Jews Caught in False-Flag Church Desecration

ct-northwestern-hate-crime-vandalism-20160503by Hadding Scott

EARLIER THIS YEAR Matthew Kafker and Anthony Morales, pictured above, both freshmen at Northwestern University in Illinois, were caught on video vandalizing a Christian chapel at the university, leaving graffiti calculated to reflect badly on Donald Trump.

The two were charged with institutional vandalism, hate crime to a place of worship and criminal damage to property.

The graffiti included a swastika, drawings of male genitalia and the word “Trump.”
Both Morales and Kafker pled not guilty at their arraignments. Spector told The Daily Kafker was “incredibly intoxicated” when he allegedly vandalized the chapel, stressing that this was out of the character for the former NU student. [F. Rahman, The Daily Northwestern, 24 June 2016]

The claim that it is “out of character” for a Jew to commit false-flag vandalism and graffiti to advance a political agenda is ridiculous. It is in fact typical. There are many examples.

In this case, since the Jews were caught on video, they could not pretend that they did not do it. Yet they pleaded innocent! That’s some chutzpah. Kafker hopes that being rip-roaring drunk at the time of the crime will get him off the hook. It will be extraordinary if it works, since such an excuse never works for anybody else.

In any case, what they did was not at all out of character — for a Jew.

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Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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  1. Joe
    17 November, 2016 at 9:23 am — Reply

    The Eternal Snakes and Deceivers.

  2. TJM
    17 November, 2016 at 9:38 am — Reply

    Americans just don’t get how pervasive and destructive the tribe truly is to us. I wish I didn’t.

    You can see Zionist Jewish influence in Wall Street, Washington “think tanks”, the “mainstream media,” education — but in entertainment, music and movies, it is most perverse (Perverse: showing a deliberate and obstinate desire to behave in a way that is unreasonable or unacceptable, often in spite of the consequences) and destructive.

    Let’s see, our colleges don’t protest wars, corporate injustice — but a pro-American president gets elected, and out come the signs and the rallies. They promote “multiculturalism,” open borders, while savaging European Americans/white men, and painting all women and minorities as victims. Basically, they promote social disharmony.

    Wall Street? — well while Wall Street makes more and more money, the rest of America withers on the vine… We all know the story and what NY City is…

    The main stream media, while POSSIBLY not 100% controlled by Zionist Jews, let’s just say it’s highly influenced by them. If “influenced” means, if you speak a word against Israel, or make ANY reference to Jews in anything but a flattering light, your carreer is over, period. While they promote the race wars, hyping up white on black violence, and ignore black on black or black on white violence. You will note how resistant to pointing out the ethnicity of a assailant in general they are, when reporting a crime — except if the perpetrator is white and the victim is black: then it’s front page news.

    Washington follows the same lines as the media, “Israel is our friend and closest ally,” spoken like mindless drones — because if they elaborate, they face a minefield of inconvenient truths. Everything Washington does works for the Zionists and against the American people. What business does America have confronting Russia, Putin, Syria, Iran, Iraq, China, Libya, Afghanistan…? How does any of that serve the American public? Funny how the Washington establishment screams if someone promotes domestic spending, yet we always seem to have money for wars around the world. And while Hillary was 100% backed by Zionist Jews, Mr. Trump accepted some big donations too, principally from top Zionist Sheldon Adelson. That money buys more than just a thank you…

    The power of Zionist media to misinform the public, and to control the narrative, is best illustrated with Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton, perhaps the most effective Zionist President, dismantled Glass-Steagal, implemented NAFTA, CAFTA, Welfare “Reform” (turned it into a weapon against poor families, and promoted single parent house holds), DADT, DOMA (yes Clinton was anti-gay), in his 1996 Telecommunications Act allowed for the consolidation of media… And of his murderous machinations along with Soros in Eastern Europe, promoting genocide and war. Yet today you would thing Bill Clinton was the greatest most liberal democrat ever in office. He codified “identity politics” into American elections.

    But Hollywood is in a class all by itself, because it lays the groundwork for much of our society, how we see ourselves. We only need to turn on the radio and see how the consolidation of music, under a few Jewish moguls, has absolutely destroyed the industry. Listening to music of the 60’s, 70’s, even 80’s and part of the 90’s, you see diversity, but today, music is a drum beat of hate, anger, perversion. What music denouncing war, Wall Street… they are the gate keepers, and if you want your book, movie, song produced, it better follow their well-defined narrative: White men are racist, mass migration is great, multiculturalism is good, money and greed are good… we all know what they preach, and it isn’t the Gospel.

    But the anti-white American (anti Muslims, anti-Christian; they can’t make a comedy without referencing the Catholic Church and pedophilia, YET Hollywood is a bastion of Pedophilia, yet you will never see that referenced, anti-white, pro-Latino, I don’t think you could call them pro-black as much as simply race baiting. This narrative flows through all TV shows, Music, movies.

    A great example was The Birth of a Nation (the white-haters at the Sundance just loved it, it affirmed all their white male hating beliefs:, was a movie that exemplifies what Hollywood’s role is. Below is an excerpt from a critique of the movie, pointing out many of its inaccuracies. The point is though, the “inaccuracies” always flow in one direction, towards hate, violence, Anti-White male, pro-Jewish… (

    “Nearly everything in the movie—ranging from Turner’s relationship with his family, to his life as a slave, and even the rebellion itself—is a complete fabrication. Certainly, the film contains sprinklings of historical fact, but the bulk of Parker’s story about the rebellion is fictitious: Nat Turner did not murder his owner, nor did he kill a slave patroller. Turner’s rebellion was not betrayed by a young boy, or by anyone else involved in the revolt. To the contrary, the rebels fought until the bitter end. The shootout depicted in Jerusalem, Virginia, never happened, because the rebels were stopped by the militia before they ever reached Jerusalem. The list of inaccuracies, distortions, and fabrications goes on and on.
    Admittedly, historical accuracy probably matters more to me than to most people. And Parker was correct when he, somewhat flippantly, told journalist Anderson Cooper that ‘nothing is ever 100 percent historically accurate.’ But how do we feel when the film contains only a smidgen of historical fact? And what if the historical inaccuracies are damaging and insidious?
    Consider, for example, the film’s troubling depictions of black women. A crucial turning point in the movie occurs when Turner’s wife, Cherry, is brutally gang raped by a group of slave patrollers—an attack the film portrays as the spark that ultimately drove Turner to launch his rebellion. But there is not a shred of historical evidence to suggest that Cherry was ever raped by slave patrollers, nor is there any evidence to indicate that an attack on his wife inspired Turner to rebel. By all accounts, Turner took up arms against slavery because he believed slavery was morally wrong and violated the law of God.”

    So, in the movie, it lies and shows the hero of the movie killing his owner and a “slave patroller,” and more importantly it lies and shows black women being gang raped by white men — WHY?! This movie is sold as historically accurate; what benefit to society would there be in showing a gang rape of a black woman that never happened?! Because just like all movies, especially ones that touch on slavery, are there to promote the racial divide in America. It is a fact that Jews were heavily involved in the slave trade, ever wonder where Monsanto got its start? (

    Most southerners were NOT SLAVE OWNERS, it was the 1% then, as it would be now. It certainly was not the norm for most Americans to own slaves, yet they paint slavery as the common man’s vice; it was the rich man’s. Just like the destruction of Indian lands, it was pushed from above, not from the masses. JUST LIKE TODAY, nothing changes, we have little control over the evil our government does in Iraq, Libya, Syria… They always put the shackles of histories ills on an entire nation, never putting them where they belong, on the ruling class, the oligarchs. You can get away with it when you own everything.

    The point is, such mass control of everything we see hear and learn has given Jews a profound ability to form and control our reality: And can anyone argue it is not working? Jews are not better or worse, but they are right there in the mud with the rest of us, often leading the way. We are always at war, we value money over community, we are supposed to be a “Christian Nation” are these Christian values, or someone else’s?

    We just have to look at Russia, our supposed “worst enemy”, to see what our oligarch’s control has wrought. Why is Russia our enemy, why are we on the brink of WW3, and why was Clinton, who was predominately supported by Zionist Jews, the one who was seen as the greatest threat to world peace? Russia is an Orthodox Christian nation, who have fought off the yoke of the Jewish oligarchs (to some degree) and maintain a culture that works together. We should be emulating them to some extent, seeing them as brothers — at least their people, maybe not their government. I am sick of war, I am sick of mass migration, and the destruction of my society and the demonization of my culture.

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