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Moira Greyland’s Story


by David Sims

PEOPLE CONCERNED about the assault on our normal sexuality have got to read this. It’s a post by Moira Greyland (pictured), the daughter of the lesbian pedophile author Marion Zimmer Bradley and the homosexual pedophile writer Walter Breen. She grew up in a home with two openly “gay” parents, her mother molesting her when she wasn’t with her adult lesbian companion, and her father raping her too, when he wasn’t raping little boys instead.

Moira Greyland has insights, in other words, into the real lives, attitudes, and behavior of homosexuals that most of us will never have. Unless we get them from what she tells us.

So here it is. The key passage is:

“It began to dawn on me that maybe the gayness was an issue. Naturally, I had been brought up to be completely tolerant. Years ago I read Satinover, who believed that gays were largely ‘pansexual’ that is, preferring sex with everyone of every age and every gender rather than wanting to be limited to one person, and he regarded it, credibly, as a moral and ethical problem, rather than a sexual ‘orientation.’ I can’t tell you how many lesbians I know who simply hate men, or who have been raped and can’t face sex with men because of that. For me, my research about homosexuality was almost a guilty secret: me thinking the unthinkable. After all, gayness had always been presented to me as the natural state: I was ‘hung up’ and a ‘prude’ because despite my mother’s pleading with me to ‘try it the other way’ and ‘how could I possibly know I was straight?’ I just couldn’t hack being gay myself.

“My observation of my father and mother’s actual belief is this: since everyone is naturally gay, it is the straight establishment that makes everyone hung up and therefore limited. Sex early will make people willing to have sex with everyone, which will bring about the utopia while eliminating homophobia and helping people become ‘who they really are.’ It will also destroy the hated nuclear family with its paternalism, sexism, ageism (yes, for pedophiles, that is a thing) and all other ‘isms.’ If enough children are sexualized young enough, gayness will suddenly be ‘normal’ and accepted by everyone, and the old fashioned notions about fidelity will vanish. As sex is integrated as a natural part of every single relationship, the barriers between people will vanish, and the utopia will appear, as ‘straight culture’ goes the way of the dinosaur…”

You can read more from Moira Greyland here: https://askthebigot.com/2015/07/23/the-story-of-moira-greyland-guest-post/

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  1. David
    22 October, 2016 at 6:32 am — Reply

    This story, about the daughter of MZB both saddens and disgusts me greatly. I remember back in the summer of 1969, reading a science fiction book by MZB, and rather liking it. Im glad it was a cheap, second hand book. I wouldn’t want to spend a penny to put into her bank account. I love science fiction, but hate to say, a great deal of those who write it, are total trash as human beings.I plan to get rid of any of her books I may have.

  2. Bill Kimball
    30 June, 2018 at 10:27 pm — Reply

    I have a question for Moira. If your Mother molested you and other young girls (and we know that she wrote in defense of lesbian pederasty), why didn’t you bother getting her thrown in jail too? Why did you think that prison was the right place for your father but that your mother ought to remain free?
    As usual , women pay no price for their filthy crimes. I have no respect for sexists like Moira Greyland.

    • Stuart Schrier
      28 August, 2018 at 2:30 pm — Reply

      In reply to Bill Kimball you have no idea what she went through or why she could not have her mother put in jail. If you read her accounts, on top of the pederasty the mother was violent and held her under water in the bathtub. Did you ever think that as a victim of violence, she was afraid of her mother. Maybe she needed to get stronger before she turned her mother in. Your lack of respect is misplaced. I have no respect for MZB or Walter Breen. I have tremendous respect for Moira Greyland Peat.

      • Bill Kimball
        30 August, 2018 at 6:19 pm — Reply

        She obviously “could” have put her mother in jail since she did so to her father. Did you ever think that as an ADULT she had every opportunity to put her mother in prison and that your excuse about “being afraid” of her mother is just a feeble rationalization on your part? It’s not like she was still living with her mother as an adult! No, I maintain my stance.
        P.S. I respect Moira, but I’d have more respect for her if had the State mete out punishments equitably and justly. Don’t write again, okay?

      • Bill Kimball
        30 August, 2018 at 6:24 pm — Reply

        To Stuart Schirier:Poppycock! As an adult she could and should have had her Mother thrown in prison too! Your rationalizations are f-e-e-b-l-e.

        • Stuart Schrier
          31 August, 2018 at 3:31 pm — Reply

          Unless you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes you have no idea how they feel. If only one person is unable to take the actions you think appropriate then maybe it is on him/her. However I have heard this from too many people that they have blocked memories or are living in fear and unable to act. I am not rationalizing anything, I have read the literature and spoken to victims of abuse and I have some understanding and compassion towards them. You either lack empathy or you are a holy roller and think you would have done better under the circumstances. Show some compassion.

          • Bill Kimball
            4 September, 2018 at 7:55 pm

            Alas, nothing you have said has any bearing on my point, which is that her Mother was never forced to face justice and I’d like Moira to tell us why. Do you think she might have the gumption to answer this question after lecturing about her life countless times?
            But hey, let’s not even mention the fact that the father did hard prison time while the mother got off scot free, let’s virtue signal instead. Let’s take every opportunity to turn a discussion about one thing and turn it into a discussion about ourselves and how “good” we are, right Stuart?
            As a matter of fact I’m not a “Holy Roller” or a Christian of any kind. At best, I’d be called a pantheist. I have loads of compassion, little boy, so don’t assume to lecture actual men.
            Please lay off the soy!

    • R. P.
      1 July, 2019 at 4:55 pm — Reply

      Read her book. Your assumtions are all about you and what you want to see here. As a child victim, she had no way to understand reporting was possible in her own case. By the time she became an adult her narcissistic, sicko patents had also made everyone think she was crazy so no one would corroborate her story. It was only after she became an adult and some idiot parents let their son stay with Walter Breen, her father, that she realized that he was going to offend against this little boy. He actually had been abusing the boy for months already when she walked into a disgusting scene. Then as a fully cognizant adult, she called the police because of what she saw.

      But it’s all about you, dude.

  3. 25 July, 2019 at 7:25 pm — Reply

    Vox Day narrates his compelling foreword to Moira Greyland’s “The Last Closet.”


    Moira is among the bravest of survivors, and encourages other survivors to remember the truth of our innocence.

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