White Heritage: While Some Abandon It, Others Choose to Defend

confederate-flagsWHITE AMERICANS are currently enduring a sustained attack on their identity. The immediate goal of this assault is to confuse and demoralize White people, so that they are psychologically incapable of defending themselves as a race or ethnicity. The ultimate goal is the extermination of Whites as a distinct racial type, and their replacement with a mongrel population that the Jews and their allies can more easily control. (ILLUSTRATION: Local activists placed Confederate flags on each of the Southern graves in this cemetery in Madison, Wisconsin — flags which were then removed by Federal park rangers.)

An important line of attack on White identity is the assault on White heritage. White history is continually being falsified and distorted. White contributions are minimized and ignored, while the alleged achievements of non-Whites are magnified or even created out of thin air. And above all, whenever possible White men are portrayed as demons and moral lepers. Our heroes are relegated to the infamous “trash heap of history” (to quote the Jew Leon Trotsky).

No segment of the White American population has been attacked more fiercely than White Southerners. The Confederacy, in particular, has been subjected to a campaign of demonization.

We have previously commented on the attack on the Southern Cross flag, which is the foremost symbol of the Confederacy. But the flag is not the only representation of the South that the anti-Whites have targeted.

Historically, every Southern city and town past a certain size has had a memorial in its central square honoring the heroes and war dead of the Confederacy. The statue traditionally was of a Rebel soldier, and faced south.

This statue honoring the Confederate war dead in Rockville, Maryland, is hidden behind an enormous wooden wall. Local Whites have been mute to this insult to their heritage.
This statue honoring the Confederate war dead in Rockville, Maryland, is hidden behind an enormous wooden wall. Local Whites have been mute to this insult to their heritage.

Today the state of Maryland is not considered a southern state, but during the Civil War, a large part of the population supported the Confederacy. Rockville, the capital of Montgomery Country, was a staunch secessionist stronghold. And so, in 1913, the United Daughters of the Confederacy placed a statue of a Confederate soldier in the Rockville town square, where it stood in a place of honor.

But no more. Today, the statue has been moved to a lot behind the old county courthouse. It is surrounded by plants and weeds, and it is surrounded by a 12-foot-high plywood fence. The county officials explain that the fence is to protect the statue from vandalism, presumably at the hands of Black activists. Perhaps that is true in part, but the net effect is to render it invisible and inaccessible. The message is that Rockville’s Southern history is something that is shameful and that needs to be hidden away. But what is really shameful is the desecration of White heritage.

Montgomery County has a huge population of Jews, Blacks and mestizos. Whites are still a plurality, but they are totally cowed and browbeaten into submission. It seems like only a matter of time until the statue to the Confederate war dead is torn down, and hauled away as scrap metal. If that happens, apart from a token protest from Confederate heritage organizations and local history buffs, there will be no outcry or complaint. The local Whites simply feel that their racial history is not worth defending.

But the abandonment of our collective past as a people is not universal, and other Whites have fought back to protect and even reclaim their history.

A thousand or so miles from the Rockville monument, in far-away Madison, Wisconsin, is a Confederate burial ground in Forest Hill Cemetery. Here are the graves of 140 Southern soldiers who died while being held as prisoners of war. It is the northernmost Confederate cemetery.

Most of the soldiers had been held in Camp Randall in Madison. They were captured after being besieged during the battle for Island Number 10, just south of Cairo, Illinois, in the campaign for control of the Northern Mississippi River. Camp Randall served as a Confederate prisoner of war prison camp for nine months, during which the 140 prisoners died from disease and exposure. Citizens of Madison brought medicine, food, and blankets to alleviate suffering which enraged local residents (additionally it is said that they also lobbied on behalf of the prisoners for release for church services on Sundays).

Buried here amongst “her boys” are also the remains of Alice Whiting who relocated from Georgia in 1868 and of her own accord became the effective caretaker of the long untended graves of Confederate dead. She did so until her death in 1897.

Local Civil War reenactor and amateur historian Kenneth K. has made the commemoration of the Confederate dead at Forest Hill his personal project. On Memorial Day Weekend in 2015, and again in 2016, he placed a small Confederate flag on each of the graves. To avoid possible controversy, he used the First National Flag of the Confederacy (“the Stars and Bars”) rather than the better-known Battle Flag, which has been a touchstone for protest in some locations.

The sober, dignified commemoration went smoothly in 2015, but this year it was a different story. A US Park ranger removed the flags and returned them to Kenneth in plastic garbage bag. The ranger told him that Federal policy only allowed flags on Confederate graves to remain from sunrise to sunset on Memorial Day, after which they were taken down.

Nonetheless, the pro-Confederate gesture had been made.

The fightback against the desecration of Southern heritage is understandably more vigorous in states that had been part of the Confederacy. In Virginia, for example, gigantic Rebel battle flags have been raised by the Sons of Confederate Veterans adjacent to public roadways in more than a dozen locations.

As National Socialists, we applaud all efforts to honor and maintain White heritage, and to restore it where it has been shamefully desecrated by the forces of so-called “Political Correctness.” Without an understanding of our past as a people, we will have no future.

* * *

Source: National Socialist News Service

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