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Stranger Making


by David Sims

THE LEFTIST academics have coined, for their own convenience, a new phrase: “stranger making.”

You might recall that the last time leftist academics made up an expression, it was “stereotype threat,” which was used as an excuse for low Black scores on IQ tests and on standardized tests like the SAT. The idea is that Blacks perform below their real abilities because they feel social pressure to do so. It’s utter nonsense.

The leftists are again up to their usual rhetorical deceptions, and they’ve invented a new expression with which to play their tricks. I found an academic paper (published via the leftist server academia.edu) that uses the term “stranger making” to mean:

“…specific notions of nationalism and national identity… [that] reify a national ‘us’ against those who must be made ‘stranger’.”

You can almost see a multiracial bunch of blank-faced twenty-somethings standing behind the paper’s author, singing Coca-Cola’s version of “I’d like to teach the world to sing.”

The word “reify” means “make something abstract more concrete and real.” It usually involves taking an idea (like, say, “human dignity”) and pretending that it has a physical existence.

The leftist academic paper that I found uses the term “stranger making” to mean that race isn’t a real, biological phenomenon, but rather is a “social construct.”

The leftists are still holding fast to the Lewontin Hypothesis of 1972, introduced by Harvard geneticist Richard Lewontin (a Jew), who said that the genetic differences between recognized racial groups are so slight that no one working with genetic information alone could accurately categorize persons by race.

The Lewontin Hypothesis was disproved when advances in genetic forensic analysis made it possible to identify criminal suspects from DNA left at crime scenes. Not only was it possible to tell the guilty from the innocent, it was also possible to tell a person’s race from genetic information alone. A number of genetic analysis companies sprung up offering to provide customers with information regarding their ancestry, broken down by racial and ethnic percentages.

In 2005, the definitive study on the subject, “Genetic Structure, Self-Identified Race/Ethnicity, and Confounding in Case-Control Association Studies,” by Neil J Risch and others, revealed that researchers working with genetic information alone had successfully predicted how 3631 out of 3636 persons would racially classify themselves, a success rate of 99.8625%.

This particular debate is, in other words, long over, and the leftists have lost. Race is not a social construct, and the idea that it might be was wishful thinking on their part. Race is determined by your ancestry through the genes you inherit from them.

However, when leftists lose a debate, they merely start over. They pretend to have forgotten everything shown them in the past, and proceed as if they were, of course, right all along.

That’s what these bogus, self-serving constructions that leftists keep inventing are for. They are artificial talking points by which they hope to reverse the public understanding of the findings of science. That’s what “stereotype threat” was really all about. And it is what “stranger making” is going to be used for, too.

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17 October, 2016 6:41 pm

While passing thru Vallejo, California back in the late 1980’s it was filled with an alien race of people I had never before witnessed in my 45 years of life. Blacks were mixed with Mexicans, Mexicans mixed with Japanese, Japanese with Blacks, etc. Their offspring were truly bizarre looking and quite ugly to the point of scary. No race can remain when the insanity of breeding outside of one’s race goes unchecked. It will fall permanently to never appear again. That is what the plan by the neocons is for the multi-culturalism of this world with only the neocons rising to the top of the domination of the planet.