The “Racism” Police


INDEPENDENT THOUGHT is bad. It can lead the goyim in directions that aren’t approved by the ruling synagogue and can expose the unclean meat to hate facts in the form of irrefutable scientific studies, crime statistics and comparisons of forehead slope between races. This is undesirable, of course, because the Jew wants you to slouch toward the pre-dug grave of “diversity” and even grumbling a little during this final walk of shame is a crime. What we clearly need is a sort of special law enforcement, a secret police if you will, to monitor for the crime thoughts. Then we can place the wrong-thinkers in some sort of gulag. This is a good idea that has never been tried before. (ILLUSTRATION: Welcome to Western Europe!)

A plan to eliminate racism unveiled last week by the Netherlands’ Denk (Think) party contains proposals such as creating a 1,000-man strong “Racism Police” and renaming of streets and museums associated with Holland’s colonial and slave-trading history.

The thinking man’s party, clearly. What could be more logical than erasing your past, hating your ancestors, living in gelded shame, importing 65 I.Q. animals to replace you and generally committing suicide because your country tried to uplift the fuzzies three hundred years ago?

The document, released by Think last week, claims the Netherlands is blighted by ‘institutional racism’ and outlines a radical program to combat this.

Much more needs to be done. Tiny Holland should be a flophouse for every foreign alien, moon cultist, tar creature and chosenite. Putting the interests of your own people ahead of foreign opportunists and Semitic fifth columnists is clearly “racist” and we need to stop it by taking away your rights and arresting you for Face Crime.

Qualifying as an official political party last year, Think is the first political force established by migrants for migrants in Europe.

A state within a state. First this nonsense, then the suppression of even the most timid of opposition and finally the total collapse into savagery and chaos. Oh well, at least we weren’t called mean names. Well, we were, but it could have been worse.

The paper advocates the creation of a 1,000-agent “Racism Police”, as Think believe too few people are presently being prosecuted for racism and discrimination.

If there’s one thing that suggests your free and open society is failing, it’s a low number of political prisoners.

Penalties for these crimes would also see a massive hike under the party.

If you look at the pile of trash left by African rapefugees with any expression other than complacent joy you’ll be thrown in the can.

Also set out in the document are Think’s plans for a “Racism Register”, which would catalogue Dutch people deemed disrespectful to migrants.

These Stalinist reforms aren’t going to create an Orwellian nightmare state, that’s for sure. We’ll just add your name to The List and then you’ll disappear. Two and two is five, or whatever other number we say it is.

“Convicted racists” would be barred from government and public sector jobs.

Oh no, not muh careerism! Better paint that smile on my face and practice saying things like “Diversity is our greatest strength. Islam is a wonderful and peaceful religion. All human beings are equal and some are much more equal.” You don’t want to lose shekels and your spot on the kosher hamster wheel, do you?

Other proposals outlined include a ban on the terms “native” and “immigrant” and the creation of a national holiday which would celebrate “diversity” in the Netherlands.

Happy Foreign Invasion Day, everyone! I’d invite you to my party, but I see that all your cars are currently on fire.

Asserting that it is unreasonable to expect migrants to integrate, the paper states that fostering “mutual acceptance” between newcomers and citizens should be the state’s goal.

Now they’re admitting that “magic soil” changing Somali garbage into good little Dutchmen was a lie. Oh well, I’m sure the next whopper about “mutual acceptance” is much more honest and not another prevarication designed to keep Whites docile until they can be completely eliminated.

To this end, the document advocates the government set up a “mutual acceptance monitor”.

Don’t turn around, the mutual acceptance monitor’s in town.

Pointing to studies showing hostility towards migrants is linked to educational attainment, the paper proposes that citizens who are found guilty of racism be sent to re-education classes.

You said something unkind about enemygrants, you ignorant bigots. Please put on your special rat helmets.

The party’s founders, Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk, created Think after they were expelled from the Dutch Labour Party.

The new Sick Man of Europe. Muslim invaders whose communist drivel has become too toxic even for the traditional Jew puppets.

Muh Democracy
Muh Democracy

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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27 October, 2016 11:07 pm

“The party’s founders, Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk, created Think after they were expelled from the Dutch Labour Party.”
Those two sound like real Dutchmen, eh?