SPLC — The Black Elephant in the Room

THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER released its annual “Hate Map” fundraising tool in February and, as usual, it made a lot of claims without providing a lot of proof. One thing that immediately caught our eye, however, was this graphic on the company’s web site:

While the numbers given do add up to the 917 “hate groups” promised at first glance, as usual, closer inspection reveals that the SPLC cannot provide a known city or town location for 191 of them, or about one-in-five. When you strip out these homeless “hate groups,” especially from the “Big Four,”  you come up with significantly different numbers:

Nearly half of the groups attributed to the KKK, neo-Nazis, racist skinheads and White nationalists seem to exist only in the imagination of the SPLC’s Public Relations Guru and chief Hate Map cartographer, Mark Potok.

We know these homeless groups really, really exist because Mr. Potok tells us so, and that’s more than good enough for the media. Note that Mr. Potok can assign at least a city or town to nearly all of his alleged Black Separatist groups, but more on them in a moment.

The first graphic we showed you, giving the SPLC’s own breakdown of its “hate groups” by category, got little or no mention from the press. The one that really excited them was this one:

Most media outlets were only too eager to allow Mr. Potok to pontificate on the, Gasp!!, “197% increase in anti-Muslim” groups to pay much attention to the other numbers. We explained Potok’s anti-Muslim group scam in an earlier post and won’t rehash it here.

Oddly enough, nobody in the media seems to have noticed that the biggest number on Mr. Potok’s list refers to his 193 alleged Black Separatist groups, which is to say, the largest single category of “hate group” in the country, according to Mark Potok.

When you add in the eight Black Muslim “hate groups” Mr. Potok has tucked away under “General Hate” (tucked away even more deeply under the sub-category of “Other”), you come up with 201 Black “hate groups” in all.

Even without stripping out the homeless “hate groups,” Mr. Potok’s Black groups outnumber his KKK groups outright and his neo-Nazi, racist skinhead and White nationalist groups by two-to-one, respectively, and yet the media doesn’t find this particular piece of Potokian punditry to be newsworthy. Why not?

The media couldn’t regurgitate Mr. Potok’s claims of 101 anti-Muslim “hate groups” quickly or often enough, and yet when Potok claims that 89 of his Black “hate groups” are distinctly Muslim in nature, nearly a one-to-one ratio to the alleged anti-Muslim threat, all we hear from the media is crickets.

“Nothing to see here. Move along!”

The remarkable thing about this situation is that Potok’s numbers are right out in the open where anyone on the planet can see them. You do not have to dig through his website or even be particularly numerate to compare the numbers. Mark Potok says that “hate groups” are some sort of threat to the world and that the largest segment of that threat, by far, is Black and/or Muslim, and yet nobody in the media will take him up on it.

Either Mark Potok and the SPLC are your go-to “experts” on hate or they are not. You cannot pick and choose which dire threat du jour you are going to take their word for. And take their word you must, because the SPLC provides little or no evidence to back the existence of most of its alleged groups.

Some “experts.”

* * *

Source: Watching the Watchdogs

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  1. 22 April, 2017 at 1:53 pm — Reply

    Interesting and important analysis, although not surprising. Even with the disproportionate number of so-called Black “extremist” or “hate” groups–I detest those words because they’re communist catch-all categories–I’d put money on the fact that like the majority of those boogey man neo-Nazi, skinhead, and KKK groups, either there is no formal organization to any of them or they don’t exist at all. Once you eliminate the fake paid agiprop groups of Soros, Bloomberg, et al, the number of groups on both sides that are cohesive, have some sort of administrative structure, and fund themselves is close to zero. The truth is that the SPLC would have outed themselves as the anti-White, genocidal, social justice agitators they are by only naming fake White groups, therefore, they had to appear objective by also making up phony Black groups, as well. This is not to say Blacks aren’t racist or hate Whites; millions of them do, but they’re highly disorganized and pose zero threat to Whites, without Jewish money and mobilization.

    Like nearly all nonprofits and self-proclaimed public advocacy agencies, the SPLC needs to justify its continued existence and endless need for increased funding through making the situation seem as dire as possible. This reminds me of the national mass shooting list by Bloomberg’s communist front organization, Every Town for Gun Safety (ahem), that in the last independent analysis was proven to have inflated the rate of mass shootings by more than 80% by wildly redefining the term and including incidents that had less than three, and often zero victims (yes, zero), as well as domestic violence and gang murders, among other surprises. The truth is, if their stats had been accurate AND they eliminated the shooting hoaxes (nearly all of them), the number of legitimate mass shootings across their nine-year sample would have shrunk to zero, and they along with their self-generated credibility would have been out of business.

  2. Walt Hampton
    22 April, 2017 at 6:29 pm — Reply

    What I am looking for now is a new “hate”
    group that “hates” all the other “haters.” I
    wouldn’t put anything past these clowns.
    No doubt the overweight “Heidi” will be
    looking for “haters” who “hate” the obese.

    • Anthony Collins
      23 April, 2017 at 2:03 am — Reply

      “No doubt the overweight ‘Heidi’ will be looking for ‘haters’ who ‘hate’ the obese.” Indeed. The SPLC’s category of “hate groups” is as expansive as Heidi Beirich’s waist. (Perhaps Beirich could play a Hutt in a new Star Wars film!)

  3. Walt Hampton
    23 April, 2017 at 9:58 pm — Reply

    Another reason why I don’t watch
    “Star Wars” flicks. The third one
    in the franchise was enough! No
    more “Pizza The Huts” for me. I
    am sure “Heidi” is a contender
    for the next one, but not as a
    humanoid. This bloated overweight
    wench e-mailed me without my

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