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Will There Be a USS Liberty Memorial in 2017?

50th anniversary of Israeli attack on US ship will be here in a mere six months

by David Sims

TWENTY YEARS ago, there was a push to get a memorial to the USS Liberty going, and the federal government said no. I was personally told that the “custom was” to recognize a significant event of this kind on the 50th anniversary — not the 30th. I suspected, then, that the matter was only being brushed away with an excuse, a typical kind of government lie. We’ll see soon, won’t we?

The 50-year memorial day to Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty will be on 8 June 2017, which is only six months away. That’s when we will see whether Donald Trump is even a little bit loyal to his own country.

There for a little while during 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson was wetting his pants with fear that he was going to have to take America’s side and oppose Israel on account of Israel’s unprovoked act of war against the United States. It’s a good thing Israel came up with a quick set of lies, so that Johnson would have something to pretend to believe.

Since then, it’s become the pattern by which Israel evades responsibility for the harm it does to the United States or to US interests. In 2003, after the Israeli Army murdered Rachel Corrie by running her over with a bulldozer (twice), Israel came up with a quick set of lies so that President George W. Bush would have something to pretend to believe.

Will Trump be different? We’ll see.

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Neal Hurwitz
Neal Hurwitz
4 April, 2018 7:05 pm

Rachel Corrie was an accident.