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Black Marks on Trump’s Character


by David Sims

TRUMP ISN’T perfect. I doubt that the Zionist Ashkenazi Jews who control the mass media for news and entertainment, including Hollywood and all the major television networks, would allow any really good American statesman to run for the office of President of the United States. Such a man would turn against them, take their propaganda weapons away from them, jail the predatory bankers among them and charge them with treasonously waging war on America by means of usury. So the very fact that Donald Trump was able to run for office is a black mark on his presumptive character.

However, it is clear that the Establishment wanted Hillary, and despite all the election rigging that the Democrats no doubt did, despite all of the illegal immigrants who gave California to Hillary, despite all of the dead people’s votes who gave New York to Hillary, despite everything her fellow traitors to their country could do to promote Hillary, Donald Trump still won the election.

So, although Trump is not the man to restore America to the greatness it once had, not by a long way, his election shows that the leftist Establishment can be beaten. It proves that last-minute controlled media predictions about who will win the election should not be believed.

I’m curious about how Donald Trump is going to explain to his constituents why he isn’t going to round up and deport illegal immigrants, after all. Or why he isn’t really going to build a wall along the US-Mexico border. Or why he will support Israel’s interests above America’s in the event of any clash between the two. Those are my expectations. I’ll be pleased if he should prove them wrong.

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