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While We Are Still Free


by David Sims

I WANT to discuss something important — while I still can.

A bill currently in Congress will become the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” if it is passed into law. It is unconstitutional in a lot of ways, but that won’t stop it from passing.

The bill would criminalize calling for, aiding, or justifying the harming of Jews. But calling for and aiding the harming of anyone is already illegal, and justifying the harming of someone might be a valid thing to do.

If a serial killer is executed, someone might properly justify his death.

Likewise, if a Jew is punished because he did something bad, like commit fraud, or treason, or usury, or perjury, or pedophilia, then it is perfectly correct to justify the harm that the punishment does him.

If this law changes the legal right to free speech in any way, then it will violate the First Amendment. So there either is no point to having this law, or else the law itself is unconstitutional. Most likely, it will be the latter, and the US Supreme Court justices will either strike it down, as they should promptly do, or else they will betray their country (again) by letting it stand.

The enactment of this bill would give the Jews grounds to initiate prosecutions and lawsuits that would presently be called groundless and nuisances. It would put the burden of proving the legality of speech on the speaker, which might cost the speaker money that he does not have. Without copious supplies of money to pay attorneys, he would be defenseless.

Even if you are technically within your rights to say what you said, you can either face punishment or lose your rights because you can’t scrape together the money to prove that you were in the clear. That’s how the Jews operate.

“Anti-Semitism” is something that Jewish bad behavior provokes into existence. It’s why the Jews, and only the Jews, have been tossed out of 109 countries. When you hear someone discussing anti-Semitism, you should think about it like this:

Suppose that one person in a room had gained the enmity of the 99 other people in the same room. However, he did not acquire this villain status by any single act, seen simultaneously by all. No. Rather, each of those 99 persons has his own experiences and his own reasons, and has made an independent judgment of the character of the odious one. The vilified person, perceiving himself a threatened minority, tries to set the blame upon the majority.

Someone outside the room opens the door and asks “Who is to blame for all the acrimony in here?” Immediately, 99 people point a finger at the villain, while the villain at the same time tries to indicate all of the 99 with his one finger.

Who should be believed?

That’s the correct way to analyze anti-Semitism in speech, where anti-Semitic statements are at least as likely to be true as false.

Where aggressive anti-Semitism is concerned, many of the so-called anti-Semitic and “racist” events on college campuses are carried out by leftist or Jewish students as hoaxes.

One such was the series of swastikas drawn on doors and walls at George Washington University by Jewish student Sarah Marshak (a journalism major). Before Marshak was caught drawing the swastikas herself, the FBI was called in to investigate — Jews often get the benefit of favorable official treatment — and a wrongly accused male student was expelled.

After Marshak was caught, a conspicuous double standard became apparent: There was a sudden loss of interest by the media, by the FBI, and by campus Hillel director Robert Fishman, when the real culprit turned out to be a Jewess.

Another example was that of a Jewish professor, Kerri Dunn, who on 9 March 2004 at Claremont McKenna College, while on an “anti-racism” lecture tour, vandalized her own car and blamed it on “racists.”

The only reason Congress is even considering the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act is that they are beholden to Jewish bankers and to Jewish lobbies for campaign funds for re-election, and they are afraid of bad treatment by the Jewish-controlled mass media. That’s why the Jews have such disproportionately great leverage over our law-makers. That’s why they get what they want, at our expense. That’s why they win and we lose. And, together with the usury that afflicts our money system, it’s also why “anti-Semitism” happens in our country.

* * *

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
6 December, 2016 9:16 am

Nice illustration. I have previously noted and thought it fitting that “anti-Semitism” and “antiseptic” are listed next to each other in the dictionary. Speaking of dictionaries, I remember consulting an old edition of the Collins English Dictionary concerning the difference between “practice” and “practise,” and being surprised by the example used with this definition: “to do (something) habitually or frequently: they practise ritual murder.” If a Jew read that, he would probably shriek about the “blood libel.”

6 December, 2016 7:34 pm

Universities should not succumb to zio-pressure from zio extremists to stifle free speech in order to zio-protect israheil from criticism for zio-war crimes, zio-mass killings, zio-torture–even of children and many, many other crimes.

How dare these zio crazies try to make criticism of israheil and its political ideology a crime, an offense or an administrative violation. Imagine if chinese students and interests tried to get students expelled from university for criticizing various policies of the chinese government or their ideological platform.

long live free speech. down with the zio extremists.

These zio extremists should be soundly and publicly condemned for
trying to zio-subvert the free speech rights of University students.

7 December, 2016 8:25 pm

Thank you for this vigilance and news. I only currently learned from another source . It is called S-10. I wrote an E-Mail to my senator and made known to her my disapproval and the exception that it was unanimous.
Next I wrote the representative of my district .My grievance was not personal nor selfish ( a cry in the desert) and because there are already over 500 lawyers conspiring against law should it also be necessarily redundant.
I made the naïve motion to beseech his good will to acknowledge the unlawfulness of such invasive and arrogant discrimination for this tribe of Judah. Were there law this is treason. But there is no law.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
8 December, 2016 2:33 pm

A famous Jew once said, “Give me access to money, and I
care not who makes the laws.”

8 December, 2016 6:59 pm

Well stated. I’ll write to you while you’re in prison.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
9 December, 2016 4:28 pm

How do you know it is not a capital offense? You
would not want to waste postage writing to a dead
man now, would you?