Facebook Bans German Woman for Posting Picture of Migrant Rapist

AFTER AN Afghan migrant raped and killed a 19-year-old woman in Germany, Facebook responded by banning a German woman for “hate speech” because she posted a picture of the murderer.

Hussein K., a 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker, was arrested on Friday on suspicion of rape and murder after a sample of his hair was found at the crime scene in Freiburg.

His victim, 19-year-old medical student Maria Ladenburger, was cycling home after a party when she was ambushed, raped and then drowned in a nearby river.

The incident has prompted uproar in Germany, with the country currently suffering an explosion of rapes and violent crimes since its borders were opened to migrants last year.

A reader contacted us to report that she had found the Facebook profile of the alleged killer (here it is, but don’t expect it to stay up long).

“He looks lifeless. His stare is blank. All I can see is hatred. But when I scrolled down, I saw a shocking post. He posted a picture of a vicious wolf that is holding a fragile white woman. It looks like he is about to rape the women [sic] and then rip her apart. Just like he did it to his victim,” the woman told us in an email.

As you can see below, the Facebook profile picture is identical to the image of “Hussein K.” that was released by police to the media.

After the woman began posting a link to the Facebook profile in comment sections with the words, “Maria’s murderer,” her account was banned by Facebook. The reason? She had violated “hate speech rules” by posting the picture of the killer.

The woman was banned despite the fact that the picture had already been circulated in news reports about the incident, albeit blurred or blacked out over the perpetrator’s eyes.

The ban is chilling yet unsurprising given how Facebook is openly working with the German government to censor criticism of the migrant crisis under the guise of preventing “hate speech”.

Last year, it emerged that the German government and Facebook were working with an organization led by an ex-Stasi agent to oversee a new program to identify “xenophobic” posts made on the social networking website and punish people who make them with fines and jail sentences.

In the aftermath of the rape and murder of the 19-year-old student, the German government responded by cautioning angry Germans not to incite violence against Muslims.

“Such horrible murders already happened before the first Afghan or Syrian refugee arrived here,” Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told the Bild newspaper. “We will not allow incitement after such violent crimes, no matter who commits them.”

In a related story, the European Union is now demanding that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube censor “illegal hate speech” and “fake news” within 24 hours of it being reported.

Apparently, accurately reporting the identity of a rapist murderer after his image has already been publicly revealed now constitutes “hate speech,” according to Facebook.

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Source: The European Union Times

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15 December, 2016 6:51 am

Every time I see an article like this I see a confusion of terms, ambiguity and confusion of language, which is something our enemy deliberately fosters to continue to deceive us. A clear distinction should always be made that the so-called “German government” is not really a German government at all, but a hollowed out shell of a former German government where only the German face remains but that, on the inside, is now packed with our Jewish enemies, and this distinction should be clearly stated in black and white. From 1933 until 1945 the German people were truly represented by a legitimate German government led by Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist party. Since 1945, even until today, the German people have been laboring under and suffering from a… Read more »

17 December, 2016 4:02 am

The article describes the killer as being 17, this is not true, back in 2015 he was released from jail in Greece after serving 17 months for attempted murder on a 20 yr. old female student. At the time of his jail term this killer claimed to be 16 thus making him 20 to 21 at the time of his latest crime in Freiburg, Germany where he raped and murdered his victim. Being under age as a refugee has many advantages one of which was being placed in foster care by an Afghani family that lived in Freiburg. The German government paid these people 150 Euros a day to pamper this monster as just an additonal tidbit to go along with the rest of this insane story.

26 October, 2020 8:00 am

Why on Earth are people still using Facebook?? Nowadays, everything but absolutely everything is ” hate speech”!
Latvian friend banned for posting the name/photo of a man who burned his own dogs with cigarette. Verdict? Hate speech, of course !
Czech person banned for posting the name/photo of confirmed motorcycle thief. Verdict? Hate speech, of course !
And so on, and so on.
Ah and you have to ” love” their new rules, the real name policy and the copy of ID papers required for registration!
Two years since i deleted my account, very happy about it.

14 February, 2021 12:34 am

Disgusting. Another White woman dies at the hands of a migrant and it gets swept under the rug! If a White kills a black it’s all over the news! How can these people sleep at night.. Insane.