The Great Shutdown: Google’s Jigsaw

I RECENTLY CAME across a fascinating video which goes into some detail on the increasing levels of Internet censorship, who is doing it and why, what their long term aims are and who ((They)) deem to be the gravest threat to their scheming. It’s depressing but I don’t know how much longer free speech sites such as this one will be able to survive. As is explained in the video, they are using the comments section of the New York Times as a test ground. Words or phrases which they deem “hate” will be written into Google’s programming and then the machine will be set loose to simply shut down or de-list anything which transgresses the new speech codes.

Most of the time when we think of censorship we think of the cops kicking your door down and dragging you off to Right Think camp, but the future is shaping up to be even worse; you’ll be unable to publish a Thought Crime on the Internet in the first place and because it’s private companies doing this and not governments; there’s nothing you can do about it, you don’t get to vote Google out. And make no mistake, it is the ‘far right’ that is the problem for these people, as is explained in this excellent production.

Google Jigsaw's Jared Cohen
Google Jigsaw’s Jared Cohen

Just to sum up briefly, then, the Jews at organizations such as the SPLC and ADL identify any groups of people who recognize and alert others to their activity. Those Jews then inform the Jews at the Council of Foreign Relations and CIA, who then in turn contact the Jews at Google to silence the dissident voices. There’s some overlap between these powerful organizations but that, in effect, is what we’re dealing with.

But what I’d like know from any libertarians or Classical Liberals, people who fetishize ‘individuality’ and eschew collectivism, how on earth do you propose combating these infringements by a small collectivist group if you can’t even point out that it is a small ethno-religious group controlling and moderating Internet content in such a way as to benefit themselves?

Furthermore, how does this bizarre behaviour appear to somebody who is neither a Globalist, Jewish or a Nationalist/’far rightist’? what they are seeing is the most powerful people on earth, the majority of whom appear to be Jewish, moving heaven and earth to erase the opinions of a relatively small and ‘fringe’ political philosophy, a political philosophy which is well known for writing and speaking about Jewish power.


Does that not set off a few alarm bells in the minds of these Classical Liberals and libertarians? Or will they just pretend not to notice? There’s always another video or article to be made on feminists and Islam, I guess.

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Source: Morgoth’s Review

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Joey Virgo
Joey Virgo
2 November, 2016 1:34 pm

The video offers overwhelming information proving that resistance to globalization and the Jewish Agenda is futile. Am I incorrect in my viewpoint?

Kevin Alfred Strom
Kevin Alfred Strom
Reply to  Joey Virgo
3 November, 2016 1:26 am

I don’t think resistance is futile. Otherwise I wouldn’t be a member of the National Alliance. I wouldn’t be working every day for the awakening and renaissance of our people. Just as we see bots and shills trying to dominate online conversations, I also see some Establishment news sites just plain turning off comments because they can’t win the debate even with such tools. Expect their tools to get better. Tay showed us that bots can now simulate real people engaging in real-time conversations very convincingly. (But, unlike race-realist Tay, their bots will be trying to rain on our parade in every way possible.) System oppression is increasing, true. But nevertheless, tens if not hundreds of thousands of Whites have been awakened and are finding their voices. They are much… Read more »

Joey Virgo
Joey Virgo
3 November, 2016 1:24 pm

Thank you, Mr. Strom, for your input, feedback, and viewpoint.

I saw today that The Irish Savant also has a positive or hopeful viewpoint – regarding bots and getting out the hard news: