Germans Demand: Genocidal Merkel Must Go

PROTESTERS have taken to the streets of Brussels to demand beleaguered Angela Merkel step down as German Chancellor just before she receives an honorary award.

Angry campaigners held placards with slogans reading “Merkel not welcomed” and “Merkel must go” following a spate of terror attacks against Germany.

It comes just before Mrs Merkel is handed a honorary doctorate from Belgian KU Leuven and UGent universites in Brussels.

A demonstrator holds a placard reading ‘Stop Stasi Merkel’s Genocide of Europe’ during a protest

She was chosen for “her diplomatic and political efforts to boost Europe’s political strength, and to defend the values which allow the continent to find unity in diversity”.

The beleagured leader has increasingly come under fire for her ill-fated refugee policy which has seen more than a million migrants enter Germany in the past year.

Her grip on power is growing ever weaker, with rebellion across the country against her controversial immigration policies.Furious activists also held posters emblazoned with the face of Angela Merkel and the message: “Terror Berlin 19-12-2016 GUILTY”.

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist Anis Amri ploughed a HGV lorry into Berlin Christmas market revellers, killing 12 and injuring 48 others.

Angela Merkel has faced a backlash following a spate of terror attacks

German authorities failed to deport Berlin terror attack suspect Amri, 24, a Tunisian asylum-seeker, because he had no valid identity papers. He was shot dead by police on the streets of Milan.

The extremist was able to flee to Italy just four days after the gruesome massacre, prompting harsh criticism over Europe’s controversial free movement zone.

Mrs Merkel sought to quash fears that Germany is no longer capable of protecting its own people by promising to crush terrorism and increase the number of deportations of dangerous extremists.

This is not the first time protesters have taken to the streets to call for the German leader to step down.

Campaigners shouted “Merkel must go” during a protest in Dresden as Mrs Merkel arrived to celebrate German Unity Day.

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Source: Express

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Nick Schulz
Nick Schulz
9 March, 2017 4:27 pm

merkel needs to be hanged, as nothing else is more justified, in such a circumstance. This is not everyday treason. THIS IS AN OBJECTIVE GENOCIDE, HAPPENING THROUGH MUCH OF EUROPE, ALL STARTED BY MERKEL. If she is not hanged, by the German military, or there is no NEW NEUREMBERG TRIALS or something of this sort, within the next 5 years, then all is lost and WW2 would be childs play, compared to the GENOCIDE OF THE EUROPEAN PEOPLE, by their CORRUPT ‘LEADER’ ELITES. Genocide, indoctrination, ANTI-WHITE PROPAGANDA, RACE MIXING PROPAGANDA , being outbred TO EXTINCTION. Yes, war crimes of this nature deserve harsh punishment. And ITS NOT JUST MERKEL . There is Schultz and the current French PM who BLATANTLY ADVOCATES GENOCIDE OF HIS OWN PEOPLE! ‘If we do not… Read more »

24 March, 2021 12:54 am

Nur zur Information

Der radikale Widerstand in Deutschland ruft zum Volksaufstand auf. Angela Merkel will in wenigen Tagen alle Supermärkte schließen lassen, um die Menschen in Deutschland vor Infektionen zu schützen.

Ein Kommentator: “Merkel befiehlt die Hungerkatastrophe.” Ende des Zitates.

Wie dem auch sei: Unser Leben wird schwerer werden.

Zum geplanten Volksaufstand

Ich werde mich natürlich an ihm beteiligen, aber ich glaube nicht, dass der Aufstand effektiv sein wird – zwei Gründe:

  1. Nur ein Teil der Deutschen ist in einem revolutionären Modus.
  2. Der Widerstand bettelt um die virale Verbreitung seiner Botschaften im Internet.

Zu zweiten Punkt: Wir besitzen einfach keine Macht über die Massenmedien.