for Whites is now occupied by worthless alien invaders. Isn’t it exciting? Please Francesca, report on what the Vandals are doing in Rome. We get a shot of the foreign sewage sprawled out in a White homeland that has lost the will to defend itself while our reporterette explains how the poor invasion column must suffer from “cold.” In Italy. A Mediterranean climate. In May. Really. Can’t we bring this poor frozen snake into our house?

Fortunately Italian cuckolds handed out “hot dishes” to the enemy army. I’m sure that bought a lot of goodwill. We should get our first “Thank you, Europe” from the dark hordes any day now, just be patient. We are told this particular malignant growth of the Muslim metastasis currently destroying White homelands is from Central Africa. That war in Syria sure has spread far and wide, hasn’t it? It’s even in The Heart of Darkness now. Come on in, “women and children,” we love committing demographic suicide.

You had me at “Maghreb zone.”

We are informed that the unfortunate and innocent morlocks will have to keep sleeping at the station into the foreseeable future (It’s not like we could just deport them or something crazy like that) huddled in cardboard, suffering from our “racism” and “xenophobia,” dreaming of reaching Milan and then the defenseless and rapidly dying nations further north. The raping and pillaging deferred, such a tragedy. Here, Mohammed I cooked this dinner for you because I’m a fool. Please don’t kill me. Okay, I guess you can.

We’re about to summarize this perverse kosher morality tale, but before this can happen (much more needs to be done for these poor rapefugees, goyim) it’s time to get assaulted. Wow, that “Islamophobia” must be really bad in Italy to provoke these innocent sheep to bite back at their benefactors. The male news anchor asks if everything is all right and encourages fleeing the area (that’s super “racist,” shame on you) followed by bloodcurdling screams and an abrupt cut back to the studio. We’re experiencing the Death of the West, please stand by.

While footage of a possible rape/murder/enriching cultural exchange with precious human work units made in g*d’s image/robbery is projected Blair Witch style on a giant screen the anchor continues to encourage the war trophy to get out of there, maybe the first bit of good advice his fake news program has ever delivered. The footage of Francesca enjoying the vibrancy is abruptly replaced with sad still photos of enemygrants. Seriously, this is what happens. Even George Orwell would dismiss this as unbelievable. Your colleague is currently being attacked, oh well, here’s a raft full of Jewish biological weapons, don’t you want to help them?

Make room, make room!

We wrap things up with the local authorities arriving to save Globalist Girl from her accessories. No one learns anything, the dark invasion continues, the light of civilization is extinguished, fade to black. At least we didn’t get called names by our Jewish enemy.

Our greatest strength.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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