Jewish Takeover of Bloomingburg, NY: They Didn’t Think the FBI Would Catch Them

Brazen election fraud and multiple crimes continue as Jewish group believes it has politicians in its pocket.

SHALOM LAMM and his partner Ken Nakdimen who is from Monsey, NY, developers of the controversial Jews-only high-density development project called “The Villages at Chestnut Ridge,” chose the Village of Bloomingburg in Sullivan County, NY not just for it’s bucolic setting — but because they realized the “small town” village government could easily be taken over by newcomers voting in an organized Jewish bloc.

The plan was to control the local government and in doing so, create Village zoning and ordinances that would turn Bloomingburg into a new and massive Hasidic community.

In early 2014, in advance of the March Village election, well over 100 “new” Hasidic people registered to vote in Sullivan County, claiming addresses in Bloomingburg connected to properties owned by Lamm.

Informed local residents brought formal challenges to these registrations before the Sullivan County Board of Elections, claiming that these “new” voters were not legal residents for voting purposes at all, but in fact, had been brought in and assigned bogus addresses by the developers to blatantly rig the election in their favor and to take over the Village. (In fact in the December 2016 indictment the accused used deceptive tactics like placing toothpaste and other props in vacant apartments.)

Based on their reading of the challenges and a subsequent investigation which included demands for proof of residency and the Sullivan County Sheriff’s onsite review of the buildings involved, the Sullivan County Board of Elections agreed with the challenges and issued three Notices of Determinations. (Read the Board of Elections’ determinations based on challenges made by residents James Cracolici, John Kahrs, and Anita Hoppe. They make for a very interesting read!)

On March 13, two days after these challenges were submitted, the FBI rolled into Bloomingburg for a massive raid. The Feds raided Shalom Lamm’s buildings (where people claimed to live) — including his offices.

FBI raids Developers Shalom Lamm’s properties in Bloomingburg:

UPDATED: FBI Raids Bloomingburg Properties Owned By Developer Shalom Lamm In Ongoing Public Corruption Investigation:…/fbi-raids-bloomingburg-p…

According to court testimony from a Sullivan County election commissioner — she heard at the polls during the March 2014 Village election, some new Hasidic voters in Bloomingburg state they didn’t know what street they lived on or what county they were in.

Two more elections followed the March 2014 election and they were both clouded by ongoing challenges to registrations claiming voter fraud. (These two elections determined 1. that the Village would not be dissolved into the Town of Mamakating and 2., put pro-Lamm elected officials into office).

Finally, and to the great relief and satisfaction of the citizens of Mamakating, Bloomingburg and Sullivan County, on December 15, 2016, federal agents arrested Shalom Lamm; his business partner, Kenneth Nakdimen, and a young Satmar man named Volvy “Zev” Smilowitz.

Prosecutors with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York indicted the men on charges of conspiring to corrupt the electoral process. (See below for the press release issued by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.)

Three Real Estate Developers Charged In White Plains Federal Court With Conspiracy To Corrupt The Electoral Process In Bloomingburg, New York:…/three-real-estate-developers-char…

It also should be noted, that after having reported on the “cultural clash” between the residents of Bloomingburg and the Hasidic newcomers, with little or no interest in the allegations of ongoing corruption and voter fraud, the New York Times pulled out of Bloomingburg and never even reported on the 2014 FBI raid. Never mind that the raid and ongoing saga was reported nationally by many other news outlets. The Times simply refused to cover the story. Now why is that?

It seems Shalom Lamm didn’t think his plan could fail — or maybe as suggested by the three citizen challengers, he wouldn’t have assigned multiple individuals and families to the same addresses and not even bother to assign them apartment or room numbers! Or he wouldn’t have asked people to claim an address in a building he didn’t even own yet! Or he would not have had his own children who were living and working in Israel at the time, register to vote in Bloomingburg.

And as Preet Bharara says: “stay tuned” for possibly more details on the voter fraud from 2014 and more indictments in Bloomingburg, a tiny, tiny village in New York State!

The Plot Thickens

The jump from 396 to 5,000 houses planned for the Bloomingburg Hasidic community: What Lamm’s private emails and documents revealed about his secret development plans despite what he was saying publicly…

In secret documents released as part of a lawsuit brought by Shalom Lamm, the developers were exposed in stunning fashion as, among other things, having two sets of plans — one set for the Planning Board to win approval and the other, the real plans, referred to by Nakdimen as the “Yiddishe” plans — for what they intended to actually build.

Additionally, in the emails, those in Mamakating and Bloomingburg opposed to the development, are referred to as the “goyishe enemy.”

See link below for an article and also the attached .jpgs of the emails. These are a must read!

5,000 homes planned for Bloomingburg Hasidic community:…/5000-homes-planned-for-bloomi…

What’s next? Do the people of Bloomingburg and Mamakating get their Village back? What does the developer’s arrest mean for the future of Hasidic Bloomingburg?

Editorial: Lots to do and re-do in Bloomingburg mess:…/editorial-lots-to-do-and-re-d…

What Does Developer’s Arrest Mean for the Future of Hasidic Bloomingburg?:…/what-does-developers-arrest-mean-for-…/

Editorial: Bloomingburg secrecy needs state attention:

Stay tuned!

* * *

Source: The Monte Scoop

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Old Sarge
Old Sarge
29 January, 2017 2:43 am

Bless you young kids! Keep exposing and crapping on the kikes!!! I never thought I would live to see this day. You make me feel 20 years younger. Maybe I will live long enough to see the revolution and provide some tools and expendable hardware…

Damn you make me proud! Old Sarge

29 January, 2017 6:40 pm

Thank you for reporting this, even though I feel like I need a shower after reading the article. These people are absolutely bereft of even a shred of personal integrity. Having your kids, who live in Israel, register as fake voters in that small New York town just tops it all off. Please keep us updated! THIS is why small town folks need to understand they’re not safe just because they live in rural areas. Your village/small city council, mayor’s office, county commissioner panel and even your local school board could be taken over in the same way, and many have. This is why local people with a long history in the community, and especially parents in the case of the school board, need to run for and place themselves… Read more »

29 January, 2017 7:35 pm

Just read the DOJ press release dated Dec. 15, 2016 on this case. It states:

The case is assigned to United States District Judge Cathy Seibel.


14 October, 2020 8:33 pm

That’s the only thing I give Obama credit for. He wasn’t afraid to prosecute Jews.