Resourcefulness and Dedication

LT-Williams-on-the-riverby William White Williams (pictured)
Chairman, National Alliance

ONE THING I learned from my tours as a young soldier in Southeast Asia years ago, and never forgot, was resourcefulness. Our remote Special Forces A-Camp on the Cambodian border in the Mekong Delta might be described in today’s lingo as “off the grid.” With the help of around 600 indigenous troops we generated our own power, built our own buildings — even manufactured our own bricks and mined our own sand for mortar and concrete and thousands of sandbags. We engineered our own plumbing system and camp defenses. We were rarely supplied with food and beverages, or even much ammunition like the regular line units. We learned to barter with those units for what they had, trading captured weapons, etc., even homemade souvenir Viet Cong flags and VC sandals made from scrounged tire treads by our Vietnamese troops and their dependents. Out of necessity we got very good at begging, borrowing, or stealing whatever we could that would help us meet our mission. As our team’s Executive Officer much of the scrounging responsibility fell on my shoulders. We were always figuring creative ways to find more money and goods for our needs. When I occasionally went out on runs to find Vietnamese recruits to replace the ones that had disappeared or been killed, our unauthorized slush fund made recruiting those boys possible. I wasn’t particularly comfortable with bending the rules, but I and my teammates were in a war, and in it together up to our necks. Our scrounging for necessities was part and parcel of “unconventional” Special Forces culture, as exemplified by the Jirecek quote below:

“We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.” — quote on A-414 Team House wall, attributed to Konstantin Jirecek, Czech historian

What do this old soldier’s reminiscences have to do with the National Alliance today, you ask? We are just as surely in a war today, albeit not a fullblown shooting war — but a war nevertheless, and one for the very survival of our kind on this Earth — a fight to the death, so to speak, competing for living space against determined, invasive subspecies who have been invoking Nature’s imperative: taking whatever they can from the White Man. Most of our kin do not realize that fact as we do. But they will soon enough, as the society they once enjoyed breaks down further, faster — and along racial lines. Some will, or already have, joined with our biological enemies against their own blood. Some of those deracinated kinsmen can be saved; most probably cannot. Regardless, our Alliance has to be there for those who are eligible when they are ready for us.

As National Alliance Chairman today I’m feeling the burn from having to do so much with so little for so long. We desperately need working funds and many more supporters to take care of pressing Alliance business. Needs, needs, needs! one of my old mentors used to say — material needs and personnel needs, like those expressed in this BULLETIN. I can only scrounge so much for what we need. I must depend on the generosity of our supporters and their creativity, their industry, to grow our numbers and our accounts without compromising our values.

I will hold my post for as long as I can, friends. I accept that it will never get easier. I must publicly thank our Media Director Kevin Alfred Strom. As I started writing this commentary this morning, 28 November, the word “thankless” kept crossing my mind for some reason. Is it all worth it? I asked. Then I listened to this week’s American Dissident Voices Thanksgiving broadcast where Kevin was expressing his own heartfelt thanks, including to me and my wife Svetlana. That was nice, Kevin. You express my own thanks for the Alliance, our members, supporters and friends, and for you and Vanessa. Your pulling together both our new National Alliance Radio Network outreach and the WLP CD project this month is nothing short of phenomenal.

* * *

Source: National Alliance BULLETIN, November 2015

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