Who’s White?

Dean Van Nguyen

by John I. Johnson

THE ISSUE isn’t Black and White — or black and white — anymore. Increasingly there are mixed-race three-quarter Whites, half Whites, quarter Whites, and so on, of every conceivable mixture and combination. Tiger Woods is an example, though Whites can see his difference because of his Blackness. In many mixed-race people it would not be easily discernible, and in some it would not be discernible at all.

Whites, including most White racialists, reject this basic observation on an instinctive and very defensive level as “racist” (perhaps not using that word, however; some might retreat to the intra-movement equivalent accusation of “nordicist,” even when nordicism is not the issue). But if the objective is White survival, clear bright lines about who belongs must eventually be drawn.

Difficult as they may be at times, racial lines at the genetic/biological level are technically the simple part. But they are not the only distinction that must be made. For a long time, huge numbers of biologically White people have not deserved to be considered as belonging to the race at all: the Northern-European-descended Clintons, Bushes, John McCain, you could go on and on in all occupational fields and every White ethnicity. John and Tony Podesta: half-Italian, half-Greek. They are all traitors who intentionally work to destroy the race. That’s the psychological/ideological/social-identity dimension, different from the comparatively simple racial/biological one.

Think of how quickly Jews and the state can destroy one White racial lineage: All it takes is a single cross; then keep the process going. In terms of racial destruction, ten years, 15 years, 20 years can accomplish a lot. Then, combine that with all of the other forces working against, or specifically targeting, our race. People aren’t realistically assessing the time factor, or seeing race destruction as a dynamic biological process in every White country on Earth.

Even if racially conscious Whites can sometimes adequately deal with this problem by correctly identifying and rejecting non-Whites (and part-Whites are non-Whites), the vast majority of Whites cannot. And that’s where biological survival ultimately does or does not occur.

The writer I quote below, Dean Van Nguyen, says he passes as White among most Irish people. Only when they see or hear his foreign-sounding name are a few of them alerted to a possible issue. (Jews ruthlessly exploited this universal racial blindness, or simple-mindedness, by changing their names at the drop of a hat.) His clothes, and his language and accent, two other traits that might otherwise identify him as “foreign,” evidently match closely those of the demographically imploding host population that lives in Ireland. It doesn’t matter whether you or I could make the distinction (and often, now, even racially conscious Whites cannot). It’s what most people think most of the time that matters.

Mixed-race Nguyen mostly writes pop culture garbage, much of it promoting degeneracy and Black music among Whites. The article he just wrote for the Irish Times attacks Whites as “privileged,” innately evil, discriminatory people.


White Privilege is Real and it Exists in Ireland

White Irish people are expert at denying the extent of society’s racial prejudice

by Dean Van Nguyen

Prejudice and the Irish: There are plenty of Irish people who will look away when a person of colour -- born here or not -- points to race-based prejudice. They’ve created their own bubble, unaffected by the same discrimination, that denies its existence.
Prejudice and the Irish: There are plenty of Irish people who will look away when a person of colour — born here or not — points to race-based prejudice. They’ve created their own bubble, unaffected by the same discrimination, that denies its existence.

THE EXPRESSION “White privilege” has been around for years but “White skin privilege” has recently been repopularised in the US, where numerous African-American deaths at the hands of police have ignited the Black Lives Matter movement. Broadly speaking, it means the interlocking societal benefits that Caucasians in the West enjoy — benefits that non-white people in the same social, political, or economic circumstances can only look at from the outside, like kids pressed up against a sweet shop window.

In Ireland — a country where up until very recently anyone not 100 per cent White and Christian was seen as something different — White privilege is rooted in the blissful unawareness of the obstacles people of colour experience. The failure to see the destructive attitudes that exist in our communities; our collective neglect in making this land inhospitable for racist ideas and actions.

The best example I have is my own life. I’m half-Asian, but with plenty of White people here to blend in with, I pretty much pass for White on the street. It would be hard for me to deny that it’s made my life easier. Nobody has ever told me to go back to my own country or denied my right to identify as an Irish person. No stranger has ever targeted me with a racial slur. I inadvertently benefit from White privilege; except, of course, online when my foreign-sounding surname means it’s open season.

Boilerplate Racism

White privilege is different to overt prejudice and the majority of Irish people deplore naked, boilerplate racism, of course. But one of its defining traits is that those who benefit may be unaware that they do so.

There are plenty of Irish people who will look away when a person of colour — born here or not — points to race-based prejudice. They’ve created their own bubble, unaffected by the same discrimination, that denies its existence. They will contort themselves into pretzels to stop it from being burst.

 Take the case of Samia Jalal, who applied for the same job at a Dublin radio station under two different names: her own and the more traditionally Melanin-deprived name of Neville. One was accepted for an interview and the other received a rejection notice. The excuse from the company that this was nothing more sinister than an “administrative error” seems beyond the realms of believability. Jalal hit social media with facts and evidence, but her claims were met with derision.

And then there is the popular @Ireland Twitter account — which sees a different person curate it each week in an attempt to paint a broad picture of contemporary Irish society. It suffered numerous racist attacks when Michelle Marie, a Black woman, took the wheel.

White Panel

The Last Word on Today FM had a segment on the back of this that discussed racism in Ireland. It featured an all-White panel. *

Perhaps that’s why the Irish slave myth has surfaced. The indentured servitude experienced by Irish immigrants in America is being compared to the horrors of perpetual chattel slavery as a way of delegitimising Black suffering. It’s horribly inaccurate.

In 2016, people of colour’s modern-day torments are still being marginalised. Prejudice isn’t being called out. Victims of racism are being met with suspicion. When it comes to race relations, there’s plenty of distance left to run. White privilege is real and it’s in Ireland.

Dean Van Nguyen is a freelance journalist and editor covering media, music and pop culture.

* This article was amended on October 21st, 2016

* * *

Source: John I. Johnson and The Irish Times

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