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Why Are All Whites Assumed to Be “Privileged”?

by David Sims

I USED TO have no idea what people meant by the term “White privilege.” I’d heard it, but it never seemed to make any sense.

Now, it does. White privilege is an invention of propaganda. Its purpose is to make White people feel guilty, although there really isn’t any guiltiness involved. No laws were broken. Nobody did anything immoral. So where does the “privilege” idea come from?

The construction “White privilege” is meant to obfuscate the fact of White superiority. There are no privileges that Whites get just for being White — and often the reverse is true.

The reason arrest rates differ is that the races differ in the rates at which they commit crimes. The incarceration rate for each race is proportionate with their respective crime rates. Anyone who tries to make an issue out of this is trying to deceive you; he’s hoping that you’ve accepted the idea that the races are equals in their behavior, though, in fact, they are not.

The reason that penalties sometimes differ between, say, Whites and Blacks is that the two races differ in their recidivism, or the frequency of repeat offenses. It is a principle among judges in law courts to issue a relatively small penalty on a first offense for a minor crime, but on the second offense the penalty is more severe, and yet more severe for the third offense. The reasoning behind this practice is that if the previous punishment didn’t deter later offenses, then a stronger punishment is called for.

Dishonest people often say that a lesser average penalty given to White crooks, as compared to that given to Black crooks, is evidence of “institutional racism.” Nonsense. It’s evidence that Blacks just don’t learn their lesson the first time around because of their inferior intelligence and poor impulse control.

“Institutional racism” is another leftist propaganda construction, as are “stereotype threat” and “stranger-making.” Leftists invent these expressions to give themselves the appearance of having substantive arguments — to make it seem as though they have important things to talk about. They don’t. Nearly every talking point that leftists have is based on illusions of semantics or statistical fraud.

And just about every “social” argument that you hear in support of the existence of “White privilege” has the same flaws. Whatever discrepancy between White outcomes and Black outcomes the leftists point to, the actual reason for that discrepancy is something other than “racism” — something that makes good sense once you know the facts more completely.

What else might cause someone to assert that Whites are privileged?

We’re prettier. That’s why Black males seek the favors of White women so assiduously. The rule among them is “marry White,” and if White is out of reach, then “go as light as you can.” Black women are very jealous of White women, and from that jealousy comes a lot of spite.

We’re smarter. We can do all kinds of things that the other races can’t do. Or, in the case of the Asians, probably could eventually do, but haven’t yet done.

Most of the top chess players are Whites, with Asians showing up in the Elo ratings like brown sugar on grits. The Blacks? Oh, there are Blacks who can play chess. But if you match Whites and Blacks up by their percentiles in their own race, you’ll notice that White chess players have Elo ratings 300 to 400 points higher than the Black chess players do. The best White chess grandmasters have ratings over 2800. Black chess “grandmasters” (yes, they were awarded the title) seldom have Elo ratings above 2500, which is supposed to be the minimum rating for the grandmaster title.

To the White race also goes eternal credit for all manner of important “firsts,” such as:

• Exploring the world and introducing all of its peoples to each other
• Giving to the world its first civilization based on advanced technology
• Spaceflight into Earth orbit and to the Moon
• Exploring every planet, with probes out to Pluto and beyond, into interstellar space

The White race did all these things before anyone else did, and to this day most other races haven’t done anything comparable.

We aren’t “privileged” because there isn’t anyone doing the privileging. We aren’t the darlings of an over-indulgent god. We’re better because we can do more. Because of evolution, we’re born that way. We’ve proved it time and again.

Since we can do more, we do more for ourselves, mostly. We aren’t anybody else’s slaves, and we don’t owe other races anything just because they happen to be on the same planet with us. If they want something, let them make it. If they can’t make what they want, and must buy from us, then let them pay our price or go without.

There is no such thing as “White privilege.”

By the way, even such achievements as American Blacks have attained are to some degree due to their part-White ancestry.

Blacks in the United States are, on the average, about 20% White by ancestry. It shows in their generally lighter skin tone compared to African Blacks. It also shows in the fact that the average IQ of US-resident Blacks is 85, whereas the average IQ for African Blacks is somewhere around 70 to 75.

Think about this: If US-resident Blacks were to relocate to Africa, the average IQ on both continents would rise.

The formerly “American” Blacks immigrating to Africa would be the intellectual elite there — the most talented, the smartest. They’d be trend-setters. And eventually they’d be the ruling class.

Everybody wins. Let’s start assembling the fleet.

* * *

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10 February, 2017 2:53 pm

I really need to totally destroy the Asian myth, and I will try do it with a little limerick:

Whites Create!
Asians Imitate!
Blacks Desecrate!
Jews, well they decimate!

Some Asians are smart (IQ smart) but they lack that quintessential ingredient that whites have in great abundance – true creativity combined with true industry – these qualities go beyond mere IQ. Let us not shy away from the inescapable fact that before we gave them 300 years of western science and western technology the majority of them were rice pickers. Smart rice pickers, but rice pickers nonetheless!!

13 February, 2017 12:07 pm

That why.

It will be because success and wealth is associated with white people.

Although, I have doubts, in the white race, not all women are beautiful, sometimes beauty is on the inside.

There are, however, my race (white) women who are beautiful, sensitive, intelligent, and good people; but then can’t relate, other Yes, and get marriage and many children.

Sometimes there are white, poor people, millions, and in spite of being poor, they are designated as top people.

It’s funny, it will be DNA.

14 February, 2017 5:19 pm

I urge the author of this article to read Particular Benefits by Roxanne Gay.

23 February, 2017 8:16 pm

I never bought into the Social Justice Garbage.

I do not have White Guilt, I do not buy into it, and would discourage any White person away from getting sucked into the Cultural Marxism garbage. It’s all Psyops – propaganda coming from Liberals and Communists.

Many, many WHITES have WORKED for what they have achieved, and what they have…and, unless born with a silver spoon, nothing was ‘given’ to Whites…and really that’s what makes them so special…also, they are very resourceful on many fronts.