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Science, Homosexuality, and the Imposition of Falsehood

Jeffrey Satinover

Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth by Jeffrey Satinover

reviewed by David Sims

MARXISM TAKES many forms and uses many tools, and it has been at war with truth since its beginning. Whole professions which were once based on the scientific method have fallen to become tools of Marxist propagandists — including anthropology, psychology, the medical field of psychiatry, and certain areas within biology and history. What is taught in our schools in the affected disciplines isn’t truth, but Marxist propaganda. Various politically organized groups, some of which are nearly coterminous with particular demographic groups, have found the propaganda useful: e.g. feminists, Zionists, homosexuals, and others.

Marxism isn’t the only source of truth-replacement, of course. Another is Creationism, which seeks to replace a great deal of physics, astrophysics, biology, and cosmology with a literal interpretation of the Bible. But what the Creationists have been able to do to subvert the curricula of Western schools is tiny in relation to the much broader success of corruption sown by the Marxists.

Detailing the many ways in which academia can no longer be trusted to convey truth to the layman is beyond the scope of this review. Here, it is sufficient to say that Jeffrey Satinover has done the world a service by exposing the way that homosexuals, organized for the purpose, subverted the profession of psychiatry.

In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) struck homosexuality off the list of recognized mental disorders, thereby overturning decades of medical scientific research on the subject. What new data prompted this change of classification for homosexuality? None.

Instead, the change resulted after homosexuals infiltrated the profession’s major institution within the United States: the American Psychiatric Association. Having acquired degrees and licenses for themselves, the homosexuals began sabotaging conferences and sometimes threatening other professionals, who weren’t prepared to cope with the subverters’ Marxist tactics. The mental doctors, not well-equipped to resist this assault, caved in to political pressure, and as the direct result the APA changed its official position on the classification of homosexuality.

In other words, the change had nothing to do with science. It wasn’t the result of scientific research bringing forth new and persuasive evidence. It was, rather, purely motivated by politics. Which means that, scientifically, homosexuality remains a mental disorder, and what the APA says about it now is unreliable.

Leftists are infamous for demanding proofs with mathematical and quantum mechanical rigor that some behavior they favor is harmful, knowing that no such proof exists. But you don’t have to know, in great detail, why something is harmful in order to know that it is, indeed, harmful. For example, you know when a substance is poisonous long before you know quite how the active ingredient carries out its deadly effects.

It is the same with homosexuality. On the surface, it seems to favor the virtue of freedom to let people do whatever they want to do, consensually and in private, and it seems to favor the virtue of justice to allow homosexuals to marry and to hold public office.

But in any proper moral system, the highest value is the survival of the practitioner group. Not justice. Not freedom. Survival.

If there’s any evidence that tolerating homosexuality jeopardizes the survival of the nation, then the nation’s laws should (morally speaking) be intolerant of homosexuality. When the laws harm the nation’s survival prospects, then those laws are immoral, no matter how much they seem to promote lesser values such as justice or freedom.

Dead peoples can’t appreciate anything whatever. Freedom has no value to the dead. Neither does justice. That’s why survival must, forever, come first. That’s why laws that seem fair can have foul consequences.

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