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Understanding the “Holocaust”

by David Sims

THE HOLOCAUST story is about 90% propaganda. As far as morality is concerned, Adolf Hitler lost a war, not a debate. To the (very small) extent that National Socialism received a fair test, it did rather well. But the test was not permitted to continue long enough for anyone to be certain about its quality as a system of government or as a way of organizing a society long-term because it was forcibly brought to an end from the outside.

The Holocaust story received its initial and largest embellishment (“six million Jews died in gas chambers”) in Soviet propaganda written by the Jewish Soviet propagandist, Ilya Ehrenberg, and published on 22 December 1944. It was quickly echoed by Jewish groups throughout Europe and America. The claims were never checked during the war itself, and after the war it was supported by fraud (a fake gas chamber was built by the Soviet Army, and Soviet military officers introduced fabricated evidence during the Nuremberg trials) and by false testimony (any Jew who claims to have seen smoke or ash come out of an Auschwitz crematorium chimney, etc.).

The best sources to check, if you want to understand how many people died at Auschwitz (for example) during the Second World War are:

1. The fatality records kept by the International Red Cross

2. The Auschwitz official records published by Soviet President Gorbachev, who released them from the Soviet Union’s historical archives

Those two sources agree that the number of people who died at Auschwitz is around 70,000. Not four million. Not 1.5 million. But only 70,000. And most of those died during an epidemic of typhus — which is the disease that Zyklon B (a pesticide) was meant to prevent.

“Shoah business” has become an industry whereby Jews defraud European nations of money earned by their tax-paying, Gentile citizens. There are even some Jews who will, or who once did, tell you that the Holocaust was not entirely (or even mostly) true.

Still, expressing reservations about the Holocaust story is a good way for an academic to lose his job, isn’t it? Disbelieve: lose your job. Lose your house. Lose your reputation. Lose the good will of your fellow man. Why would anything true need to be supported by threats such as these?

The Holocaust is mostly a hoax invented for several reasons: (1) to give the Jews leverage for scamming, (2) to give the Jews victim status and some immunity from criticism, and (3) to give the nation-states on the Allies’ side something to talk about other than their own actual war crimes, or to make the Germans seem to have been “even worse.”

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James Clayton
James Clayton
9 December, 2016 6:54 am

Advanced societies don’t just die; they either wither from within, or, like South Africa, are finished off by other western societies. -Ilana Mercer, “Into the cannibal’s pot…” https://www.amazon.com/Into-Cannibals-Pot-Lessons-Post-Apartheid/dp/0984907017