More Must Be Done

THE NEGRO will begin approximating civilized human behavior tomorrow. The may-hee-can invader should start disbanding those drug cartels, learning English and embracing conservative values at some near but always just out of reach moment. The jobs aren’t coming back, but “folks” can take solace that new, better ones should magically spring up out of the frozen soil if you just believe hard enough. Our descent into the Third World is impressive, but much more needs to be done. Just ask the mulatto sodomite that somehow was elected by Whites twice. The continuing crisis continues, but the hope and change are just around the corner. Keep groveling, keep bleeding and dying and keep your mouth shut. A blind, deaf and dumb tar-colored hell will be your reward and we might even call you slightly fewer names.

America is still struggling to overcome its “legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, colonialism, and racism,” President Obama told Comedy Central Monday night.

Everything wrong with the U.S.S.A. in a single incredible sentence. The magic Kenyan sodomite appears on the Jewish hee-haw hour to make goofy faces and tell hilarious jokes like “Those White people, am I right?” We must discuss the struggle to overcome muh slavery and “racism,” as if we can change history or alter the most basic elements of our human nature by believing kosher nonsense. This is the end of “hope and change,” the final hour of the purple-lipped disaster. This is the final blast of foul gasses from the national corpse before it is cremated in preparation for history’s ash heap. It’s 2017, bigot. No one cares about “colonialism” any more. A new America is here.

Appearing on “The Daily Show,” Obama was asked about how he speaks to crowds about race.

Hol up! Yo, I said hol up! *sucks air through teeth* Yo, hol up! Hol up! etc.

How does he “skirt that line between speaking your mind and sharing your true opinions on race whilst, at the same time, not being seen to alienate some of the people you are talking to,” host Trevor Noah asked.

The courage to mouth Jew-approved lies. You might be the first filth-colored outsider to get in trouble for “Whypipo be da debil!” Why are you so courageous, Mr. Soetoro?

“You know, my general theory is that, if I was clear in my own mind about who I was, comfortable in my own skin, and had clarity about the way in which race continues to be this powerful factor in so many elements of our lives,” Obama said. “But that it is not the only factor in so many aspects of our lives, that we have, by no means overcome the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow and colonialism and racism, but that the progress we’ve made has been real and extraordinary, if I’m communicating my genuine belief that those who are not subject to racism can sometimes have blind spots or lack of appreciation of what it feels to be on the receiving end of that, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not open to learning and caring about equality and justice and that I can win them over because there is goodness in the majority of people.”

Me, me, me, I, I, I, racism, I, me, folks, Jim Crow, slavery, I, I, I…

Elsewhere in the interview, Obama attacked the media for focusing on the hacked DNC emails during the campaign — even though there was nothing “explosive” in the exposed communications. It was “fairly routine stuff,” he insisted.

Massive corruption at the highest levels of government, graft, foreign influence, pay for play, contempt for the average American, satanic ceremonies, pedophile rings…yup, pretty routine stuff, nothing to see here, goyim.

Obama also advised Republicans that if they want to fix ObamaCare, two ideas are creating a “public option,” and adding “more subsidies.”

Yeah. We’ll take that one under advisement.

Hol up! He not doin’ nuffin!

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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