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Do Non-Whites Have an Inherent Distrust of Whites, and Vice Versa?


by David Sims

A QUORA USER ASKED: “I’m an African living in Europe for almost a decade. I find it very easy to get along with different kinds of people but I have this distrust for White people who I’m meeting for the first time. I find myself putting their characters under stricter scrutiny compared to other peoples.”

Here’s my answer:

White people have a distrust for Africans, also. So here’s another good question: “Why do Africans immigrate to European countries, where they will, unavoidably, have to mix with White people?”

You distrust them. So why do you and yours go hopping aboard ships and migrating to where you will be among people whom you don’t trust?

Is there some reason for this behavior?

A lot of the White people would prefer that you and yours remain in Africa. Although the politicians roll out the welcome mat, most of the White citizens of the European countries to which you go don’t want you there.

Why do you go?

Free bling, of course. You have money given to you. You have subsidized housing and a higher standard of living. You don’t really care that by receiving these things you are mooching off the labor of others; no, to you Africans this does not matter at all.

But it is the reason for your distrust of White people.

Because you do understand fully well that the governments of European countries are exploiting White people for your benefit, that White people are required to pay taxes so that you can have free stuff, or at least less expensive stuff. They are being robbed by a government that has betrayed them, and you are the reason for these routine robberies.

You are afraid that circumstances will change, and you worry what might happen when they do.

And rightly so.

That is why you don’t trust White people. Your distrust does not imply any fault on the part of the White people. It does imply that you understand that you are getting away with imposing on them, for the time being, but that there might be a reckoning someday, and you won’t like what happens then.

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