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Holocaust survivors arrive for a ceremony to mark the 69th anniv
“Holocaust survivors” arrive for an event at Auschwitz

ONE OF THE MOST blatant war crimes in World War II could be described as an anti-Holocaust atrocity. When GIs liberated Dachau on April 29, 1945, they massacred 122 German prison guards after the latter had surrendered and while they were holding up their hands. The soldier who did most of the shooting and who was described as a trigger-happy “crazy Indian,” was never brought to trial. The gruesome story is told in Deliverance Day: The Last Hour at Dachau by Michael Selzer (J. P. Lippincott, $10.95).

* * *

Four “war criminals” charged with murdering 250,000 people, mostly Jews, at the Maidanek concentration camp during World War II were acquitted by a court in Dusseldorf. One doctor and three women guards had been specifically charged with “selecting” children, the sick and the elderly for gas chambers. The evidence was so thin and contrived that eventually the prosecutor himself had to ask for acquittal. Witnesses from Poland and Israel, despite the usual coaching and rehearsing, were unable to make positive identifications of the accused. When the decision was announced, Jewish spectators in the courtroom overturned benches and started a near riot. The trial, which began four years ago, will continue with nine other defendants, among them New York housewife Hermine Ryan. Since Rassinier, Butz, Harwood, Staglitz and Faurisson have all written books or articles stating that the famous “selection” process had nothing to do with gas chambers, but was merely a means of separating inmates capable of work from those incapable of work, convictions in such cases can only be obtained by false affidavits and perjury. Because of the “political danger,” the defense strategy in these trials generally consists of denying the accusations of Jewish witnesses, but never denying the existence of the gas ovens.

* * *

A West German jurist, Dr. Wilhelm Staglich, wrote a solid and compelling new work entitled Der Auschwitz Mythos: Legende oder Wirkfichkeit? (The Auschwitz Myth: Legend or Reality?). Taking the example of Auschwitz, the largest of the alleged “death camps,” the former Hamburg judge thoroughly exposes the “Holocaust” claims as a massive fraud.

Several years ago Dr. Staglich wrote a few magazine articles on the Auschwitz legend. The West German government responded by forcing him into early retirement and ordering a 20% cut in his pension ….

* * *

In February of this year the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency released a paper entitled “The Holocaust Revisited: A Retrospective Analysis of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Complex.” The paper claims that recently released aerial photographs of Auschwitz taken by Allied reconnaissance planes in 1944 and 1945 “prove” that the extensive complex was a “death camp.”

Actually, the photographs reveal nothing of the kind. In fact, the labels added to the original photos by the CIA to identify alleged “gas chambers,” “prisoners on way to gas chambers,” and “possible cremation pit” were not based upon careful analysis of the photos themselves, but entirely on speculation.

For example, not a single photograph shows the billowing clouds of smoke which were supposed to have resulted from the alleged cremation of 12,000 corpses daily.

“Although survivors recalled that smoke and flame emanated continually from the cremation chimneys and was visible for miles,” the CIA paper dryly admits, “the photography we examined gave no positive proof of this.”

* * *

Dr. Hellmut Diwald, a senior professor of history at the University of Erlangen in West Germany, unleashed a storm of controversy with the publication late last year of his monumental Geschichte der Deutschen (History of the Germans).

Diwald’s book was published by Propylaen, a prestigious publishing house owned by philo-Semitic West German media mogul Axel Springer. The book became an immediate best seller, an unusual feat for a heavy, 760-page work of history.

Jewish protests over the book moved Springer to promise that History of the Germans would be “rewritten.” Sales of the first printing of 100,000 copies were immediately stopped, and a new, “revised” edition acceptable to the Jews was substituted — without Dr. Diwald’s approval.

Dr. Diwald’s original version contained the following:

Since the [German] capitulation in 1945, “Auschwitz” has served as the main vehicle in the campaign to reduce the German people to complete moral degradation ….

Countless works have been published and claims made since 1945 which cannot be proven and which cynically add to the infamy. Certain people have consciously exploited the gruesome events of modern history through the use of distortions, deceptions, and exaggerations for the purpose of totally disqualifying a whole people.

The victorious Allies claimed the existence of “death camps,” of which there was not a single one in Germany. For years visitors to the Dachau concentration camp were shown “gas chambers” where as many as 25,000 Jews were allegedly killed daily by the SS. Actually the rooms displayed were dummy chambers which the U.S. military had forced imprisoned SS men to build after the capitulation. A similar case involved the notorious Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where 50,000 inmates were supposedly murdered. Actually, about 7,000 inmates died during the period when the camp existed, from 1943 to 1945. Most of them died in the last months of the war as a result of disease and malnutrition consequences of the bombings which had stopped normal deliveries of medical supplies and food. The British commander who took over control of the camp after the capitulation testified that crimes had not been committed on any large scale in Bergen-Belsen.

The deportation of the Jews took place as a part of the suddenness of birth, general forced-labor program for the war industry. With the beginning of the campaign in Russia the German war economy grew from month to month and reached a high point in mid-1942. Every person who, to some extent, was able to work was inducted, including Jews. The enormous program for their deportation by railway from all occupied areas for use in Eastern munitions factories and work camps was justified by their military importance of their tasks and received top priority, even ahead of armed transport ….

The various camps were classified according to their importance to the war economy. Birkenau, a part of the Auschwitz complex, served as the camp for those inmates who were declared unsuited for work. Consequently, that camp had the highest death rate. On July 26, 1942, a devastating typhus epidemic broke out in Birkenau. As many as 20,000 died within three months. That is why an especially large number of crematoria for burning the bodies were built in Birkenau. Reports of the high death rate there moved Himmler to issue an order on December 28,1942, “to reduce the number of deaths in the concentration camps at all costs.”

During the war Jewish emigration was no longer possible, and the expression “complete solution” or “final solution” was coined to refer to the policy whereby all Jews were to be segregated from the German population, removed from central Europe, evacuated to the East, and relocated in new ghettos.

* * *

The items about Dr. Staglich, the CIA photos and Dr. Diwald were taken from the National Vanguard (May 1979).

* * *

Source: Instauration magazine, August 1979

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6 February, 2019 2:57 am

When Sgt Bushyhead massacred the Dachau guards he said it was revenge for the ‘Trail of Tears’. He was however ignorant of the fact that German Lutheran missionaries accompanied the Native Americans throughout the long march and the established a mission for them at their destination. Some of the helpful Lutherans died during the march. There is the thanks they received! Bushyhead also justified his murders by referring to the ‘little people’ at Dachou who were actually sufferers of Typhus which the Dachau personnel tried to stop. He also referred to a boxcar full of dead people. After Bushyhead murdered the German soldiers (who were not actually guards at Dachau) it was realized that the dead people in the boxcar had been killed by an allied fighter plane. The first… Read more »

21 September, 2019 11:17 am

We have known for decades the Jewish “holocaust” was, in fact, a “holo-hoax”. Only idiots, dimwits and lemmings would believed Jewish’s lies – even to this day!

If you’re ever in doubt as to how many Jews were killed during WW2 due to Allied bombings, disease (typhus) and starvation- note, no gassing casualties recorded- use the International Red Cross’ official records. I trust the IRC more than the lying Jews.

Enough said.