Reddit CEO Goes on Censorship Rampage


You must now “certify” that you are over 18 to access pro-White comments on Reddit, and it seems all pro-White or even mildly nationalist posts are now flagged as “NSFW.” Expect more — far more — censorship to come.

CENSORSHIP-HAPPY Reddit CEO Steve Huffman vowed to crack down on “toxic users” and “poorly behaving communities” today as a compliant right-wing subreddit protested for being threatened with “quarantine” by Reddit for “hate speech”, even though Reddit admins refused to define or give examples of it, as GotNews exclusively reported.

Huffman bizarrely vowed to continue his censorship rampage after admitting he had “f***ed up” in abusing his power as CEO to secretly edit site content that was critical of him and his political views:


His vow comes two days after a right-wing subreddit in compliance with Reddit’s rules was threatened by Reddit administrator Chtorrr with “quarantine” over “hate speech.”

The administrator refused to define “hate speech” or give any examples of it in the subreddit. The phrase “hate speech” does not appear a single time in either Reddit’s content policy or user agreement.

The threatened subreddit, r/altright, was in protest against Reddit’s “undefined demands” today:


Screenshots provided to GotNews today show that Reddit admins deleted a comment on the subreddit which showed the personal information of a criminal migrant in Sweden who stabbed a woman in the face for “refusing sex”:



The subreddit is still up as of publishing time, but that may not last much longer.

It is unclear why Reddit administrators are so intensely focused with compliant right-wing subreddits like r/altright, but allow explicitly illegal subreddits like r/stealing or r/shoplifting, wherein users regularly post proof of their crimes and confidential information regarding security practices, according to a person familiar with the site. …

It is also unclear why CEO Steve Huffman is admitting he “f***ed up” by secretly editing Reddit posts, but thinks the solution is more censorship, rather than a resignation and sincere apology. …

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Source: read the full article at GotNews

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A Swedish Man
A Swedish Man
2 December, 2016 8:27 am

The case with the arab (?) who sliced a young woman’s (girl really, she was 17) face is symptomatic for the problems in Sweden. First he claimed to be 16, which would mean that he could not receive more than a slap on the wrist by the legal system. However there were two other identities found by the police, where he claimed to be both 28 and 30 years old. At the district court in the Södertörn region of Stockholm they treated him as a child, sentenced him to so called “youth care” and declined the prosecutor’s request to deport him. Now Södertörn is notorious in Sweden for being the most cultural Marxist place in the country so that is not much of a surprise. The court of appeal treated… Read more »

4 December, 2016 9:53 am

Jew Tube has the same policy. If you get a link to a White Nationalist site, you must fill in the disclaimer….. Oy Vey…. Da kikes and their shabbez goy are tightening the thumbscrews……

Bit Tube welcomes any white nationalist material.