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Usury Creates Government Oppression; and Where the Jews Should Go

by David Sims

ACCORDING to the Associated Press, a Pittsburgh-area father has been charged with child endangerment after his son walked to school on a Saturday — without his father’s permission or knowledge. This government overreach is one of many symptoms of Jewish usury, which I’ll show below.

BERWICK, Pa. (AP) — A man faces a child endangerment charge after his 5-year-old son walked nearly two miles to school in near-freezing temperatures — on a Saturday morning.

Forty-three-year-old Jeffrey Wagner tells the (Bloomsburg) Press Enterprise his son Mitchell woke him around 7 a.m. and said he needed to get ready for school. Wagner says he explained to his son he didn’t have school that day and told him to go back to bed. Wagner says he then fell asleep again himself.

Undeterred, Mitchell got himself ready, walked a block to the bus stop and when the bus didn’t show, set off for school.

The newspaper reports a motorist spotted him and called police, who picked up the boy.

Wagner waived a preliminary hearing Thursday and will face the charge in county court.

Jeffrey Wagner is White, and so is his son. Clearly, the ambitious little boy was motivated and wanted to go to school and put in some overtime. If this family had turned out to be Black, I might have had to rethink my racist ideology. And besides, if this were a Black family, the police probably wouldn’t have filed charges for child neglect.

It might not be obvious, but one of the contributing cases to this ridiculous arrest is the money system we use. Since 1913, America has been prey to a parasitical predator called the Federal Reserve System (FRS), which has led almost entirely by Jews in recent decades. I’ll try to explain how it works.

The FRS, in cooperation with the commercial banks which they dominate, has been running a colossal usury scam in which money comes into existence as an interest-bearing loan. Since all of the money in circulation today is just the aggregate principal of these loans, and since no extra money is available to pay the interest which is due, the public debt of the United States must necessarily increase with time — since the only way to pay the interest is for more money to be lent into circulation, increasing the debt even further.

Although it is possible for some people to clear themselves of debt by hard work or by clever trades, it’s mathematically impossible for everyone to do so. The bankers make a profit from the interest paid by those who succeed in repaying their loans, but they make a killing from those who fail to repay all the money they owe. The FRS (or its member banks) then gain possession of whatever real property or tangible items of value had been used by the losers as collateral.

As time goes by, the people of a country who must use a money system of this nature get poorer and poorer. Unemployment and homelessness rise. Taxes rise. Funding available to government agencies diminish. And now we come to my original point.

When money gets tight among government agencies, those agencies must compete with each other so that their own office does not have to forgo cost-of-living raises, funds for special projects, perks for their senior administrators, and so on. The competing agencies transform their normal duties into a nonstop exercise in grandstanding, so they can emphasize to their budgetary authority how “vital” they are, how “needed” they are, for the normalcy and good order of society. The police, for example, begin to find little excuses to swing big hammers on people, and they begin to meddle in the affairs of citizens to an extent that they did not before.

For that matter, Child Protective Services does it, too. Families are needlessly broken up while the authorities unctuously emit pious words about “regrettable necessity.” We have a lot of criminals in America, but the people who do the greatest amount of harm break no laws at all. Rather, they are paid to enforce them. Or else they are the bankers who supply, as a loan, the money that is used to pay them with.

What can we do about this? One of my friends suggested, “When we colonize Mars, we should send them there — the Madagascar Plan: Part 2.”

I favor the opposite plan. Don’t let the Jews off Earth. You can’t ship them all into space, anyway. Keep all non-Whites, including Jews, on “quarantine” Earth. Whites can eventually have the whole galaxy, thousands of planets, and not a Jew anywhere — except on Earth. For a while.

I know we have an emotional attachment to Earth, and love it, and wish Jews weren’t here, doing what they’re doing. But the point is the contagion is here already. No sense in spreading it, except perhaps to Hell.

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
4 January, 2017 7:34 am

It is quite tempting to view the Jews as agents of cosmic evil. They certainly shouldn’t be allowed to leave this planet.

James Clayton
James Clayton
7 January, 2017 6:22 am

Another excellent piece of work, Mr. Sims. Now to further explain how the subversive, private, FEDERAL RESERVE operates. Once you do this with your or a loved one’s loan, you will never view what the U.S. GOVERNMENT tolerates– make that “facilitates”– in the same way ever again. Now, go here or to a similar site; I once had this program on a floppy disk: http://www.amortizationtable.org/ Have a look at someone’s real home loan numbers; hopefully you don’t have one yourself. And notice that, anytime you make a principal pre-payment, you save the interest on that amount forever. Each month, write a separate check for your regular payment– principal plus interest– and a separate check for any principal prepayment. Make sure that principal prepayment is received by the lender BEFORE the… Read more »