Italy: Massive Protests Against Non-White “Migrant” Invaders

And terrified Italian women turn against invasion: ‘It is not safe here anymore’

AN ITALIAN TOWN has been left gripped by fear after an influx of migrants has seen terrified women too scared to leave their homes.

Frightened females have taken to the streets to protest against the opening of a new refugee reception centre, which will welcome the arrival of more than 250 asylum seekers.

In front of the group are banners emblazoned with the powerful message: “No security, no freedom” as shockwaves are sent across the entire community of Aurelio in Rome.

Ilaria, 20, said: “We didn’t want the opening of a new centre.

Women say they are too scared to leave their homes
CasaPound demonstrators protest against asylum seekers in Italy
CasaPound demonstrators protest against asylum seekers in Italy

“It is not easy to get around this neighbourhood at night.

“You feel followed, you feel observed. It is not safe here anymore. “

Soon-to-be-mother Eleanor, 30, added: “I no longer dare to go home alone in the evening, I call my husband after dark.”

Another slogan to support the protest read: ”Some Italians do not give up.”

One protestor, 63-year-old grandmother Simonetta claims she witnessed a migrant man masturbating in broad daylight. She added: “We must defend ourselves”.

Refugees protest against anti-migrant feeling in Italy
Refugees protest against anti-migrant feeling in Italy

But some protestors have taken matters into their own hands, with some camping outside the new centre to “watch the neighbourhood”.

Official figures show more than 420,000 migrants and refugees from Syria and other countries have landed in Italy since the start of the migrant crisis in 2014.

Migrants arrive in Sicily
Migrants arrive in Sicily

With more than 28,500 migrants arriving since January 1, Italy has once again become the principal entry point for new arrivals into Europe, following a controversial EU-Turkey deal and the closure of the Balkan route up from Greece.

Many have had hopes of reaching richer northern European nations thwarted by a border crackdown, leading to overcrowding in Italian transit centres and camps.

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Source: Express

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