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Civil War is Thinkable

Introductory Note: We are pleased to present this short, yet poetic and powerful video based on an excerpt from Dr. William Pierce’s “Thinking about a White Future,” the text of which follows.

by Dr. William L. Pierce

AND SO conditions in America will continue to grow worse and worse, as the enemies of our people continue desperately to push us to the point of no return. Our schools and our cities will become more jungle-like; our popular culture will become more alien, more debased, more Negroid and more Mexican and more Asian; the behavior of our politicians and our sports and entertainment stars will become more animalistic; our government will become even more corrupt. And White Americans will run out of suburbs to which they can flee. And when they no longer can evade the situation, when they no longer can ignore it, when they no longer can parrot the Politically Correct lies about race without any danger of being contradicted by reality — then more and more White Americans finally must make decisions about the future they don’t want to think about now.

And we know that many of them will just wring their hands and cry in womanish despair, “Oh, why can’t the races get along with each other? Why can’t there be peace and cooperation between the races, so that I can continue to consume in comfort and safety and Political Correctness? Oh, why must I deal with this difficult and unpleasant problem of race?” And we know that more of the weakest and most degraded of our people, the most corrupt and selfish of our people, will join our enemies in the hope of temporarily improving their own personal situations. But we also know that many others, when there no longer is a safe suburb to which they can flee, finally will be ready to stand and fight.

And my message to these last is this: Don’t wait until the last minute to make your decision; much better to make it sooner than later. My message is: Don’t fall for the defeatist lie that we cannot un-integrate America because it will be too difficult and too violent and too painful. Don’t refuse to think about the grim and bloody remedy of a civil war — because the alternative is far grimmer and far bloodier. The fate that Mr. Clinton and the Jewish media bosses have planned for us is infinitely worse than any civil war could possibly be. Civil war is thinkable, civil war is plannable — when the alternative is extinction. Be a man and face reality and steel yourself to do whatever must be done to undo the damage that our enemies have done to us, so that our people will have a future.

* * *

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
11 May, 2017 10:23 pm

Not farfetched at all. Chittum called it
as far back as the late ’90s.

12 May, 2017 6:35 am

I fully support Pierce’s objective, but I don’t see much hope at this point that the American people will finally wake up and rise up against our racial enemies. Weimar Germany had hope because they had Hitler who was successful in creating a racial homeland for the German people, but Hitler is the kind of man who comes along once in a thousand years, and we have no Hitler, we don’t even have a clear and simple statement of our objective that the American people would support. If anyone tried to run on a political platform of deporting all non-whites and Jews and Muslims and making America a white nation-state again, 99% of the American people would be in favor of prosecuting them for NAZI like racist hate crimes. And… Read more »

Axis Sally
Axis Sally
12 May, 2017 1:28 pm

Americans have lived as subjects of a foreign satrapy for over a century now. The striped flag has long since been co-opted by hateful alien occupiers—it is not ours! Nor are their staged elections, puppet politicians, self-serving “laws”, and wage-slavery “jobs”. The Enemy has bled the land and people white in that time. Now we find ourselves in a deflationary depression the like of which has never been seen in human history. The promotion of filth, degeneracy, international dependency, and economic collapse is their form of scorched-earth policy. It is now the duty of every Aryan man, woman, and child to withdraw from and resist this monstrous cacodemon of international Jewry. As the Enemy gradually relinquishes his grip on occupied territories we must be ready and able to move in… Read more »