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Our wars are not fought for “moral” reasons — dead babies, Evil Dictators Doing Bad Things, and the like. Those are just props in a stage show, consisting mostly of lies, to get the easily-fooled populace to support whatever killing our misrulers want to accomplish. Here Mr. Sims greatly amplifies his previous article and gives us more detail on the Armenian genocide, the Ukrainian Holodomor, and Hitler.

by David Sims

IT SHOULD BE no secret to any educated person that wars are usually instigated for financial reasons. The Armenian Genocide (1915), often blamed on Turkish nationalism, was actually triggered by the Rothschild banking family, through their agent, a Jew named Emanuel Curasso. He was part of the group that led the Young Turks, whose membership was a mixture of Muslims and Jews.

The Caspian and Black Sea Petroleum Company, founded by Alphonse Rothschild in 1883, extracted oil from fields near Baku, in Azerbaijan. This crude oil from Azerbaijan was shipped over the Caucasus Mountains by rail to a port city called Batumi, in what is today the Republic of Georgia. It was shipped by sea through the Bosporus and Dardanelles waterways, to the Mediterranean Sea, and thence, up the Adriatic Sea, to Fiume. Fiume was the name of a Croatian port city that is now named Rijeka.

The petroleum products, significant among which was kerosene, processed at the Rothschild refineries at Fiume, were sold throughout central Europe and, secondarily, in the Middle East, in competition with similar products sold by the Rockefeller-owned Standard Oil Company.

The ethnic tension between the Turks and Armenians, which had been a regular feature of that region’s political life for a long time, posed a risk to the Rothschilds’ shipping, and a business cost was involved in keeping that risk to a minimum.

So, to increase their profits, the Rothschilds hatched a plan to overthrow the Turkish Sultan and exterminate the Armenian people. The former was accomplished in 1908 and had the additional benefit (to the Jews) of removing an impediment to the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine.

The latter was carried out beginning in April 1915.

The Wikipedia article on the Armenian Genocide contains some factual matter mixed with misdirection. It is reasonably accurate about what happened to the Armenians, but it is wrong about who the villains were and what their motivation was. The correct matter is information-candy embroidery, acting like a sweetener to induce the reader to accept the falsehoods as well.

The article sets the blame for the genocide on the “Three Pashas” and uses proximity of mention to lead readers to infer that these Three Pashas were leaders of the Turkish nationalists. But no such thing is true. If you then read the Wikipedia article on the “Three Pashas,” you will be told that they were members of “The Committee of Union and Progress,” which was the original name for a group that was afterward called the Young Turks.

Then, if you read Wikipedia’s article on Mehmed Talaat Pasha, he is said to be the primary organizer of the Armenian Genocide, and he:

“…worked after hours as a Turkish language teacher in the Alliance Israelite School which served the Jewish community of Edirne. At the age of 21 he had a love affair with the daughter of the Jewish headmaster for whom he worked. He was …charged with tampering with the official telegraph and arrested in 1893. He claimed that the message in question was to his girlfriend. The Jewish girl came forward to defend him. Sentenced to two years in jail, he was pardoned but exiled to Salonica as a postal clerk.”

What that probably means is Talaat was selected and groomed for his role in the Armenian Genocide because of his close connection with Jews in the infamous Jewish conspiratorial organization, Alliance Israelite Universelle. He wasn’t really exiled to Salonica, either. Salonica is where the Young Turks had recently been organized. So, rather than being exiled, Talaat was sent to Salonica to perform a very nasty job for the predatory Rothschilds.

The Young Turks were a group organized in Salonica, Macedonia, in 1890, by Emmanuel Curasso, an agent of the Jewish Rothschild family, to take over the reins of power in the Ottoman Empire, to reshape it politically, and to eliminate the Armenian population.

Nowhere does Wikipedia put all of the links between the Jewish founders of the Young Turks and the Armenian Genocide in the same article. Indeed, even if you gather up several related articles, there will be at least one missing link, such as the fact that the Three Pashas were part of a Jewish-organized and Jewish-led group that had two purposes that were rather important to Jews.

There are more reliable resources than Wikipedia on the subject of the Armenian Genocide, such as Little Armenia’s Fact Sheet on the Armenian Genocide.

It is usually the case that what is left out of historical narratives is at least as important as what is included, in regard to enabling their readers to form accurate opinions and exercise sound judgment in putting historical lessons into political action. In 1908, when the Armenians first heard about the overthrow of the Sultan, they celebrated because, they thought, having anyone else in power must be a good thing. But that isn’t the case, when the “anyone else” is the Jews.

Likewise, the Second World War began because Germany broke away from the Jewish banking houses, including the Rothschilds. These Jews had expected Hitler to place Germany in debt with loans from their banks as his means of bringing about Germany’s economic recovery, at least in the near-term. (Economic recoveries based upon usury contain an embedded financial time-bomb, which explodes when the interest on the accumulated national debt becomes unpayable.) Instead, Hitler found other means — including international barter and alternative financial systems in which the Jews didn’t have any usurious fingers in the pie.

This fact was well-understood at the time, and it was summarized by Viscount Lymington: “If we have a period of peace for only three years, the financial system of Messrs. Frankfurter, Warburg, and Baruch, and most of Wall Street, will topple of its own accord.” (Source: The New Pioneer, May 1939.)

That was the actual reason for the Second World War. Hitler was about to yank the Jewish vampire off the back of Western civilization, and that vampire did not want to be deprived of its prey. So it began a war to defend the parasitical status quo.

The invasion of Poland was a pretext. If it had been the real reason for the war, then the simultaneous invasion of Poland’s eastern half by the Soviet Union would have been just as objectionable as Germany’s invasion of Poland’s western half.

A third example of very nasty organized Jewish behavior resulted in millions of deaths in Ukraine during the early 1930s. It was engineered by Lazar Kaganovich, a Jewish Soviet official who was told by Joseph Stalin to suppress Ukrainian nationalist aspirations. Stalin didn’t care how Kaganovich did it, and the idea of starving the Ukrainians to death was the method that Kaganovich selected because, apparently, being a Jew, he wanted to kill a lot of White people. Given the chance, he did.

* * *

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Good article. Every self-respecting White person should never use Wikipedia for anything, especially issues related to history and science. Among other deceptions and misdirections of Jewpedia is the pattern of assigning non-White wives to important but rather obscure historical figures, such as Christopher Ludwick, who was pivotal in the Valley Forge incident during the American Revolution. They’ve conveniently added to his bio that he took an “Indian princess” as a bride, when facts prove without question, he had only one wife in his lifetime, and she was White.


Nice summary of the REAL forces behind the Armenian Genocide. “The Jewish Genocide of the Armenian Christians” by Christopher Jon Bjerknes explains the Jewish connection to the Armenian Genocide in great detail and depth. The book was one of the most difficult I ever read, partly because Bjerknes reinforced his thesis by endless quotations from the Talmud, Zohar, the Bible and other Jewish texts. But one benefit of wading through all the supporting evidence from the writings of the Jews themselves was the gradually dawning, but horrifying realization that there really are people who believe all the religious mumbo-jumbo. There really are people who believe the prophesy of the Apocalypse. There really are people who believe that the select of the Jews will one day be the only survivors on… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins

“The book was one of the most difficult I ever read, partly because Bjerknes reinforced his thesis by endless quotations from the Talmud, Zohar, the Bible and other Jewish texts. But one benefit of wading through all the supporting evidence from the writings of the Jews themselves was the gradually dawning, but horrifying realization that there really are people who believe all the religious mumbo-jumbo. There really are people who believe the prophecy of the Apocalypse. There really are people who believe that the select of the Jews will one day be the only survivors on Earth and all others will be annihilated. There really are people who believe that God will come to reign on Earth, but only after the world is first destroyed, and it is their duty,… Read more »


Thanks for your comment. It helps me wrap my mind around the incomprehensible, how people in this day and age can still not only believe such religious superstition, but actively spend their lives working for the Apocalyptic destruction of the world by a fiery holocaust. I came across this quote by Karl Marx a while ago. At first I thought it was a personal statement, motivated by bitterness in his own life, but now I wonder if it really is a statement of more widely held Jewish religious beliefs. “Then I will be able to walk triumphantly, Like a god, through the ruins of their kingdom. Every word of mine is fire and action. My breast is equal to that of the Creator.” from “Invocation of One in Despair” a… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins

Charles Jansen’s review of Hervé Ryssen’s La Guerre eschatologique: La Fin des temps dans les grandes religions has some good observations on Jewish messianism, such as the following: “Judaism has the immense advantage of giving Jews a huge motivation. It sparks enthusiasm. Jews live in an acute tension revolving around the Messiah, a tension made only greater as human action plays a determinant role for provoking his coming. As the Chosen People, Jews are endowed with a special mission on Earth and must do whatever it takes to turn the whole world into a state of ‘peace.’ (As Ryssen says, this is the kind of ‘peace’ that comes after all enemies are crushed.) “It is important to notice that Messianism is more important than religion itself. God is remote, and… Read more »


The involvement of the Jews in the Armenian Genocide goes even further than being the founders of the Young Turks. According to Bjerknes, the Donmeh Jews suckered the Turks into killing the Armenians in order to vilify the Turks in the eyes of Triple Entente, to instigate WWI, to destroy the Ottoman Empire, and so to make it possible for the components of the Turkish Empire to be reconstituted as ethnic-racial nation-states (i.e. Israel as the nation-state of the Jews) at the peace conference after the war. Thus the Balfour Declaration and the League of Nations – mission accomplished. I think Bjerknes also explained that the Donmeh Jews whispered into the ears of the Armenians that opposition to the Turks would bring a backlash from the Turks, that would gain… Read more »


Theodor Herzl – I know – WWI – duh…


The term ‘Young Turk’ does not mean, ‘a Turk who is young’. It means ‘someone who has only recently become a Turk’. The ‘Young Turks’ were in fact Baltic Jews.

This may explain why the present Turks object to being associated with the Armenian Genocide.