Today’s New York Times Reports on The Devastating Wikileaks Emails: Not One Word


So here, we publish what the Jewish-controlled Times refuse to even mention: a list of some of the more notable communications showing the War Hag and her associates for what they really are.

BELOW IS a detailed list of noteworthy Podesta emails recently released by WikiLeaks:

Hillary Policies

Hillary Clinton Dreams of ‘Open Trade and Open Borders’
Hillary Admits Saudi Arabia and Qatar Fund ISIS — But Took Their Money Anyway
Hillary sat on Board that funded ISIS
Hillary’s own advisor blamed Hillary for Benghazi
Hillary team picked Tim Kaine as VP in July 2015

Hillary and the Media

CNBC Crank John Harwood Abused GOP Candidates at Debate — Then Trashed Them in Email to Hillary Camp
DNC Chief Donna Brazile Conspired with Hillary to Defeat Bernie; Media Assisted Hillary
The List of Reporters Were Taking Marching Orders from Hillary
Bill Clinton sex “allegations are hurting both Clintons”
Hillary Campaign thanking Univision’s owner Haim Saban for its moderators handling of Hillary against Sanders.
Hillary reads script during interview
CNN refers to Hillary as ‘Madre’
Hacks Have Exposed Journalists In Clinton’s Corner…
WASH POST bureau chief protected Podesta…
NYT Gave Hillary Veto Power On Quotes…
BRAZILE BUSTED: DNC Chief Shared CNN Town Hall Questions…
TRUMP: Hillary Wants World Government; Unlimited immigration; Rule by corporations…

Corrupt Hillary and Obama

Hillary team discussed deleting emails knowing it was against the law
Hillary Campaign Was in Touch with Obama DOJ on Email Investigation
Hillary trying to get in front of email issue
Hillary’s attorney David Kendall did not turn over thumb drive and server
Hillary accepting foreign money
Hillary’s team doesn’t know what’s in her emails and is nervous about it
Hillary gave special attention to ‘Friends of Bill’ after Haiti quake
Hillary’s 2009 Catholic liaison arrested for prostitution ring
Top Clinton donor paid $250 million for tax evasion
Clinton Staffers Discussed Which Emails To Release…
And Which to DELETE!

Elitist, Bernie-Fan-Hating Hillary

Hillary’s Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri TRASHES CATHOLICS
Hillary Advisors Admit She “HATES EVERYDAY AMERICANS
Racist Hillary Trashes Blacks — Calls Them Losers
Hillary Calls Bernie Fans and Millennials “Bucket of Losers” in Goldman Sachs Speech
Hillary Clinton: “I’m Kind of Far Removed from Struggles of Middle Class
Hillary should stop attacking Bernie, especially when she says things that are untrue, which candidly she often does.
Hillary too afraid to ask for Bernie’s medical records. Knowing Hillary’s medical records are much worse
Massive Clinton ‘hits’ file on Bernie
Hillary says ignorant voters are the key to the win
Hillary wants unaware and compliant citizenry
Dems planned to fool Sanders supporters at convention…
‘His people will think they’ve won something’…

‘Bitching’ Bernie Voters…
Biden Aide Sabotaged His Presidential Aspirations?

Hillary and Catholics

Podesta and Left-Wing Activist Plot ‘Catholic Spring’
 Hillary’s Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri TRASHES CATHOLICS…

WikiLeaks – Podesta Emails


DC Leaks Website Releases Hacked Clinton State Department Documents

Also see below link where many of these items were identified —

* * *

Source: Gateway Pundit

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13 October, 2016 3:38 am

I wonder if Trump could gain Putin-like powers and arrest all the criminals in Washington, end the immigration of non-Whites, and go after every Kike who attacked him? His massive ego might benefit us Whites. I wonder if he could cause a ripple that saves our entire race from near-certain extinction? Why are so many White women going to change their vote to the White genocide candidate over lewd comments in an old tape?

13 October, 2016 5:18 pm

I did not need WikiLeaks to tell me this. I already knew that Hilary was a complete piece of filth – any perceptive white man or white woman would come to the same conclusion.

Will it matter in the long run? Probably not! Give the blacks more welfare and give the cringing whites more balls games and beer and both groups will be happy.