We Demand Action

Run for your lives!

Action against dust covers, that is.

THE MIND OF THE leftist is an interesting study in the cognitive dissonance contortions and pure delusion the human intellect is capable of in defense of retaining an artificial sense of righteousness. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to our capacity to favor illusion over reality as long as it feels good and is rewarded by crumbs from the Jewish plate. Five hundred years ago it would imagine witches, heretics and devils hiding behind every tree, today it’s nonexistent “racism” and don’t forget those Knights in white satin! Yes, the cyclops soldiers and wizard leaders are clearly on the loose at our communist indoctrination centers. It’s up to pound of flesh debt victims to dream up these incidents, because we all know Whites are inherently evil monsters and we just need a little actual evidence.

An apparent student of Bowling Green State University (BGSU) has posted shocking footage showing a Ku Klux Klan meeting on the school’s premises, sparking uproar against the university.

The most tolerant, forgiving, long-suffering and generally passively suicidal race is coming to get us! Durr bee kluckers up in hee-ah!

The video, shot from afar, showed a white cloth draped over something, and the suggestion was that it was a person wearing a KKK hood.

I mean, anything is possible. Come on, use your imagination!

Plot twist: It was just a cover on a piece of lab equipment.

Meet the only member of the “Klan” who isn’t a federal informant.

On Sunday, Twitter user @autumpatrice shared a video taken by her, and saying, “There’s been an ACTIVE KKK group in Bowling Green, OH since 1922”. She also asked of University President Mary Ellen Mazey, “how does this promote diversity &a inclusion??”

LOL, look at my impressive Jew-approved “education.” I can tell you all about Ohio sheet-men, but am largely ignorant in every other area. Where is my precious “diversity” (fewer Whites) and “inclusion” (shut up and die, Whitey)?

“I forget that there is an ACTIVE KKK GROUP HERE IN BG OHIO,” the caption in the video read.


The video gathered some attention, with more than 700 retweets. One user said “Welcome to Trump’s America. About to see a lot more of this. I ain’t scared of these b****** though”.

A 80 I.Q. Negro who behaves like a character in a Little Rascals short stands up to “Trump’s America.” I ain’t fraid of nao haint! Sheeet, got to get dat up awt aw hee-ah.

Another student at BGSU, who goes by the name Ingrid Josephine on Twitter, tweeted in response to the footage: “[BGSU President Mazey] even if you don’t want to send out a phony a** email, cool, WE DEMAND ACTION! The KKK is an obvious threat to our campus.”

We demand you protect us from the black magic, root wizards and voodoo curses ruining our crops and causing Barkevious to fail to get that learn on.

Following the uproar after the university showed that there was no KKK meeting on its premises, the student who shared the video remained unapologetic. She said she won’t apologize “for exposing something serious I thought I saw.”

Nothing says “higher learning” more than refusing to absorb the most obvious lessons. The important thing is it could have happened and all muh professors say Whites are evil so I was right to have a superstitious panic that administrators were forced to take seriously because this is the world we live in.

“It’s easier to ruin a school’s reputation than it is to walk 100ft closer for a better look,” said one person to the student.

It’s easier to keep your reputation than it is to speak obvious truths.

The “college” con game.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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