Former BNP Chief Nick Griffin Plans Move to Hungary

Emphasizes formation of new nationalist community there consisting of racially-aware White activists from many White nations

THE FOLLOWING is a brief interview by Hungarian publication with Nick Griffin, former head of the British National Party and current Deputy Chairman of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom.

Nick Griffin: I’m very pleased that Hungary is taking a leading role in, not just confronting the Soros problem, but generally saying that the sovereign nations of Europe have a right, not just to their freedom, but also to long-term survival and Hungary is actually doing something about it. So there’s a broad spectrum from building the wall to encouraging it or making it actually state help for young Hungarian families to have large families and addressing the Soros problem, indicates a government which doesn’t want to commit national suicide. That’s very refreshing for someone coming from the West. Given all this would you consider coming here and living here?

Griffin: Absolutely, yes, I intend to. You intend to live in Hungary?

Griffin: Yes, yes. How–what sort of time frame are you looking at?

Griffin: Hope for the next 6 months. You’re moving here?

Griffin: Yes. OK. Will you live in Budapest?

Griffin: That depends. I love Budapest — think it’s a fantastic city. I’m a country boy really so I’ll probably live somewhere else out in the sticks as we would say in England. For example, have you been to Ásotthalmon?

Griffin: I’ve been to Ásotthalmon… Have you been to Mátrában?

Griffin: I’ve been to the Mátrában mountains. I’m not a fan of great, flat countryside, so the hills around Balaton and Mátra and so on are more attractive to me, but we’ll see what fate brings. So you’ll continue with your political activism even after you move here?

Griffin: Yes, absolutely. Hungary and Budapest are a very good hub. There’s already a sort of nationalist émigré community building up here — there’s French, there’s Italians, there’s Swedes and Brits as well. So it’s only trickle at present, but no doubt at all, when the trouble really begins with Al Qaeda and ISIS in Western Europe, that trickle is going to become a flood and I hope that the Hungarian government and the Hungarian people will welcome people who are genuine refugees from Western Europe but keep out the liberals who have brought Western Europe to this state in the first place.

* * *

Source: John I. Johnson

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Michael R
Michael R
26 March, 2017 9:32 pm

What is this like a Hungarian version of the Northwest Front? I hope Hungary only lets White people in. Does anyone know why the Jews are reporting on the Alt-Right? Wouldn’t it behoove them not to keep as many people as possible from even knowing something like that exists?