The Clearest Hate Crime

Meanwhile, back in reality.

IF YOU LIVE in Middle America you’re always going to be a step or two behind the latest craze. By the time the hottest Jewish fashion reaches you, it’s already out of date. While the “muh hijab” hate crime hoaxes have already been memory holed on the coasts, they’re just now gaining traction in Paul Ryan’s embarrassed home state. It’s the same tired template, the same highly dubious story that falls apart under even the most cursory investigation, but I guess it’s new if it’s new to you. It’s time for the brown Muslim invaders, with a little help from the traveling merchant, to once again wail about the evil kuffir. They attacked muh scarf, this is proof that your planned kosher genocide is morally defensible.

National and local Muslim civil rights and advocacy groups are calling for Milwaukee police to investigate as a hate crime an attack on a Muslim woman who says a man demanded she remove her hijab and beat her.

It seems we’ve heard this song before.

“You can’t get a clearer hate crime than this,” said Janan Najeeb, president of the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition.

I know, right? The fact that it’s identical to a string of false reports from earlier this year is just a giant coincidence. This could not be more legitimate. The fact that this “narrative” is being promoted by a sinecure professional victim who stands to gain materially by encouraging this nonsense only adds to its highly credible nature.

“This was not a robbery,” Najeeb said Wednesday. “There was an individual telling her to take her scarf off, ripped it off and started beating her up. This is clearly a hate crime.”

Not-a-robbery gone wrong.

The woman, who has not been publicly identified, was walking home from her morning prayers at the Islamic Society of Milwaukee about 6 a.m. Monday.

What, no male relative escorting the moon cult property? I’m afraid you’re going to have to be stoned and/or honor killed, whore.

A car pulled up alongside her on S. 13th St. near W. Layton Ave. and a man got out, demanding she take off her hijab, or head scarf, said Munjed Ahmad, a member of the society’s executive committee who has met with the woman several times since the attack.

Take off that turban, ka-deesh-yah! I voted cuckservative and support tom-a-haww strikes in Surr-yah! Now you’re gonna get it, you Islamo-fascist! Glenn Beck!

The woman tried to pull the scarf tight to keep it on and “he threw me on the floor, then he beat me like an animal,” the woman told WITI-TV (Channel 6) as she showed her bloodstained head scarf.

Compare and contrast to a real incident from the same area: They said: “He White, beat his sh–.”

The man pulled her to the ground where he stomped on her head before he drew a knife and slashed at her clothing, Ahmad said.

Knife attacks against the Religion of Peace. There’s a first.

The woman has a history of seizures and suffered one later that day, Ahmad said.

A woman with a history of seizures has minor injuries. Do you think the “hate crime” really happened, Encyclopedia Brown? Turn to the back of the book for the amazing solution to The Case of the Hoaxing Hijab.

“She’s of course very shaken and also tired,” Najeeb said.

I’ve been making up stories all day and boy am I tired.

On Wednesday, the national Council on American-Islamic Relations said the attack should be investigated as a hate crime. The statement came less than a week after the organization called for a hate crime investigation of Muslim prayer space vandalism at Marquette University.

When it’s revealed this was all a deception it won’t be major news. The anti-White hay has been made. Also, why in the blue hell is there a “Council of American-Islamic Relations” and what value could this mess possibly add to our “diverse” high-trust society that sure isn’t rapidly Balkanizing into groups of dark opportunists picking at the remains of a dying country.

“An act of this nature, as brutal as it was, it has to be addressed and this individual needs to be brought to justice to serve not only as a punishment but also as a deterrent,” Ahmad said.

I’m looking forward to seeing the imaginary criminal severely punished. Until then we’ll just have to satisfy our anti-White blood lust with more foreign war for the Jew and more rapefugee invasion.

“We’ve always had acts of vandalism, had people yell things from the car, had individuals try to snatch scarves off Muslim girls or women, but this is definitely a whole other category,” she said.

People yelled things from a car. The poor frozen snake. Even this claim is hard to believe. The lining of our intestines could not be more accommodating to the mahound tape worms. Our big reward for this insane weakness is playing the villain in 1001 Arabian Phony Crimes stories and being run over by trucks using undocumented highways.

Najeeb said most people who have the biggest issue with women wearing hijab are “frankly ignorant.”

Whites bad, you’re ignorant, “racism,” your systematic destruction good, bigotry, Jew good, etc, etc.

“This represents a woman that is Muslim and in (an attacker’s) head, they hate Muslims and this is what they have been told from the highest levels of power,” she said.

I’m sure you all remember the “Go knife Muslims and burn Muslim property!” speeches from the Charles Schumers of this world.

“Without a doubt, I believe that current political rhetoric has definitely normalized hate in this country and there needs to be some accountability.”

I’m really worried about what fictional haters are doing. We must harshly punish these individuals who do not, strictly speaking, actually exist.

Now that’s what I call a hate crime!

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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