An Alternative to Negro Slavery

by Hadding Scott

NEGROES SOMETIMES claim great importance for their race in the development of American economic power through their role as slaves picking cotton. Roland Martin, interviewing Richard Spencer in the aftermath of his recent “Hail Trump” speech, said precisely that “free labor from Black people” was what made America great.

I do not wish to insult or provoke any Negroes, but this is really quite a poor argument.

How should one respond?

Richard Spencer’s response was: “We could have found another way to pick cotton.” But he gives no specifics.

Some say: “If I’d known that there was going to be all this trouble I would have picked my own damned cotton.”

Others offer a different solution:

“In fact I think you could teach some chimpanzees to do some things that some Negroes couldn’t do.”

This turns out to be entirely correct. In Thailand, apes are trained to pick coconuts, and to perform some other simple tasks such as Negro slaves once performed in America, and still perform in Africa, where slavery is still practiced.

How much trouble could have been avoided!

The apes in this video are not even chimpanzees but macaques, a less intelligent primate.

* * *

Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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