NRM: Our Plan for the North


THE NORDIC Resistance Movement (NRM) is a revolutionary National Socialist organization that is active in Finland, Sweden and Norway. We work in both parliamentary and extraparliamentary ways. Our aim is to liberate Nordic countries from the neoliberal, multiracial and internationalist influences that are enforced, e.g., by the European Union, Nato, UN, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Our short-term goal is to establish activist groups in all major cities and towns in order to educate and organize a strong community of dedicated activists. We also influence public opinion with constant radical activism and propaganda. Our mid-term goal is to build a parallel resistance society that can replace the current and corrupt political order. We can secure the future of the Nordic people only by a complete political revolution, which is our long-term goal.

Our Nine-Point Program

Our political will can be briefly be summarized in nine points. If you support these points, you also support the vision of The Nordic Resistance Movement. Read the nine points here.

1. Immediately stop mass immigration, and as soon as possible initiate the repatriation of the majority of peoples that are not of North European descent. These should, in the most humane way possible, be sent back to their respective homelands or regions nearby.

2. With all means possible work towards reconquering power from the global Zionist elite that by force and finance occupy a large part of our world.

3. Create a Nordic self-sufficient state with a common military, common currency and central bank, as well as common overarching laws. Memberships in the European Union and other similar hostile associations will immediately be terminated.

4. Create a powerful state with strong involvement and influence from the people. Important positions should be assigned based on competence, and the goal of the state should be to work for the people’s welfare and survival. The state will have an secure extensive freedom of speech for its citizens.

5. Nordic mass media shall be owned exclusively by citizens of the new North. Domestic as well as foreign media that act and behave in a hostile manner towards the Nordic people, shall be banned. Concentrated media ownership will be counteracted.

6. Create a modern society in harmony with the natural order. Laws regulating animal welfare and protection shall be extensive, and prioritize ethics over profits. Nature and natural resources shall be used wisely, keeping the future in mind. The freedom to roam, or everyman’s right, shall be protected.

7. Establish a National Socialist society where the distribution of resources should be done with the entire population in mind — the strong as well as the weak. Every citizen shall have the opportunity to reach and fulfill his or her full potential. Social security will provide citizens with both rights and obligations. Basic infrastructure should be owned and controlled by the state. Business life and innovative spirit shall be encouraged.

8. Introduce national conscription and expand the military. All who have completed service in the Nordic military service will keep their weapon and gear. Each citizen should be able to aid in the defense of the nation against domestic as well as foreign enemies.

9. Create a state based on justice and integrity where all citizens are equal before the law. Educated attorneys should work in the legal system. A people’s court should be established to put on trial grave cases of treason towards the people.

* * *

Source: Nordic Resistance Movement

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