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Leader vs followerby William White Williams
Chairman, National Alliance

I ENJOY READING biographies and autobiographies and one of my favorites in the latter genre is About Face: The Odyssey of an American Warrior by Colonel David Hackworth (US Army, retired). There is a lot the reader can learn from “Hack”’s incredible military career, particularly in his on-target criticism of the conduct of the American war effort in Vietnam.

He was the most valor-decorated living soldier, and the Colonel Kurtz character played by Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now is reputed to have been modeled after him — a “soldier’s soldier.” One interesting lesson that stuck with me from About Face was in a story Hack said a highly respected infantry colonel and war historian had told to him. That colonel had learned years earlier from a German general his simple system for evaluating leadership potential in his officers:

He divided his officers into four classes: the clever, the stupid, the industrious, and the lazy. The general believed that every officer possessed two of those qualities. The clever and lazy, for example [ — that’s me — W.W.W.] were suited for command (they’d figure out the easiest way to do a task); the clever and industrious were suited for high-level staff. The lazy and stupid, he maintained, were an unfortunate by-product of any system and could be slotted in somewhere; but the stupid and industrious were just too dangerous, and the general’s standing order was to have them removed from the military completely, the moment they were identified.

It has been difficult for me to not categorize and evaluate people using this simple, unscientific method ever since I read that, and, looking back, I should have identified and removed more in that last category from Alliance ranks than I have until now; or, at least, I should have isolated some who had not been evaluated face-to-face either by myself or by another trusted member before giving the new person access to other members. It was so much easier to evaluate new members back in the old days when we had trusted veteran members located all over the country who were willing to meet with and evaluate personality, experience, idealism, skills, resources, etc., as well as the leadership potential of those we managed to attract who were in their respective regions.

Dr. Pierce used to say how difficult it is to organize people, especially independent-minded Whites, to work for their race as unpaid volunteers. And of those we are fortunate to work with, approximately 10% to 15% of them will be capable, dependable, activist-minded members who demonstrate outstanding potential for leadership — those who can soon take the places of us old soldiers. “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince,” our National Alliance founder would say. But find princes he did — and we will find our young princes again, too.

Our people are seeking solutions to our race’s problems now more than ever, and the National Alliance is going to be in place, strong, and with the best solution for long term preservation and advancement. We will not compromise our hard line in order to be lumped in with the so-called “alt-right” moderates who see Donald Trump as their Great White Leader. We know better. But we should take advantage of Trump’s presidential bid, which has motivated many Whites to stand up and speak out against non-White invaders, globalism, and even to take positions against race-mixing, “LGBT” special interest freaks, and Jewish control of the news and entertainment industries.

Such a large amount of the National Alliance’s and of my own personal resources this year and last have gone to attorneys, but that has been by necessity. Hopefully, soon, we will get back to putting more resources into expanding our outreach and seriously organizing our supporters. One thing we will do this month that won’t cost us precious funds is to mail membership surveys to those in good standing who receive this BULLETIN. When filled out and returned to the National Office we will have a better understanding of who we have to work with. As Richard Scutari recently wrote to us, “interesting times are headed our way.” With your help — with 100 per cent. commitment — with harder and better work than we have ever done before — we can and will make the National Alliance the guiding light which will lead our people through these times.

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Source: National Alliance BULLETIN

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Will W Williams
Will W Williams
19 November, 2016 5:15 pm

Those Membership Surveys we mailed out with the October National Alliance BULLETIN, mentioned in this commentary, are being returned to the National Office and are helping me to evaluate our membership. Is there potential in our organization for leadership? Yes, definitely. Here’s something I wrote ten or twelve years ago, subconsciously describing Dr. Pierce, missing him, looking for someone like him.: — I’ve always tried to seek out the better man when looking for my leader, more a mentor, really, at this stage of the revolution, then defer to him as we build together. When I detect an overweening hubris, an inflated ego or too much personal ambition in a man, I pass. I look at his deeds: what has this man accomplished? I question him, eye to eye. Where… Read more »