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Understanding Our Struggle As White Men and Women

by H. Millard

IT IS FAIRLY COMMON to hear awakened Whites say that we must survive as Whites. I often say that myself. But what does it mean for us to “survive as Whites”? Is it just the person we see in the mirror who must survive this life until he or she dies a natural death? Is that all there is — just you and me struggling to survive until we die? No, that’s not what it’s all about, but it is part of it.

The deeper struggle we are in is an eternal one that is inherent in existence itself and in which all organisms are involved, after their own kind.

The struggle all organisms — including humans — are in is to become the only kind of their kind, and to dominate the niches in which they live, and to evolve ever higher.

In this struggle, the greatest enemy of the survival of any distinct kind often comes from similar yet different kinds that can change the DNA code of the distinct kind to their own different DNA code by mating with the distinct kind and thus essentially absorbing the distinct kind and making it extinct via their now-impure offspring who carry about half the genes of the different parent instead of all the genes of the distinct kind. I call this bedroom genocide. This struggle is automatic, and most are not conscious of the struggle — and do nothing consciously to win the struggle.

Translation of the above paragraph: Whites are being wiped out by non-Whites and we Whites are now finding ourselves in a struggle for our very existence like never before.

By having our once-pure White lands flooded with non-Whites, as is going on now, the bedroom genocide increases and the White population starts turning non-White. This is genocide. This is evil.

To survive, we Whites need to become acutely and constantly conscious of the struggle and we need to make the right decisions for our survival or we may go extinct with hardly a murmur, as we are outnumbered by other kinds who often have dominant genes that can replace our recessive genes with theirs.

Nobel Prize winner Francis Crick, who helped discover the basic shape of DNA, put the struggle in these terms:

Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection.

While Crick correctly calls this natural selection, I often, also correctly, call it the eternal gene wars.

There is apparently some confusion about dominant vs. recessive genes. “Dominant genes” simply means genes that only require one copy to be expressed, while recessive genes require two copies — one from each parent — to be expressed. In a case of racial mixing, it is usually the non-White characteristics that are dominant. So, for example, when evil miscegenation occurs between a Black and a White, any offspring will not be White, even if some look White. This is so because the children will carry half of the genes of the Black. It takes two Whites to produce a White child. There is no other way.

A slight aside here: As I’ve written before, Jews often say that they are “chosen.” Traditionally, the way one becomes a Jew is to be born of a Jewish  mother no matter the race of the father. So to Jews, “chosenness” requires a genetic link (even though many modernist Jews try to deny it lest they be called “racists” and supremacists). By contrast, some of us Whites believe that Whites aren’t chosen — but are selected, and that word “selected” can be taken either as divinely selected or naturally selected; and being selected trumps being chosen because it takes two White parents — both a White mother and a White father — to produce a new White child, not simply one parent — a Jewish mother — as with Jews. So, one can say that to be White requires a higher level of genetic purity and one can say that this is required by God.

I hasten to add to the above paragraph about the selectedness that many of us maintain, that this does not make us “better” than other peoples. It just means that we are different and with a different path — and that our selectedness puts additional burdens and requirements on us that other peoples don’t have.

How do we win the gene wars and survive?

We win first by understanding the nature of the gene wars, as I’ve outlined above, and acting accordingly. Then we must choose wisely and ask of everything: Is this good for Whites? Next, we must separate and isolate ourselves from other kinds as much as possible, even if it must be done “in place,” to avoid gene flow with them. And we must start having very large pure White families again. Of course, it would be ideal to have our own pure White nation — but put this in the dream column because of the practical difficulties involved in our present Dark Age; still, all-White small colonies within our present nations are possibilities and some of our White kind are doing this now.

Stay White, my friends, in all possible ways. Mind your own White business and do not interfere in the business of non-Whites and remain indifferent to them. We have our path and they have theirs. We are not here to help them win the gene wars against us. They are not our responsibility as we are not theirs. We are not their parents or their protectors or helpers. We are here for our own kind only as they are here for their kind only. Stay White; it is how we will survive and thrive and live happy, fulfilled, and purposeful lives as the good, ethical, moral, just, compassionate, free, and kind people that we are. The world is made better by our very presence and the more of us there are, the better is the world.

* * *

©2016 H. Millard

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1 Comment

  1. Bell1
    December 17, 2016 at 12:20 am — Reply

    Well said. It makes a world of difference to be “self-chosen” as opposed to “naturally selected” for a particular position in the natural order of things. While the former depends on convincing others of your alleged leading position in nature by constantly reminding them of it, the latter requires no such sales pitch because natural leadership, excellence and elevation are self-evident in the collective group’s actions and achievements.

    To the last paragraph, I would also add:

    1. Support White businesses in your area. If the combined effort is strong enough, foreign run establishments will eventually move elsewhere.

    2. STOP going to the movies and GET RID of television. Yes, you CAN do it. Stop padding the pockets of those who hate us with hundreds of millions of dollars that are then used to create propaganda that promotes race-mixing, cultural appropriation of White heritage, historical distortion, and a host of other memes invented to destroy our very existence. At the same time, by NOT being exposed to non-stop multi-culti images in films, TV shows, advertising and magazines, you detox from the subconscious idea that the U.S. is a nation of “immigrants” and normalize the recognition of and preference for your own in-group.

    3. Create a White culture for your children at home with the DVDs you choose to watch and music you listen to. Dump the R&B, rap and booty-shaking pop music. Elevate your tastes and be sure to expose your children to historically accurate films and documentaries and classic English and American literature. Lord knows they’re not getting it at school. Share with children the innumerable accomplishments of Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Brits and so on throughout history. Make them aware and proud of their towering heritage and ancestry across the ages.

    4. Investigate your family tree. Knowing more about the struggles, accomplishments and origins of your forebears really provides a sense of belonging to something much greater than yourself and your immediate needs. It offers a deep sense of kinship and pride that should be shared with your children and extended family members.

    5. Get to know your White neighbors. Most people don’t know any of their neighbors, regardless of who they are. Start creating a sense of White community right where you live. Strengthen trust and social bonding among yourselves. These relationships will prove invaluable as time goes on.

    6. Ignore what other groups are doing and refuse to allow yourself to be tricked into knee jerk reactions. Remember, making choices that are FOR your people doesn’t mean you have to be AGAINST anyone else. Just shift your focus and be indifferent to all else.

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