Cucktianity: The “New Clientele”

WE’RE IN A WAR against the dark biological weapons aimed at our race, but also against spiritual wickedness in high places. As long as Whites remain debased in Jew-promoted evils, as long as we sit in false churches preaching the Kosher gospel of cultural Marxism, there will be no salvation for us as a people and every victory will be ultimately meaningless. If we must become the enemy to win, there is no point in winning. In Sweden the sad remnants of faith and a belief in something more important than feeding the belly and genitals are now being completely annihilated as the new “sheep” consist of “women and children” fleeing “war” and, big surprise, they’re not exactly eager to cooperate with White European traditions that are completely alien to their stone cube death cult.

Suicide is a sin, not a virtue.

Christians have become frightened to visit the Holy Trinity church as newcomers are reported to yell loudly and smash liquor bottles during services, masturbate in the pews and urinate and defecate both inside and in the church grounds.

Doing the right thing gone wrong. I hugged the poisonous snake and talked about “love” but it bit me anyway. Sand sewage runs wild in the feckless Western church. The made-up and satanic Eleventh Commandment “Thou shalt not judge” exacts a heavy toll on a dying nation.

Concerned locals have even reported concern over attempts to kidnap children during baptism.

You really have to wonder if there actually is a point where a modern Swede will decide that enough is enough. So far, we haven’t reached it. Moe-ham-head pedophile sexual emergencies during baptism ceremonies are a small price to pay to avoid being called names by a Jewish enemy that wants you dead and to reserve your place in eternal torment for refusing to resist the demonic evil.

Police yesterday gave the go-ahead to the church to have Security guards at all future services, weddings and christenings. Staff have also received training on how to deal with threats and violence and sessions on conflict management are in the works, the Kristianstadsbladet reported.

Holy Trinity administrative manager Bengt Alvland told the newspaper that people have repeatedly tried to steal silver, and staff are having to keep the organ locked to prevent them from climbing on top of it to disturb worshipers.

It’s almost like importing millions of hostile third world perverts that follow a violent false religion was a bad idea, but on the other hand muh sanctimony.

He also recounted how, during baptism, people have tried to take children away from the priest and parents as the ceremony was ongoing. In addition, people have sat masturbating in the pews.

Vibrant and enriching diversity. Boring old Whites never try to abduct children inside of a church or self-pollute in the pews, we need this if Europe is going to survive.

“[A man] was pulling on his penis. He did not stop, even when a female police officer told him to”, Alvland said, adding: “There are no limits or inhibitions for these people. It makes the staff feel very concerned”.

Yeah, it’s quite a concern. Shall we put you down for another million next year?

He revealed that the people whose behaviour is proving so disruptive are not the town’s “old homeless”, but are instead a “new clientele”.

This is code word for something, but I just can’t figure it out. It certainly isn’t the fighting age enemygrants and rapefugees flooding in, that’s for sure.

After numerous comments on the story were posted on Kristianstadsbladet’s Facebook page, many of which connected the disturbances with mass migration to the city, the Swedish church issued a statement insisting that it’s “Swedish men aged 35-45 with drug problems” who are causing the trouble.

I knew it! Those darn native Swedes and their drug problems!

Stein Flom Jacobsen questioned this, writing on Facebook: “I see that these persons will be described as ‘Swedish men……’ what does that mean that they’re Swedish citizens, or that they are so-called ‘ethnic Swedes’?

Whoa, what kind of crazy talk is this? Everyone knows that any human garbage that washes up on your shores immediately becomes Swedish, because dirt is magical.

Swedish men

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Source: Modern Heretic

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