Paul Fromm: Whites Under Attack in America and South Africa

THE ENABLING ideology of “White privilege” and the imposition of “White guilt” have neutralized and scuppered White responses to the genocide-on-the-installment plan that is being carried out against them everywhere, but nowhere so obviously as in the USA and South Africa.

Even as the genocide gathers pace, anyone who complains or who even questions the ideology that supports it faces the full force of the governing tyranny that misrules us. To speak out against the genocide leads to ostracism, persecution, violence and imprisonment.

fromm_london-forumTo speak out or not to speak out? Not to speak out against the genocide could one day lead us into a court of law to be faced with the charge of being complicit in genocide. For a man of conscience, for a man of honour, for a man of courage there is only one option. The campaigner, talk show host, writer, counselor (who has defended Ernst Zündel, David Irving, and Arthur Topham), and free speech advocate Paul Fromm is just such a man.

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Source: London Forum

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