Chicago: Sickening Torture of Mentally Disabled White Man by Blacks

This is the future of your children — your elderly parents — and yourself — if we do not retake possession of our country and our destiny.

FOUR BLACKS are in custody for streaming a video on Facebook live that showed the gruesome torture of a White man with special needs.

CBS Chicago reports that the victim was taken hostage by four Blacks on Tuesday, who brought him, bound and gagged, to an apartment in Chicago’s West Side.

The foursome, two men and two women, had been drinking and smoking marijuana, and can be heard in the video yelling “F*ck Trump, f*ck white people.” The two men used a knife to cut through their hostage’s clothes, and used the same weapon to cut his hair and scalp, causing it to bleed.

The bound, gagged victim had burning hot cigarette ash dropped directly onto his wounds by the Blacks and was repeatedly hit, kicked, and threatened — while the entire ordeal was gleefully streamed on social media.

Cops found the traumatized man wandering the streets later that day, linked his case to a reported battery at a nearby residence, and eventually to the disturbing video.

No charges have been filed thus far, as police continue to investigate the case.

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Source: Tomo News

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James Clayton
James Clayton
7 January, 2017 11:12 am

According to

The judge refused to set bail for the four.

The AP writer couldn’t have passed freshman English:

“Prosecutors offered new details of the assault, explaining that one of the suspects demanded $300 from the mother of the victim, who is schizophrenic and has attention-deficit disorder.”

(The victim or the mother?)