Resistance Growing in Germany

by John I. Johnson

HERE IS AN interesting 18-minute German-language video clip featuring a young female speaker at a “Merkel Must Go!” rally in Germany in July. She is identified only as “Julia.” The clip has English subtitles, though you might have to toggle them on by clicking on “CC” at the bottom of the video window in order to see them. For me they came on automatically.

What to make of this? Either she (and the crowd, including the young men chanting) are genuine, or they are not. In the latter case there is orchestration by the state (that is, the Left) or by Zionists, like Geert Wilders in Holland or Tommy Robinson (former EDL leader) and Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of Britain First in England. (Cynicism — or hard-edged realism, take your choice — is the last refuge of the idealist. Besides which, Germany is a police state.)

germany-mapFor a 24-year-old, Julia is a pretty accomplished speaker. For example, not once does she grin, which might have been a natural response to the chants from the crowd, but would not have looked right on film. She also has the good looks Jews tend to privilege among Gentiles they advance in Hollywood, politics, and elsewhere. I remember the leaked memo from the Jew who organized Pussy Riot, that he wanted “better looking girls” recruited.

If Julia is not a trained Zionist plant (the hopeful scenario), then one is seeing in action what Thomas Paine wrote about so clearly in The Rights of Man: a potentially revolutionary cleavage between the government and the nation. Though this is not absolutely clear-cut in her words, it is implicit in them, as well as in the general situation.

The only place she goes wrong, in my view, is referring to the anti-White faction (Left-wing protestors evidently present on the edge of the crowd) as “do-gooders,” and to the dictator-criminal Merkel as “Mother Teresa.” Nothing could be further from the truth. It boggles my mind how Whites anywhere can refer to such patently evil people in positive terms — a favor the Evil Ones never return.

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  1. Groto
    2 October, 2016 at 1:18 pm — Reply

    Regarding: “Zionists, like Geert Wilders in Holland or Tommy Robinson (former EDL leader) and Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of Britain First in England”

    I’d add to the bunch Farage and UKiP. Their main supporter has been (((this one)))

    WHO’s really behind “Brexit”?

  2. John I. Johnson
    2 October, 2016 at 3:07 pm — Reply

    You are correct. Without Desmond’s mass media backing, as well, Farage/Brexit probably wouldn’t have stood a chance of winning. Strange, isn’t it?

  3. Groto
    3 October, 2016 at 3:22 am — Reply

    It surely may seem strange. Perhaps only because Farage and the media you mention have talked into us that Farage and UKiP are freedom fighters rebelling heroically against immigration being forced upon Britain by the evil EU? In reality, Farage and UKiP are no heroes nor freedom fighters but rather lily-livered cons and slavery fighters. They actually seem to be for Britain’s continuing membership in the British Commonwealth, uninterrupted Third World immigration from yonder and multiculturalism. They’re only “brave” in bashing White Europeans – the poor humble Polish workers. It’s the support for Brexit from the British Jews that seems mainly to account for its success. The support appears to spring from the Jewish hate, fear of and vengefulness toward the “anti-Semitic” Poles, and the Jewish love of multiculturalism, that is immigration from the Third World. Better immigrants from the Third World than the Poles (or Europeans in general if they’re too numerous). The third-worlders residing in Britain seem to agree on that (and so do Farage and ukipers). It seems many of the Third World residents in Britain have backed UKiP and voted for Brexit. So, in effect, by performing Brexit, the British have strengthened their ties to the Commonwealth and immigration from the Third World. In other words, they haven’t gotten freer but rather more subjugated.

  4. PPight1931
    4 October, 2016 at 5:08 pm — Reply

    @BH this piece depressed me, because if you are right, I have to say I was taken in 100%!
    But by what?
    The message was clearly pro-German (ethnic) I thought.
    As for her demeanour, or rather the pacing of her delivery, it reminded of Hitler’s speeches where he would wait at the start and then later, would periodically pause and look round. This phrasing, insertion of pauses, as in music, is essential for effect and audience comprehension intellectually and emotionally, and clearly places it in a higher range than some internet babblers who don’t come up for air. Why couldn’t she have learnt from that source, or maybe been trained by someone familiar with it?
    Exercise caution always, but it seems too early to have substantial reservations in this case. (Farage is assuredly different, for one, he pursued a commodity broker career in the City before concentrating on his life’s mission and from direct personal experience I can tell you UKIP is not interested in even acknowledging as a subject matters such as monetary reform). Perhaps apprehensions of extinction are switching on some genes…

    As for Polish ‘invaders’ of Britain, I don’t approve, nor do I approve of other mass movements of immigrants here whether European or not. It *is* destroying our social fabric as well as the culture, leading to atomisation and alienation, and must surely mean the talents of some of the best human elements from the ‘donor’ countries are not being used where optimally they should be. The rot really started to accelerate when Thatcher (under management) effectively abolished capital exchange controls around 1979.
    “Free” trade? “Free” movement of persons? Pah! Everything has its cost.

  5. Groto
    5 October, 2016 at 9:39 am — Reply

    @ PPight1931
    Fact is the Poles are no “invaders”. They come to work in Britain LEGALLY. The British government signed an agreement with the Polish one allowing them to come, remember? There has been mass recruitment of them by the British. Both the British government and the British public should honor agreements instead of breaking them the way cons and bandits do, shouldn’t they? Moreover, the British shouldn’t lie around the world the Poles sneak into Britain as Mexicans do into the US. Or that all Poles, or most of them, are criminals. Or that they take jobs away from the British. Instead of inviting someone in and, after they have come and become dependent on you, tormenting them sadistically, why don’t you abstain from inviting them in the first place? And why the heck don’t the British forbid the Poles to come in if they hate them so much, only constantly assure them they can come? Even now, after “Brexit”! Isn’t it actually psychotic? You say you are against all the aliens coming into Britain? But the only ones whom you British harass, and recently even KILL, are the Poles. Not the thirdworlders, not even any other Europeans, just the Poles. Just one group, carefully chosen as sufficiently vulnerable and safe to torment. The British always must have such a convenient scapegoat. In the past, it was, for example, the Germans. I remember how the British treated Germans coming to work in Britain in the 80s. Just like they do today the Poles. If I were Polish, I would leave your country right on the spot. And I would never respect you. The Poles and Germans (and others) will be total fools if they ever forgive the British for the brutal treatment they have taken from them. Not only after WWII, but before and during. By the way, the British seem genetically Europhobic and unable to get along with the continental Europeans. (Hitler was ignorant of the fact so he tried to court the British – one more proof he was actually a fool). And the British Europhobia seems the chief obstacle to European unity and one of the major causes of the present plight of the European peoples.

  6. PPight1931
    9 October, 2016 at 5:35 pm — Reply

    @Groto – that’s quite a rant.
    “tormenting them sadistically” – are you feeling OK?
    Who exactly do you mean by the “British”?
    Not the disenfranchised working man.

    Q.: Why do Poles et al. NEED to leave their home states to work? And why has Theresa May said all EU Nats currently in UK can stay post-Brexit (whenever that happens, 2+ years down the line…)

    A.: There’s a crisis of representation on all sides.

    Divide et impera.

    Incidentally: M. Robinson at UK Column has argued most violence involving Poles in UK is the settling of “business disputes” among Poles themselves.

  7. Thomas Plaster
    10 September, 2017 at 8:03 pm — Reply

    It is extremely rare for a 24 yr old to have their mind set/fixed so firmly in political/social belief(s). Also, not so common to also be so well spoken at that age. Especially in this day and age in which pop culture dreck causes widespread intellectual rot.

    She is apparently both confident in belief and well spoken. At least it seems that way on the surface.

    It is akin to some past televised political events in the USA, I think the Bush I regime, in which some ten year old stood up and asked questions so well spoken, so (seemingly) well thought out. Obviously, some adult had coached them to perform that way and put them up to it.

    As well here, I wonder how it came to be that this person was chosen to speak to this event.

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