Reversing America’s Decline

WE HAVE BEGUN the long road back by rejecting the false Jewish song of globalism and cremating the remains of the U.S.S.A. The victories seem almost unbelievable when one considers just how defeated and disorganized the White resistance was just a few years ago. The future is unwritten and what seems inevitable can quickly change, this is the lesson. Our reward for the recent success of Nationalist sanity is more hard work, more name-calling, more being vilified by our Jewish enemy and their useful idiots and more bitter toil that will earn few rewards in this life. First we must restore our race spiritually, then we must reverse the silent disaster of White genocide. The time to start a family is right now.

More white Americans are now dying than being born in a third of U.S. states, according to a study released Tuesday, which shows white deaths outpacing births in a record 17 states stretching from California to Maine.

We were told it was good that we were dying, that a “color-blind” paradise awaits once the American White becomes a powerless and despised minority. It was all a lie. They hate us and want us dead. The murder of our people has been wrapped in idealistic moral platitudes or finger-waving kosher guilt trips, but the evil intentions have remained constant. We are in a war for our survival. Every White child born is the ultimate act of defiance toward the rat-faced swindler and the s**t-colored biological weapons it has deployed against us.

The declines, exacerbated by the Great Recession, are largely driven by an aging white population, fewer women of childbearing age, and lower fertility rates overall, according to researchers.

Gelded Whites slouching toward the grave, gray pony-tailed hippies being tossed on history’s ash heap. The Jew thought we were defeated. They were already declaring victory. We’re going to prove them wrong. Again.

“The white population isn’t replacing itself,” says Ken Johnson, a University of New Hampshire demographer and co-author of the study. “That accelerates the growing diversity of the American population.”

Having more dark hair, dark eyes and skin the color of a bowel movement somehow equals “diversity.” Another lie from the children of the devil. All it ever meant was fewer Whites in everything and then our eventual total annihilation. It’s not going to happen, Jew.

Previous studies have shown that more white Americans, particularly middle-aged men, are dying from opioid abuse, suicide and problems associated with obesity in recent years.

This is why the spiritual rebirth must come before the physical one.

The study mirrors projections by the U.S. Census Bureau that the country’s white population will start to decline in absolute numbers by 2025. Minority populations, particularly Latinos, continue to grow thanks to higher fertility rates, and the Census projects that the U.S. will be majority-minority around the mid-2040s.

They have to go back. We’re not going to keep sleeping while we are dispossessed in our own homeland any more. Build the wall, cut off the preferences for bastard broods, begin the mass deportations. First turn off the overflowing sink, then we’ll start mopping the floor around it.

“The future of the growth in this country has to do with racial minorities,” says William Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution. “If we didn’t have minorities in this country, we would be like Japan, which is very old and has a declining labor force and declining population.”

The last thing we’d ever want is to be a homogeneous society like Japan, am I right?

The move toward a majority-minority nation isn’t likely to reverse itself, Johnson says, adding that several more states, including Vermont, South Carolina, Oregon and Tennessee, could soon see natural decreases in white population in the next few years.

Yeah. It sure is strange how a lot of events that weren’t likely end up happening anyway.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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