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Daubing Swastikas: An Honored Jewish Tradition

Having fun

by Revilo P. Oliver

EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE a Jew in some community in this country has a romp. He paints a swastika on the side of his barn or his store or his house or a synagogue and then yells for the local press. A photographer rushes out and poses a couple beside the horrid swastika — usually a porcine Jewess with a male shrimp or a balloon-shaped male with a cadaverous female — and they try to look woebegone and to tremble with fear lest the terrible Nazis return at any minute and stuff them into the awful gas-chambers that weren’t at Auschwitz.

The local editor has a conniption fit, beating his breast and tearing his hair because Americans aren’t so full of love that they kill “racists” on sight. All the local holy men vie with each other as they foam at the mouth, exhort, and howl for blood. Local chambers of commerce and “service clubs” advertise themselves with irate and silly resolutions. Scores of dumb bunnies apologize for the existence of their sinful race and parade their tender hearts, bleeding for the oppressed Children of God. And the Jews exercise self-control to avoid snickering in public.

In the November issue of Spearhead, a correspondent quotes from a book by one Michael Friedland entitled Sophie. It is a biography of a Kikess named Sophie Tucker, whose obscene contortions and ditties earned her the title of “Red Hot Mama” in the 1930s as she did her part in carrying out her race’s policy: First defile, and then destroy. According to Friedland:

There were problems of another sort in the East End music halls. The Fascist threat was growing, and Sophie’s own Jewish people, perhaps still her loyalest audience of all, were all showing great anxiety. Sir Oswald Mosley threatened to become the British Hitler and was growing politically fat on a diet of Jew-baiting. Sophie sensed the mood of the folks about whom she sang in one of her hit songs of the year, ‘My People,’ and decided to turn the air of fear into a publicity stunt.

She hired — with great coverage of the results in the British press — a gang of youths to throw stones at her but making very sure they would all miss. She then revealed that she had been attacked by members of the British Union of Fascists.

It’s an old tribal custom. I’ll bet that when the predators first infiltrated Canaan and began agitating for godliness and “social justice” to incite the stupid Semites to fight each other, they painted the Canaanite symbol on their shops and then bawled and snivelled about how persecuted they were.

Jewish entertainer “Sophie Tucker”

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, March 1988

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
1 February, 2017 1:49 am

A large part of Jewish historiography might be regarded as hate crime hoaxes, performed with ink rather than spraypaint. (The German proverb, “he lies like print,” is eminently applicable to the Jews, who are both “the people of the book” and “the masters of the lie.”) I’m thinking mostly of the “Holocaust,” but also of more discrete hoaxes, such as Leonard Dinnerstein’s utterly mendacious claim that during the trial of Leo Frank, the Jew who raped and murdered Mary Phagan, mobs of anti-Semitic Southerners outside the courtroom bayed for Frank’s blood and threatened to lynch jurors who did not vote for Frank’s execution. These mobs weren’t noticed by any of the many journalists reporting on the trial, or by any other contemporary observers and commentators, or by the judge presiding… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Collins
1 February, 2017 12:19 pm

It is Jews we are talking about here – whose age-old motto seems to be, “Why let the Truth stand in the way of a cleverly constructed tissue of Jew lies”. This is a skill that Jews have been finely crafting over the ages – and Jews really do hate for Truth to get in the way of their finely-honed creative skills.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
1 February, 2017 2:08 am

What happened to the grave of Ignatz Bubis is both strange and amusing: “Ignatz Bubis, the veteran leader of Germany’s Jewish community who died in Frankfurt on Friday, asked to be buried in Israel for fear that his grave might be desecrated by neo-Nazis. His wish was fulfilled in Tel Aviv on Sunday — and black paint was immediately sprayed on his grave by an Israeli, who claimed to be defending Jewish honour. “A spokesman for the German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroder, called the incident in Israel ‘an irony of history.’ “Meir Mendelssohn, a 52-year-old Tel Aviv artist whose parents fled Germany when the Nazis came to power in 1933, acknowledged yesterday that he was responsible. He said Mr Bubis was a ‘bad man’ who had exploited Germany’s sense of guilt… Read more »

1 June, 2019 6:38 pm

Evil Narzies would not adorn Jewish stuff with a Swastika. They would adorn that stuff with a Jewish symbol!

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  Truthweed
29 September, 2021 11:31 am

that’s what the Jew-mesmerized masses still don’t understand ….some 80 years later .

The Germans never wanted anything to do with these debased , cringe Jews !
All they wanted was for these insects to be the F..k out of their country !

They certainly did not want their filthy verminous blood on their hands.