Hungary’s Second Fence

This is why we have “harsh rules.”

ANOTHER BIG, beautiful fence is completed, the invading columns of enemygrants are being told in no uncertain terms that they are not welcome. Meanwhile, the American southern border remains as poorly defended as ever, but at least we’re focusing on things that matter like provoking North Korea, condemning the Holohoax and anti-Semitism and, of course, making sure the poor little frozen snakes are allowed to stay because my daughter cried about it. Those are definitely the issues I voted for. At least there’s one part of the White world that isn’t rapidly dying.

Hungary has completed construction on a second fence on its border with Serbia meant to stop any surge in the flow of migrants toward Western Europe.

Hungary resists the moon cult invasion, the spiritual successors of the defenders of Vienna refuse to die in the face of a massive sand person invasion organized by the Jewish nation-wrecker. The “women and children” fleeing from “war” can now argue with not one but two fences.

Made of NATO-standard welded wire and equipped with night cameras, heat and movement sensors, as well as speakers shouting warnings in five languages, the fence is supposed to defend against a possible sudden increase in the flow of refugees if, for instance, the EU-Turkey accord regulating migrant movement lapses.

Just in case there’s an increase. I had to check if this was written ten years ago or something, but it’s current. I guess a million foreign aliens in one year no longer represents a significant spike in national suicide, at least by German standards.

He said the country needed to prepare for “migration pressure” that could be even greater than Europe has seen so far.

Despite “doing the right thing” it’s only going to get worse. A country that can’t defend itself has no future. A nation that turns its government over to alien outsiders is as good as dead.

The first barbed wire fence on Hungary’s southern border was built in late 2015, after some 400,000 migrants and refugees passed through the country. Since then, Hungary has also introduced a series of harsh rules for migrants and asylum-seekers that have drawn condemnation from human rights advocates, such as the summary expulsion to Serbia of migrants who can’t prove their legal status.

Oh no, not harsh rules! Europe is literally being destroyed, but the last thing we want to do is offend the traveling merchant who controls our media, who runs “charities” dedicated to our destruction. What about muh human rights? Let the chosen people use your homeland as an experiment in Islamic terror. They all have to go back.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, known for his tough stance against immigration, which he has referred to as a “Trojan horse of terrorism,” praised the strengthened border fence system, saying it is “impenetrable” and will guarantee Hungary’s long-time security.

But what about trying to escalate a senseless conflict with some distant Asian country or dropping giant bombs on goat herders in Afghanistan? Shouldn’t you be parroting completely discredited Soviet war propaganda and vowing to fight for the Jew? What about free trade, markets and tax cuts for already obscenely wealthy Jew scumbags? All these invaders can come back right away, right? What kind of modern leader is this?

The new fence cost 15.3 million euros and was built in just two months, 60 days ahead of schedule, by 150 staff from Hungarian correction facilities and 700 prison inmates.

It’s gonna get built and it’s gonna get built fast!

On tonight’s episode of “The Walking Death Cult.”

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Source: Modern Heretic

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