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Democrats, Look at What Your Black President Cost You!

Presidential election results 2016, county by county
Presidential election results 2016, county by county

by David Sims

THE MEDIA ARE floating the idea that Donald Trump’s voters are all uneducated hicks. (Actually, of Whites who did not go to college, Trump won 67%. Of Whites who did go to college, Trump won 49%, and Hillary won 45%.) It’s the first of many gambits that the Jewish-owned mass media will use in the coming years in an effort to prevent Trump’s re-election in 2020.

(Trump, by the way, won every rural county — even in Oregon, Washington, and California. Hicks? No. Just smart “deplorable” Whites.)

Democracy, you know, is a good thing only as long as the Jews approve of its outcomes. When voters elect somebody or enact a referendum that the Jews don’t like, well then, there’s a “problem” that needs “correction” by federal judges or by whomever can impose and override the will of the people.

(Trump has to keep his voters happy with him so he can be re-elected in 2020. The billionaire Jews and the Democrats they own are going to do everything they can to make Trump seem blameworthy for bad stuff that the Democrats (and George Soros and the media bosses) are going to do. It’s going to be one false flag after another out of them for the next four years.)

Look at this map showing the election results at the county level. If you know anything about demographic distribution within the United States, you will see right away that most of the Mexicans-in-the-US, the Liberals of the Northeast, and the Blacks of the South tried to put Hillary Clinton in the White House — but everybody else voted for Donald Trump.

Electing a Black president who served both terms and who imposed on Americans a health care program that they don’t like, a Black president who didn’t enforce the immigration laws and who, with great impropriety, met in secret with the Justices on the Supreme Court while there was litigation pending against him in that same court, a Black president who probably motivated the betrayal by FBI Director James Comey with respect to his no-prosecution recommendation for Hillary Clinton, and who did many other despicable things (Benghazi among them) has cost the Democratic Party quite a lot.

And, besides all that, we still aren’t certain that Barack Hussein Obama isn’t an illegal alien himself, a non-US citizen born in or near Mombasa, Kenya, in August 1961, who gamed himself into office, with the help of the Jew-controlled media, as a usurper, or pretender, to the presidency.

When Obama was elected, 29 state governors were Democrats. Now, only 15 are.

Democrats, look at what your Black president cost you!

When Obama was elected, the Democrats controlled 60 chambers (i.e. House or Senate, there are 99 total) in the state legislatures. Now, they have only 30.

Democrats, look at what your Black president cost you!

Today, there are only five states in which the Democrats control both the Executive and Legislative branches of government. The Republicans control 25 states to that same extent.

Democrats, look at what your Black president cost you!

When Obama was elected, more than 250 members of Congress were Democrats. Now, there are only 193. Furthermore, of the seats that the Democrats presently still have, 25 of them are up for grabs in the 2018 election cycle.

Democrats, look at what your Black president cost you!

When Obama was elected, the Supreme Court was liberal and seemed likely to stay that way for a long, long time. Now it appears that before long there will be 7 conservative Justices and only 2 liberal ones.

Democrats, look at what your Black president cost you!

Was it worth it, Democrats? You have had your Black president. And now you’re going to pay what having had him costs.

Really, it’s a good thing that America finally reacted against what the Democrats were doing. If they’d had their way about it, the presidency would have gone in “civil rights” marching order. First, a Black. Second, a woman. Third, a queer. Fourth, a transsexual who likes to have sex with animals. And so on, into depths of depravity that we cannot now even imagine. Thank goodness for Donald Trump. He might not be perfect, but electing him was taking a step back from the Abyss.

Imagine what might have happened if, instead, Hillary were elected and the progression envisioned by the liberals were allowed to continue its course. In another decade or so, we’d have a president who refers to his wife as a bitch, and nobody would see it as an insult because he really would be married to a female dog of the canine persuasion. They would plan to adopt both children and puppies — just as soon as the Supreme Court strikes down laws passed in the states to prohibit human babies from being breast-fed by female dogs. It might have taken a while for the Democratic leftists to take America there, but that is where they were going.

(Note: this post is the one that got me banned from Quora by its liberal crybaby moderators.)

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Jean Allemand
Jean Allemand
24 November, 2016 2:22 am

Well done Sir … to be banned by such moderators on such “enemies of the State” websites … is equivalent to a Medal of Honor !