Join the White Guilt Club

At your local Kosher private college

IF YOU’RE WHITE you should constantly feel bad about that. After all we ended slavery, conquered Nature, built prosperous nations, and now act as endlessly put-upon good losers for the Jew to freely attack. Oddly enough, the goyim are becoming more and more reluctant to engage in humiliating degradation and cowardly suicide, despite the friendly merchant insisting we’ll earn points in the next world or whatever for doing so. Crazy ideas like a right to exist and a right to self-determination are entering the political mainstream for the first time in decades. Self-loathing is not a virtue, taking your own life is a mortal sin. Faced with this sudden reversal, it’s up to a Roman Cuck-o-lick communist indoctrination center to amp up the Semitic propaganda. Their latest forty-Watt idea involves joining a special Marxist club and engaging in the two minutes’ hate against yourself and your ancestors.

Loyola University Chicago offers a campus club “for self-identified White students” to admit their own racist feelings and to complain about the racism they perceive around themselves.

Imagine paying an obscene amount of shekels to attend the Kosher right-think academy and then joining a special club dedicated to winning the victory over yourself and learning to love big Jew. This is the original sin that can never be forgiven, but you’re still expected to offer constant useless groveling to the false idol of “diversity.” There is no redemption, but keep wailing and sobbing, I’m sure globalist Ba’al should wake up any moment now and hear your supplications. Hate yourself. It’s healthy. No, you can’t remove that student loan debt with bankruptcy — so don’t even try it, shkotzim.

The segregated “affinity group,” called Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness, allows all students “who self-identify as White” to talk about their “anger and confusion about institutional racism” and to confess “guilt and hope about internalized racism.”

Forgive me Schlomo, for I have sinned. It’s been six hours since my last confession. I have “internalized racism.” I committed face crime by momentarily having a disapproving look for a group of howling Negroes before resuming the proper expression of delusional bliss. I committed microaggressions. I have skin without color. How many “Hail Soros” prayers do I need to say?

Because “White as a racial/ethnic category is difficult to define,” any students who “self-identify as White” appear to be able to apply.

No one knows who is really White! Nice to see that pathetic old saw from our enemies. Somehow the Chosenites have no problem picking us out when they’re on the attack. Die for the Jew. 

“You may also identify as bi-racial and/or multi-racial, where you may come from a mixed-race, mixed-heritage family where some members identify as White.”

If you’re Mulatto or some mystery-meat grab bag you only need to scourge some of your brown body (Ah! Ah!), I guess.

The website of Loyola’s members-only Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness group features a 2009 article entitled “Becoming an Anti-Racist White Ally: How a White Affinity Group Can Help.”

How to get that shotgun in your mouth and then pull the trigger: How your legs can help. 

“How ironic, given that white people routinely gather in monochromatic groups to discuss just about everything — except race — in our segregated society,” the article also claims.

Isn’t it ironic how discrete racial groups prefer to be with their own kind? It’s like rain on your wedding day.

The cost for a year of tuition, fees and room and board at Loyola Chicago is $56,199. The Jesuit school is located right on the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan.

Learn a trade, White man.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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