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Thousands Are Escaping the US; Departing Flood Accelerating

Welcome to America — or is that goodbye?

by David Sims

THE STAMPEDE has begun. Flee if you can.

  • 235 persons renounced their US citizenship in 2008.
  • 731 persons renounced their US citizenship in 2009.
  • 1485 persons renounced their US citizenship in 2010.
  • 1781 persons renounced their US citizenship in 2011.
  • About 3000 persons renounced their US citizenship in 2012-13.
  • 3415 persons renounced their US citizenship in 2014.
  • About 6500 persons renounced their US citizenship in 2015. (Source: US State Department via Wikipedia)

Amusingly, I just found out that it was free to renounce your US citizenship until the middle of Barack Obama’s first presidential term, but the government began charging people a $450 fee to renounce their citizenship beginning in July 2010. But the flood has only accelerated since then. That fee, I suppose, is the US equivalent of the Berlin Wall. It’s a throttle, at any rate, as is the 30 per cent. “exit tax” that is now in force. Who knows how many would have left if these throttles had not been in place?

The faster people expatriate, the higher the fees and taxes will become. Before long, most people trying to get out of the country will be forced to request a “payment plan,” and there will be interest involved, and then the Jews will start taking profit on us as we leave their paradise. [Schlomo — I know you’re reading this — you are morally bound to pay Mr. Sims half of your takings for this idea. — Ed.]

Are you rich enough to pay the fee to flee the land of the not-so-free?

With regard to the exit tax, plan ahead. Take the cash out incrementally. Claim you spent it. Move the cash overseas in small amounts. Change your citizenship only after your assets have been thus siphoned abroad.

But the harsh reality is that most of us, unless we have relatives or close friends overseas who are very well situated, have no better place to go. We are already backed into corners, and if there were anywhere left to run, the Jews would see to it that their minions pursued us there. So that’s it. It’s them or us. Fight or die. I don’t think that point can be missed by any intelligent White man or woman now. We have nowhere to run. What we do have, though, is a really bad problem with cowardice.

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6 April, 2017 5:05 pm

I don’t think it’s a problem of cowardice as much as it is a problem of comfort. Until the situation negatively impacts people’s paycheck, 401K, yearly vacation, cable subscription, online access, smart phone or personal health, most will not actively seek change. I heard somewhere that nothing causes revolution like hunger. It seems to be true. They no longer know what it means to adhere to principles greater than oneself. I’d also read somewhere that as long as you feed a dog just enough to survive, he’ll keep coming back to you regardless of how bad you treat him. That seems to be our current situation.

10 April, 2017 1:56 pm

Running will not save you unless the United States completely collapses and drags Israel down with it. I mean collapse to the point where the military weapons that require few personnel are unusable. A mass economic collapse (food shortage) combined with a prepared revolt by our people (us) will ensure our survival and advancement into the future. The globalists, I guess, with the coup of the foreign policy of the Trump administration through bribery or black mail(?), think they have the white population cornered in America. If they only knew; if they only knew. Some of the Jews realize the counter-moves that will happen after what the deep state (Jews) just did. Savage (a Zionist Jew) spoke out against the present bombing and getting involved in Syria because he knows… Read more »

L.B. Blakeney
L.B. Blakeney
19 October, 2021 10:54 pm

I know this is old, but leaving isn’t always mere cowardice. Case in point, when you live in what seems to be a normal, relatively peaceful safe neighborhood, but then little by little, your other White neighbors move away, with blacks and mestizos taking their place. Still, things seem habitable, but very slowly the quality of even those nonwhite neighbors goes down the drain. Cars get parked on front yards, all over the sides of the street as well as the driveways, and there are at least 5 vehicles per average sized 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 car garage house. Gang members inhabit some of the houses. Then, others’ vehicles are parked in front of your property. Then, more of the vehicles are without a muffler. Then, some houses have… Read more »