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Listen: Turner Diaries commercial

WE GIVE special thanks to all those who have pre-ordered our new, remastered audio book edition of The Turner Diaries read by the author, Dr. William Pierce. The pre-order period has ended and regular orders are now being accepted — the CDs will be ready for shipping in a few days.

For those who sent pre-orders, we thank you for your support and appreciate your patience.

The original recordings, made by Dr. Pierce and Kevin Strom on reel-to-reel tape in 1995, had been digitized in the early 2000s, but that digitization process was primitive compared to what we are capable of today; many background noises which marred the original sound can now be removed with advanced software that has become available in recent years. So we embarked on the process of remastering using the latest commercial software. Despite the new software’s advanced features, remastering required a great deal of meticulous, manual work: Each audio anomaly or background noise had to be manually selected, then processed by the software individually, sometimes going through several iterations before the best degree of mitigation could be determined. There were sometimes dozens of these manual corrections to be made to just a single minute of the ten-hour unabridged book. We were not able, as we originally thought we would be, to apply the software to the entire book at once without losing much of the fidelity of the source. So we did it the careful, slow, difficult, craftsman-like way — the way Dr. Pierce would have wanted it.

We are proud to offer you the result, which can be ordered online via or by postal mail from National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City TN 37683 USA. The fidelity of the disc is excellent: On a good speaker system, it sounds as if Dr. Pierce is with you, reading his book to you personally. There is nothing quite like hearing the man who created The Turner Diaries read it to you himself. And, by purchasing this mp3-CD, you will be supporting the important work of the National Alliance.

We will be playing chapters of this amazing book from time to time on the National Alliance Radio Network too, in hopes that listeners will be impressed enough to want their own complete copy.

Listen: Turner Diaries commercial

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Source: National Alliance

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L Thompson
L Thompson
21 May, 2017 2:38 pm

Love your broadcasts!

28 September, 2019 5:19 am

God bless you…. I was looking for this.