Twelve Reasons to Stop Calling Hillary Clinton “Hitlery”


HERE IS an excellent graphic, with words that should have been spoken earlier in the campaign — but it is not too late to tell this truth.

Hitler was a nationalist; Hillary is a globalist.

Hitler was against open borders and mass immigration; Hillary plans to implement open borders and mass immigration.

Hitler loved his German people and fellow Europeans; Hillary hates Americans and White people in particular.

Hitler did not take guns away from German citizens; Hillary plans to take guns away from American citizens.

Hitler declared war on (((internationalists))) and (((bankers))); Hillary supports and is endorsed by Israel, AIPAC, (((banks))), (((Wall Street))), etc.

Hitler was not a war monger, tried to avoid war; Hillary supports foreign policy that will bring war, possibly even a first strike using nuclear weapons.

Hitler, once war came, declared war on communism and tried to save the West from it; Hillary is endorsed by the U. S. Communist Party, influenced by Saul Alinsky.

Hitler fought the lying (((media))); Hillary has the full support and endorsement of the lying (((mainstream media))).

Hitler despised degenerate culture; Hillary is supported by degenerates (celebrities, LGBT, BLM, feminists).

Hitler loved and cared for women and mothers; Hillary defends her husband’s raping of women, attacks victims.

Hitler improved the economy and quality of life of German people; Hillary is making America worse (higher debt, pay-for-play corruption, global instability).

Hitler was not supported by the Jews; Hillary is fully supported and financially backed by Jews and Jewish interest groups.

* * *

Source: Chris Rossetti via the /r/altright Subreddit

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Good one! Thanks for this.