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Dr. William Pierce predicted the infiltrators and the storm of disinformation being directed against the National Alliance today.

by William White Williams
Chairman, National Alliance

LIKE US, our founder William Pierce (pictured) had to deal with repeated attempts to destroy the National Alliance. What we are trying to do is so dangerous to our physically cowardly enemies that there is no depth of deception and dirty tricks to which they will not stoop in order to derail us from our mission.

Even before the age of the Internet, disinformation agents, both professional and free-lance, spread anti-Alliance rumors and demoralizing tall tales to whomever would listen. Then, as now, our enemies sought out weak, vulnerable people within our gates to use as informants and front men. I often refer to Dr. Pierce’s sage advice on the topic, which I will share with you here. This is from his 1996 BULLETIN commentary, “Responding to Liars” (emphasis added):

As the Alliance has grown, so has the number of individuals and groups opposed to us. Some of these express their hostility publicly in libelous attacks against us. Several members have contacted the National office and suggested that the various charges made against us should be responded to, lest members of the general public be misled by the liars.

Occasionally a public repudiation of one of those liars is appropriate; usually it is not. A classification and understanding of the motivations of the liars always is appropriate for us, however.

First there are genuine ideological opponents, who in lashing out at those who differ with them are not always careful to remain objective and truthful. An example is the John Birch Society, which was discussed in the August-September 1996 issue of National Vanguard (“Enemies on the Right: The John Birch Society and Individualism”). As a general rule, the attacks by such opponents are not motivated by malice, but a desire to keep their own flocks on the straight and narrow path. A public debate with such opponents — or at least a public analysis of the differences we have with them — may sometimes be useful in clarifying issues. In any event, such opponents usually pose no threat to us and are not a cause for concern, primarily because there is a clear separation between their core audience and ours.

Second, there are individuals or groups whose opposition to us is based not on ideology but on greed: They regard us as operators in the “patriot” racket, and their attacks on us are not only mendacious but also malicious, intended to injure our reputation and keep “patriot” donations away from us. The outstanding example of a liar in this category is [the late] Willis Carto, owner of the crank-conservative tabloid Spotlight. Fortunately, Carto has seriously damaged his own credibility by labelling everyone who has crossed his path over the years either an “ADL operative” or an “FBI asset.” These Category Two liars are more dangerous than those in Category One, because there is not as clear a separation between our audience and theirs; We will receive some support from conservative cranks, for example, and a few radical patriots of limited perspicacity still have not recognized Carto for the crook he is.

It is futile to attempt to debate someone who is not interested in facts or ideas but only in hurling insults and lies, especially when we are constrained to be truthful. If it were not for this constraint, we might invest much time and money in making public charges that Carto is a known pederast or that he has ties to the government of Israel, and if he were a rational person he eventually might decide that we were hurting him as much as he was hurting us and therefore stop claiming that I am an “FBI asset.” Carto, however, is not rational, and any exchange of lies and insults with him can serve only to lower us to his level. Nor is it especially helpful to allow oneself to be baited into responding, “No, I am not an FBI asset, despite what Carto says.”

A third category of liars consists of those who have had their feelings hurt by the Alliance or by me and want to ease the smarting by hurting us in return. Some of the Category Three people are former members. Because their lives have an entirely personal motivation, they usually don’t have much staying power. Unfortunately, however, the supply of ex-members with hurt feelings will be continually replenished as we continue to grow and to shed individuals who don’t measure up to our standards. As in the case of Category Two liars, debate with these emotionally driven attackers is futile.

A fourth category of liars consists of the professionals: That is, people who are paid to lie about us. An obvious component of this category consists of the liars of the controlled media. The media liars have until now limited their lying to exaggerations and insinuations designed to make us look bad to people who are more or less under the influence of the media.

They call us “haters,” “neo-Nazi thugs,” and the like, and hint that we are dangerous, violent, and mentally unstable. Such lies work well with the Politically Correct elements, whom we aren’t interested in trying to influence anyway. The general public tends to believe these lies about halfway and in consequence is leery of us. And, of course, they have no negative effect at all on knowledgeable racial patriots, but rather are considered a mark of merit.

We counter the effects of these lies on the general public not by responding in a point-by-point fashion, but by ignoring the media and presenting our own message in as non-hateful and non-thuggish a manner as we can. Later, when their bosses order them to begin saying that we are child molesters, drug dealers, and homosexuals — charges which will not cause the Politically Correct to think worse of us, but which will be regarded by the general public as considerably more serious than hatefulness and thuggishness — we may be obliged to use different tactics in responding.

Now we are seeing the emergence of another type of professional liar: namely, the liar who pretends to be one of us, while secretly taking his orders and his pay from our enemies. His assignment is to sow confusion, suspicion, and distrust while gathering information, and in the furtherance of his goal he does not hesitate to tell far more outlandish lies than the minions of the controlled media now dare. He is generally a person without fixed assets, and therefore judgement proof.

The emergence is a development we should have expected. It is a tactic which the Jews have used over and over in the past. They used it in the 1920s and the early 1930s in Germany, for example. They know that the people to whom we most strongly appeal are immune, to a very large degree, to what they and their acknowledged minions say about us, and that the general public will gain a degree of immunity as conditions worsen. Therefore, they turn to a Trojan Horse tactic.

This is exactly what we see with the failed NARRG lawsuit and the strange bedfellows — Randolph Dilloway, Garland Corse, Bob DeMarais, John McLaughlin and others — who have made common cause with them. These all now openly work with the six NARRG ex-plaintiffs — and (amazingly, considering that these strange bedfellows try to maintain an image of being followers of Dr. Pierce) one of them, Dilloway, publicly boasts of meeting with an agent of the anti-White SPLC, Heidi Beirich, in his parents’ home, and selling stolen Alliance property to that organization, and another, Corse, publicly threatens to “report” Alliance members to the Jewish group (though she never had access to member information).

As I noted above, we are seeing now only the beginning of this sort of activity. At this time its practitioners are very crude, and the people they affect are primarily hobbyists, who thrive on gossip and sensation. Later the practitioners will be more sophisticated, and they will do more damage. We will respond to them in a proper way at the proper time.

What we will not do, however, is fall into the trap of trying to rebut their lies: That is a bottomless quagmire. At this time, we cannot prevent paid liars from doing what they are paid to do, but we can limit their effects on the hobbyists and the cranks by ignoring them and going about our work. Everybody enjoys a good fight, but one liar dancing around by himself and throwing punches at shadows isn’t very interesting. If a liar cannot provoke a counter-punch, his unanswered rhetoric won’t hold even the hobbyists’ attention for long.

So when we receive letters saying, “so-and-so says in his Amalgamated White People’s Party newsletter that the Alliance is really a Satanist cult and William Pierce is a heroin addict who molests little boys — what do you say to that?” we are likely not to answer them and simply to mark the senders down as hobbyists.

What we are doing now, with tremendous effort and sacrifice, and with your necessary help, is responding to these Trojan Horse tactics “in a proper way and at the proper time,” as Dr. Pierce said we would have to do. He never told us it would be easy — but he did tell us it would be necessary.

Meanwhile, we continue to spread our message of hope for White people: Our intentional White community is growing and becoming more self-sufficient; our media offerings are expanding; and our radio network and news site — which will soon publish its 3,500th article since its reorganization — are reaching thousands of new people every single day.

* * *

Source: National Alliance BULLETIN, July 2016

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