A Maelstrom in Middlebury

Charles Murray

LET ME ax you a question. When someone screams drop your weapon and get on the ground, do you imagine they are expressing a principled opposition to bearing arms and standing erect? No, they invariably haven’t any moral qualms about those things at all. Instead they want their opposition defenseless and prostrate. Weapons aren’t the problem; you are.

Most people intuitively grasp the inequitable nature of such a demand. For it is, by design, not meant to achieve equity but rather its opposite: disparate positions of dominance and submission. However, most people are not eminent libertarian intellectuals. And it is this group, among many on the mainstream right, who find themselves befuddled at being perpetually pistol-whipped.

I’m talking specifically about Charles Murray, the xenophobic White-nationalist Trump-hating anti-nationalist who once openly suggested that a) intelligence is partially inherited, b) that it has a racial component, and c) that it impacts various societal outcomes. The fact that any of these points are obvious to an improperly indoctrinated grade-schooler certainly makes them no less anathema to liberal sensibilities. And offending those sensibilities is when barristas start breaking things.

So it was with Murray and his female escort, who both learned that when the left says to get on the ground, only the toes of their boots will be joining you.

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury College Professor Allison Stanger was injured by protesters Thursday evening as she was escorting a controversial speaker from campus. She was treated at Porter Hospital and released.

Charles Murray, a political scientist who has been criticized for his views on race and intelligence, was invited to speak on campus by a student group. He was greeted late Thursday afternoon outside McCullough Student Center by hundreds of protesters, and inside Wilson Hall, students turned their backs to him and booed when he got up to speak.

College officials led Murray to another location and a closed circuit broadcast showed him being interviewed by Stanger, the Russell J. Leng ’60 Professor of International Politics and Economics.

As Stanger, Murray and a college administrator left McCullough following the event, they were “physically and violently confronted by a group of protestors,” according to college spokesman Bill Burger.

Physically and violently is how the left always debates a point. And Murray being on the receiving end of it should aid in the understanding of certain fundamentals every man knows before he is taught not to.

Most important of those being that when liberals say don’t be racist, don’t be violent, don’t stifle other peoples’ speech, they mean you don’t do those things while they energetically do them to you. Drop your race and get on the ground is the bugle-call of an attack, not a polite statement of principles.

And who should expect otherwise? Only conservatives attack their friends rather than their enemies. The left views Murray as its enemy because The Bell Curve refutes its doctrine and lends credence to our lying eyes. His attempts to counter this perception with bouts of frenetic Twitter cuckoldry go completely unnoticed because the bombs are long out the bay doors. Only explicit disavowals of his own work accompanied by strenuous groveling would gain him neutrality at this point. Absent that, he remains their enemy.

As a result, his scholarship is irrelevant; enemies don’t get free speech. Those who attack traditional America are allies, and so they do. It’s not confusing. And it’s not an illogical contradiction. After all, what idiots would grant enemies the same accommodations they do their friends? You don’t have to answer that.

Though Murray’s dismay at his molestation reveals a sort of touching naïveté about human behavior and its motivations. Which I suppose can be forgiven in light of the fact that he is merely a renowned social scientist. Men like him are dismissive of the filthy tribal pawing that lies at the heart of human interactions. But it isn’t dismissive of them. Yet through no other means than meticulous self-delusion, they come to believe that truth rises above the mire. And they may thus stand upon it without soiling their shoes. Well he’s only 74, so there’s still time to season into a more mature mindset.

And with a few more campus beatdowns, Murray may just grow to understand that truth is no more a shield in the midst of man’s eternal conflict than chanting “I’m not racist!” is during a midnight stroll through the ghetto. The left doesn’t care about your pursuit of facts or academic rigor; they care about making a peace symbol out of your body parts. Love Trumps Hate! And if you want them to cease the endeavor, your next book had best be co-authored by Tim Wise.

But until then Murray finds himself incarcerated in the conservative’s purgatory between respectability and racism — between narratives that get you praised and truths that get you punched. Eventually even a man as intelligent as he will learn: armies aren’t against weapons, they’re against the other side having them.

* * *

Source: The Kakistocracy

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29 March, 2017 1:31 pm

This article raises some very interesting concepts – some I have alluded to in previous posts. Have you ever noticed how the left idolises its criminals, while the right often condemns its allies? If a left-wing piece of filth attacks or kills an opponent the left never, and I repeat never condemn the action. Instead they justify it with platitudes such as – he was only responding to racism or he was only acting in accordance with the most noble of principles. If a white nationalist decides to act decisively against the enemies of his people he is condemned by the left and ostracized by the right. Let us look at a few examples – Bob Mathews, Timothy McVeigh, Dylann Roof, Anders Behring Breivik. Let us look at a few… Read more »

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
12 July, 2017 10:04 pm

It is no surprise that with the rise of common, street negroes on campus, due to federal funding and LEFTIST entrance policies, the rate/severity of violence has risen.

Not someone like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Clarence Thomas, Dr. Ben Carson. But rather the Tyrones, Anquans, et alia. The ebonics speakers in wife beater T-shirts type of negro.

I wish Atty Gen. Sessions would escort a conservative speaker on campus and if those LEFTISTs try that violence crap have a Just Dept civil rights violation investigation that the fed gov’t so dearly loves to perform on local White cops who injure negro civilian violently resisting arrest.