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World War 2: Battling the People of the Lie, part 1

American Dissident Voices broadcast of March 25, 2017

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

NOT EVERY World War 2 veteran is still around to tell us how he feels about the world his sacrifices brought into being. But there are a few veterans, and sons and daughters of veterans, who are no longer keeping their heads down and pretending that everything is just fine. Some of them are angry — very angry — at what has been done to their world — the world they thought they were fighting to preserve. Listen to this:

I stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day so my kids could be manipulated by media Jews to hate me — and to hate themselves.

I stormed Omaha Beach so my kids could be the sex playthings of any invader or racial alien who took a fancy to them — and so my kids could be taught to like it.

I stormed Omaha Beach so my kids could could say “F America” and scream that Black gangbangers and Mexican cartel gangs are equal to us –and hate me if I think otherwise.

I stormed Omaha Beach so when my kids had kids, one of my grandsons could put other men’s genitals in his mouth and have other “men” put their forearms in his rectum and call it “diversity” and “love.”

I stormed Omaha Beach so that my other grandson could castrate himself and take hormones to grow female breasts.

I stormed Omaha Beach — and saw my buddies die — so that my granddaughter could cover herself with gang sign tattoos and give herself to Black gangbangers in a crack house. I stormed Omaha Beach so that she could become a junkie and then get a “job” doing sex movies for a Jewish porn studio which requires that she have group sex with Blacks in gang rape movies.

I stormed Omaha Beach — and saw my buddies die — and killed members of my own race who had never harmed me or my country — so that my other granddaughter could be beat bloody and abandoned by her Mexican invader “boyfriend” and bear his mixed-race offspring.

That is what I fought for when I fought in World War 2. God Bless America and please protect the poor, persecuted Jews who brought us all this freedom!

That’s what one man had to say recently after viewing the Murdoch Murdoch video we showcased here last week called “The Greatest Generation.” Actually, I had to clean up some of the very raw language he used before I could make it a part of this family-friendly radio show. He’s that angry. And well he should be. He has been — we all have been — betrayed and stabbed in the back.

World War 2 and National Socialist Germany are among the biggest taboos set up by our enemies to keep us intimidated, silent, and confused. Even as populism and nationalism rise, anti-invasion activists and populists and weak-kneed nationalists still try to “fit in” with those taboos and avoid being attacked by the enemy’s media outlets by continuing to use the Germans of the World War 2 period — the “Nazis” — as a metaphor for tyranny and evil. They pay obeisance to the myth of the “Good War” and the “greatest tragedy in human history,” the alleged “Holocaust.” But you can’t win a war if you let your enemy define good and evil for you. You can’t win if you let your enemy decide what kind of society you’re allowed to build.

Understanding World War 2 rightly is absolutely necessary for our victory — even our survival. That is precisely why the truth about that conflict has been made into one of the greatest taboos of all time. Let’s listen to what the founder of the National Alliance, Dr. William Pierce, said in answer to the questions: Why do you keep bringing up World War 2? Don’t we already have enough problems with people calling us “Nazis”? Can’t we just avoid the subject and stick to immigration and Black crime? What the Hell does World War 2 have to do with our problems today, anyway? Listen:

The Second World War really has everything to do with it. It was, after all, an ideological war, one could almost say a religious war, a war between two fundamentally different world views. On one side were the believers in quality over quantity, the elitists, the believers that White people, Europeans, are more progressive, are better able to maintain and advance civilization, and should hold onto their position of world mastery.

On the other side were the believers in quantity over quality, the egalitarians, the believers in racial and cultural equality, the people who thought it was wicked for the United States to remain a White country, wicked for White Britain to have a world empire, wicked for White Germany to be allowed to smash communism, wicked to permit nationalism to triumph over internationalism. And the fact is that the egalitarians won the war. After the Second World War White Americans could no more justify keeping hordes of hungry, non-White immigrants out of their country than Englishmen could justify hanging onto the British Empire. They had cut the moral ground right out from under themselves.

But the point is that, the reasons given to the American people for getting into the war against Germany were all spurious. It was not a war to keep America free. Americans weren’t in the slightest danger of losing their freedom to the Germans. It was, as I said, an ideological war. It was a war about what kind of ideas would govern the world. It was a war about whether we would be proud and White and strong, or whether we would feel guilty about the fact that Mexican peons aren’t as well off as we are.

And we lost the war. That was a real turning point in the fortunes of our race and our nation. The loss of the Second World War is the real reason for the decline of the U.S. economy–and of our social life, our cultural life, and our spiritual life. Before the war we had a White country, a country determined to stay White. After the war we no longer had that determination. Instead we had the vague feeling that it was wrong of us to want to stay White.

After the war when the controlled media began pushing for so-called “civil rights” laws and for opening our borders to the Third World, it was just a continuation of their push to get us into the war on the side of the people who had made Poland a more “equal” country by slaughtering her leaders at the killing pits in the Katyn woods. We don’t really have time today to trace the whole process of the breakdown of America after the war, but we can look at a few examples which more or less tell the story.

We’ve been talking about the economy, but it’s really our whole society which has been corrupted by the war, by the ideology for which the war was fought. Think, for example, about what life is becoming for the millions of White Americans who still live in our cities, especially those cities with a large minority contingent. We are no longer the masters in our own land, and we are paying the price for that decline in status. Crime has soared enormously in our cities and made life a daily nightmare for millions who cannot move away. Even for those who live in the suburbs and only must work in the cities during the day, crime has become an ever-present constraint, a burden, a limit to their lives.

City streets which once were safe for White women and men, by night as well as by day, are now like minefields where we must proceed with caution and be always on guard. We know who makes our streets unsafe. We know against whom we are obliged to bar our windows. We know whom we must fear if our cars run out of gas or break down at night. And these are the same people whose welfare support imposes such an intolerable burden on our strained economy. And it is interesting that the government cannot solve our crime problem for exactly the same reason that it cannot solve our economic problem: it cannot address the causes; it cannot even admit the existence of the causes, because those causes are Politically Incorrect.

Just as the government economists talk about interest rates and budget adjustments but dare not speak of the effects of globalism on our economy, the sociologists talk about “poverty” as the cause of urban crime, but dare not mention that crime in America today is above all else a racial problem. Or look at what our schools have become, or look at popular entertainment. You know what the purpose of a school should be? It should be not just to pound facts into the heads of children so they can earn a living; it should be to mold them into good citizens. It should be to teach them about their roots, about their ancestors, about their race. It should be to give them a sense of identity, a feeling of solidarity with their people, a feeling of appreciation for the civilization which their people created. It should be to teach them the values and customs which are peculiar to their people.

But most of the schools in America’s cities cannot do these things. They are not even permitted to try to do these things, because these things are all profoundly “racist,” the controlled media tell us. The only kind of school which can teach meaningfully about roots and identity is a school which is racially homogeneous, but such schools were outlawed by our government after the Second World War, because they are contrary to the principles for which that war was fought.

When our kids turn to drugs today, when they learn anti-White rap lyrics from the television, when they think Magic Johnson is a hero and say upon meeting a friend, “hey, man! gimme five,” we’re paying the price of the war. I said a few minutes ago that the worst aspect of the breakdown of America was not what’s happened to our economy, but what’s happened to our spiritual life, to our morale, to our idealism, to our character. White Americans haven’t become more stupid in the last 50 years. Most of the people listening to this program understand exactly what I’m saying. They didn’t really need me to point it out to them. They can see it for themselves. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why our schools aren’t working or why the New World Order will hurt Americans at the price of making Mexicans and Chinese more prosperous. But it does take just a tiny bit of courage to stand up and say these things when we’ve had it drummed into our heads that we always must be Politically Correct.

The people listening to this program have for years been watching America being torn down. They have seen the effects of egalitarianism, of liberalism on our society. They have seen one liberal program after another make things worse and worse, and they have listened to the controlled media and the controlled politicians tell them that what’s needed to fix things is more of the same. And they’ve thought to themselves, this is crazy. But they’ve been afraid to say that out loud. They’ve been afraid to say, “Hey, look, Joe, the emperor doesn’t have any clothes on.” And it’s my considered opinion that this timidity, this willingness to go along with every new insanity imposed on us by the media and the politicians, even when we know it’s unnatural and immoral and destructive of everything worthwhile–this is a spiritual failure. This spiritual failure, this willingness to tolerate evil, is a more serious matter, in my eyes, than our economic decline. When we are able to heal ourselves spiritually, we’ll be able to heal ourselves economically and socially, but not before.

I think we all know who wields more control over the news and entertainment media than any other group. It’s the Jews. And, yes, they deserve a great deal of blame. But not all the blame. Perhaps not even most of it. After all, they’re only acting in accord with their nature. They’re doing what they always do when they come into a country. We shouldn’t have let them do it. We should have stopped them when they were taking over Hollywood 75 years ago. We should have stopped them when they began buying up newspapers back before the Second World War. After the war we shouldn’t have let them get anywhere near a television studio. But we didn’t stop them, and the blame for that really lies with those who have set themselves up as our political leaders. They sold us out. They sold out America. They sold out their race. When our kids are exposed to the god-awful, anti-White rap musicals from MTV, should we blame the Jewish owner of MTV, Mr Redstone, or should we blame the politicians in Washington who let him get away with it? Personally, I’d go after the politicians first.

More people are angry today about what their government is doing to America than at any time since the Second World War. As time passes their numbers and their anger will grow. That is inevitable, because the policies of the controlled media and the government are making America an unlivable place. The condition of the economy helps too. I would really be worried if I thought that the politicians could patch up the economy enough to lull people back to sleep. But I know that they can’t. I know that conditions can only become worse and worse under the policies which come from Washington, regardless of who’s in the White House. And this is what gives me hope for the future. When the pain becomes great enough, anger and frustration will overcome the fear of being Politically Incorrect, even for the most timid White American.

You’ve been listening to William Pierce speaking on the necessity of understanding the real nature of World War 2 in order to effectively lead our people to security and freedom. Since he spoke those words in 1992, we’ve made progress. The largely fictional Jewish “Holocaust” is a tottering house of cards in the minds of millions and the wisdom of fighting on the Jewish and Communist side in World War 2 is more and more openly questioned. This has made the Jewish power structure become ever more censorious, ever more suppressive, ever more likely to demand the heads of anyone who strays from their increasingly strident party line. They’ve just forced YouTube to de-monetize and isolate Politically Incorrect videos, many of which question the Kosher version of World War 2 history. They’ve pressured to outright ban books that cast doubt on Jewish persecution stories. Within the halls of power, our enemies still have great sway. But in the hearts and minds of our people, especially our young people, these taboos and totems have less and less effect every day.

Be with us next week as we continue to expand your mind and explore the real nature of World War 2 in “Battling the People of the Lie, part 2,” right here on American Dissident Voices.

 * * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. The National Alliance is working to educate White men and women around the world as to the nature of the reality we must face — and organizing our people to ensure our survival and advancement. We need your help to continue. Please send the largest contribution you can afford to National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Make your life count. You can also help us by visiting Once again, our postal address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you: When you look at the night sky, think of ORION — Our Race Is Our Nation.

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  1. 25 March, 2017 at 2:02 pm — Reply

    I’ve always said that understanding the truth about WW2 is absolutely crucial to our movement and that it’s essential that every White person who wants a better life for their family and future generations MUST educate themselves accordingly. It’s also why I use WW2 truth as a litmus test to see whether certain sites and authors are legit or not. Using terms like Hitler, fascist, Nazi and so on as pejoratives is a clear sign a person doesn’t “get it” or is a flat out shill. There is no excuse for Whites not understanding the truth of WW2 by now; we can’t afford not to.

    Having said that, I was shocked to discover an online author I thought I trusted, who I thought understood the serious fundamentals of WW2, particularly as they relate to the White race, (primarily because he’s written many books on it) recently posted an article that actually said, “The holocaust is not a racial issue”. I almost fell over reading the piece. Needless to say, I’ll never trust this guy again. There is no excuse for such ignorance or deliberate misdirection. He also said that it was “only a handful of crooked Jews” that were running the holocaust promotion/intimidation operation. Outrageous. This was my reply to him. Naturally, he never responded.

    I can’t disagree more. Among other things, the holocaust is absolutely a race issue, because the Jews are a race (and rightly see themselves as one) and the fact that they promote the holocaust as the “extermination of the Jewish race”. The holocaust mythology is the very reason why Whites cannot have their own communities and certainly not countries anymore, because we all know what happens when lots of White people get together and create bonds of racial pride and culture, White supremacy and……GAS CHAMBERS! Never Again is the Jewish mantra to not allow White pride to happen anywhere on earth. The holocaust legend and thus, the so-called prevention of White supremacy, had a MUCH larger influence in the desegregation of our schools and neighborhoods, and the overall dismembering of White society in all respects. It’s the reason White college students can’t even have a White student club on campus…anywhere. This doesn’t come from the history of slavery, but the “memory” of the holocaust.

    Do you really believe that a worldwide deception that’s remained in force for over 70 years has only been perpetuated by a “handful of crooked Jews”? Jews haven’t earned the reputation as pathological liars and cheaters over the last 2,500 years because only a few crooked people in each generation go sour. Ever hear of the Kol Nidre prayer Jews say at Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, for absolution of their sins? What they don’t share is that the text of the prayer asks Yahweh for forgiveness of all the lies they’re going to tell non-Jews (including those about the holocaust) IN ADVANCE in the year to come. Far more than a handful of Jews are saying this prayer, even little old Jewish ladies in synagogues around the world and yes, they know what they’re saying.

    If you think not all Jews are part of the holocaust deception or that only a handful are running the hoax, try finding just ONE Jew anywhere that will publicly say, “The holocaust was a complete hoax.” You won’t find one…ever, because their biological predisposition is to lie, and they know their continued financial success, power and racial cohesion are founded on the holocaust lore. David Cole? He recanted and now believes gassings happened at the Reinhard camps. Norman Finkelstein? He believes in the holocaust (his parents were “survivors”) but only objects to the commercialization of the holocaust. Gerard Menuhin? His book provides a lot of information we’ve already known for decades about the real catalysts for WW2, along with passages on freemasons, etc, etc. Not exactly a newsflash. He never deals with the holocaust in a direct way or says there were no gassings. Gilad Atzmon? I’ve never heard him even come close to saying as much either. How many Jews came to the defense of Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, Ursula Haverbeck, Robert Faurisson and others? Absolutely ZERO. Atzmon, Finkelstein and others like them exist to deceive others into thinking that “not all Jews are like that”. It’s the same deadly mistake all the heads of Europe made when taking Jews into their courts and confidence, even while expelling masses of other Jews. We would do well to learn from their catastrophic mistakes; in fact, it’s us who are suffering from them today. If we ever intend to protect future generations of Whites (if there are any) from our massive problems, we would do well to wake up NOW.

    • george miller
      27 March, 2017 at 11:15 am — Reply

      Learn to read, if it’s not too much of a challenge.
      Menuhin’s book explains with almost 30 pages of evidence from believable sources, that it never took place. As for Atzmon, his quote appears in the book: “The Holocaust is a complete forgery, initiated by Americans and Zionists.” There is no way you or anyone else could be aware of more than a fraction of the information Menuhin provides. Your bias destroys your credibility. Either you’re terminally myopic, or you need to lie to make your point. Only the enemy needs to lie.

      • 29 March, 2017 at 12:44 am — Reply

        Why don’t you learn a little bit yourself? Menuhin NEVER says the holocaust is a complete hoax and that exactly zero Jews died in gas chambers because gas chambers is not exist.

        At the same time, THINK about what Atzmon said regarding the holocaust; he called it a “forgery”. That word choice is not an accident. What is a forgery but an unauthorized version or copy of something that ACTUALLY EXISTS. He’s not denying the holocaust occurred at all, but rather that it was misrepresented. I’ve tried to point this out to other people like you who have been duped by these “good” Jews. For your information, I believe it was Weisenthal who, when confronted with the subject of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion also defended Jewry by calling them a “forgery”. Once again, he was NOT denying The Protocols existence or reality by using that word but simply implying that they had been misrepresented by the public at that time. Of course The Protocols exist; virtually every single one of them has come to pass by now. Look up the word forgery. If someone sells a forgery of a work of fine art, it does NOT mean the original doesn’t exist. These Jews aren’t denying anything. Jews have very high verbal skills and are capable of complex wordplay. Understand what they’re actually telling you.

        No Jew will ever commit the unpardonable sin of crossing the line all the way on the holocaust because Jews are liars and always stick together. Playing Good Jew/Bad Jew will be the ruin of Whites. For our own survival, we will be forced to exclude people who choose to exist in such lethal ignorance.

    25 March, 2017 at 2:52 pm — Reply

    Dr. Pierce always told his followers to be radical. My father told me something similar over 50 years ago; he told me to call a spade a spade, and do not be afraid to tell people what you think. I suspect this view was based on his social and politically experience as a young man. He had considerable experience dealing with communists and socialists in the UK during the politically turbulent 20’s and especially 1926. Of the socialists he said they were well meaning but utterly gullible and totally confused – sheep to the slaughter. Of the communists he said they were pure evil and his experience with the communists led him to despise Jews. He always had the greatest respect for the Germans, both before and after WW2. He lived in Coventry during WW2 and often travelled to London, so he had first-hand experience of the bombings of both cities. This experience did not alter his respect for the Germans.

    So here I am today the son of a man who admired Hitler and greatly respected the achievements of National Socialist Germany.

    I often get called a neo-Nazi – a hater, and I say I am not a neo-Nazi, I am a Nazi and there is no neo about me. I also hate niggers, and I especially hate Jews, so I am a hater – with good reasons of course.

  3. PTFogg
    25 March, 2017 at 8:27 pm — Reply

    Pierce said:
    ” It’s the Jews. And, yes, they deserve a great deal of blame. But not all the blame. Perhaps not even most of it. After all, they’re only acting in accord with their nature. They’re doing what they always do when they come into a country. We shouldn’t have let them do it.”

    Yes, that’s right, we let them do it. And why did we let them do it? Because of the Jewish cult called Christianity. Judeo-Christianity was designed by the Jews to soften up the white race and destroy us from within. Judeo-Christianity was designed by the Jews to get us to believe that “all men are created equal”, “all men are brothers in Christ”, to destroy pride in our race and to get whites to sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of other races, ultimately, to sacrifice ourselves for the Jewish race. Until whites understand that Hitler was right, that National Socialism gives the highest priority to the continued existence and improvement of the white race, until we understand that, then we’ll continue to stumble on down the Christian path to racial suicide that was laid out for us by the Jews.

    • 26 March, 2017 at 10:28 am — Reply

      That’s certainly part of the problem. The other is that, even among people who are not religious in the traditional sense or even atheist, there is a huge sense of hyper-individualism to the extent that they’re completely unable to place their lives within the context of any kind of principle(s) that’s greater than themselves or their immediate needs. If it doesn’t affect their paycheck, yearly vacation, 401K, where their next meal is coming from, physical health or regular weekend entertainment, nothing seems to be able to motivate these people to act on an ideal that’s beyond their material needs. Obviously, this seems to be the result of the demoralization process of subversive communism that Yuri Bezmenov spoke about in his presentations. Christianity is a problem because it’s horribly corrupted, and teaches passivity and love of the other. At the same time, it created an overarching, greater ideal that Europeans could unite under and fight back against the Jew for centuries, much the same way Jews still do with their ideology today to attack us while retaining their group cohesion. Simply abandoning Christianity isn’t the answer. We must have a clear set of principles that refer to the higher intelligence and order of existence that give meaning to our lives, something that inspires and motivates people to act beyond themselves and yet, within group interests. Otherwise, it’s very easy for a population to end up thinking of themselves as individual islands, drifting apart with little or no interest in how or why they should relate to and/or support their racial brothers and sisters. This would certainly happen even in a completely atheist society.

      • PTFogg
        27 March, 2017 at 10:11 am — Reply

        National Socialism was doing very well as a replacement for Christianity, even on the spiritual level, plus, it’s much closer to the truth than Christianity. Unfortunately NS was dealt a major setback by Communists, Jews and misguided Christians.

        Hitler, in all his writings, almost never invoked Christianity but frequently referred to “the will of the Almighty”.

        Heinrich Himmler explained the spiritual side of National Socialism in this longish article at Chechar’s log:

        Ben Klassen tried to build upon NS with all his writings on Creativity.

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